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Poll: How many domains do you own?

This week’s poll was inspired by Thord Hedengren over at BH — Are you a domain elitist? Mine is, how many domains do you own?

Thord puts it bluntly:

I’m basing this course of action on the fact that if you’re not committed enough to buy a $6 domain, then you probably haven’t got the right commitment in you content-wise either.


He makes a valid point. Are you a domain elitist too that with an idea of a new website or a blog, you immediately buy a domain for it? (Given of course that you can afford to buy one.)

So, let us know in the polls — how many domains do you own now? When was the very first time you bought one and what was it?

Mine was in 2001, I met several people online that became friends. We formed an informal group to do freelance web design/development work and bought the domain blueleafmedia.net. I got yugatech.com and pinoyblog.com a year later.

Now, I got about close to 50 domains owned. I’ve read about other Filipinos owning as many as 1,700 domains.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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36 Responses

  1. Eugene says:

    I currently own two, though I manage the content for another one, and I once owned my college org’s domain before I gave it up. I can’t remember if I got my first domain in 2002 or 2003, I’ll have to check my records. :-)

  2. bryanboy says:

    WAYYYY too many to mention. it’s scandalous.


  3. ChrisMo says:

    Hmmm got my first one only last 2003, that was for a small project for vanity, too many was bugging me about having my own domain for my photo-editing service so I got one, I just forgot the name of the domain, gave it away after a year. Got another two, but expired last year because I was sick and the Domain registrar doesn’t automatically charge my account or call me either. Currently I have more than 10 domains, most for small projects and for community projects. My pet one is what I filled in here at yuga…

  4. Ed says:

    I own 30000+ domains. I am in the click fraud business. Jk.

  5. Noemi Dado says:

    I own 20 domains that have a hosting plan. I lost count of other parked domains.

  6. BrianB says:

    The way Google is developing, I believe domains will not be that important in future. Anyway, there are more than enough letters and word combinations to make this subject very boring to me. Our site, Abe, is a good example.

  7. janus says:

    I got one! ha! I just gor it last week! :D

  8. Eli says:

    In the 10’s somewhere. For one site I bought .com, .net, and the .org, just in case, since it’s my biggest site. I normally just vouch for the .com’s usually, nothing else.

  9. Mindanao Bob says:

    I own about 50 domains, although I make extensive use of subdomains for many of my sites.

    My first domain was Mindanao.com, which I purchased in 1996.

    When you get a business idea and immediately purchase a new domain, I don’t consider that elitism, that is just good business sense.

  10. boddah says:

    I have 4, three .coms and one .net.. bought my first domain december 2006

  11. Bob Reyes says:

    Personally, I got around 20 domains, but you will find more than two hundred domains registered under my name :)

  12. PinayInTheUS says:

    i got one at the moment. used to have 5

  13. noelperlas says:

    I have 10, mixed personal and client paid domains. All using shared hosting. And your post is timely because I am considering getting a dedicated server or VPS. It might be cheaper in the end, but is it easier? What do you use?

  14. nel animo says:

    more or less mga 40 domains na.

  15. marhgil says:

    i only have one domain.

  16. eligio says:

    I got 40 plus domain, i bought my first domain in march 2006, the time i became a freelancer :D

  17. SlackeR says:

    I’ve got 15. First domain I bought way back 1999 lets just say it was “put a little more dot net” then i got the .org

  18. SlackeR says:

    I got like 15 my first domain I bought when I was in college circa 1998 was called “put a little more dot org” you guess :)

  19. Anton Sheker says:

    I have a couple.. and Ive sold a couple too ;)

  20. nina says:

    I currently have 8, but I’m planning to buy a couple more this year.

  21. Alex says:

    hmmm i own about 900+ domains…

  22. I publish on Blogspot but I’ve got 5 domains too… so far :D

    * http://www.buymedomains.com
    * http://www.sportsbookers.org
    * http://www.olympicblogger.net
    * http://www.sportsbloggers.org
    * http://www.callcenterblogger.com

    But it doesn’t reflect that I’m not serious about not serious about producing meaningful content. If Thord thinks that way, that’s his opinion. There are popular bloggers publishing on blogspot and it doesn’t seem to bother them or their readers one bit like http://www.fakesteve.blogspot.com and others. It doesn’t take a blogger to get his own domain name to write meaningful content.

  23. I got 1 .net and 1 .ph which was recently purchased. my .net was purchased last 5 mos ago.

  24. i got 5 domains. 3 are fully operational with contents.

  25. Jeffrey says:

    I have a few domains.

    Using blogger in a domain could possibly be taken away from you by Google. Possibly lang ha.

  26. i have more than 100+ domains. most of them is not used or just parking. still to be develop.

  27. L.A says:

    1 .com domain, planning to buy another for a new blog =D

  28. ana.banana says:

    i have like 15 of them.
    but only 2 are active. lol.

  29. 10-20 domains for me ;)

    most redirected for brand protection.
    others parked (either no plan to develop, pending development, or site went down indefinitely)

  30. talksmart says:

    I have 4 – all dot coms. I’m planning to have more.

  31. blozoom! says:

    I got 9 and i am selling two.

  32. Sinjin says:

    1 .com and 1 .ph domain

  33. elmer says:

    250 .com 10 .net 5 .org and 1 .ph

  34. j4s0n says:

    I think I got around 80 until last year. Only renewing 1/4 of it this year. (renewals are damn expensive)

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