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Welcome Notes to Visitors from Mel & Joey

I’d like to welcome my new visitors and readers coming from MSN Live, Yahoo! & Google looking for my blog after watching the feature at Mel & Joey last night. I was surprised that for a 2-hour footage, they managed to squeeze it in a 2-minute feature.

Just to guide our new visitors, I’d like to point you out to some readings. I wasn’t really anticipating to be inundated with emails so apologies if I didn’t come up with a welcome page to guide all of you along and answer the more obvious questions beforehand.

First, a disclaimer.

  • Before we started with the interview, I asked the crew what the story will be about and they informed me it was a feature “on ways to make money online or thru the internet”. It wasn’t just about blogging but looks like the feature ended that way. Just to complete that line-up, I also suggested digital photography, webmastering, web copywriting, running forums, e-mail marketing, doing paid reviews, article writing, among others.
  • When I was asked to give out an advise, my tone was a little discouraging and I explicitly said it was not an overnight gig. It took years before I got any significant returns and it wasn’t just thru a single income stream. I had to stress that because I didn’t want to give out a false impression that it was easy. They also failed to mention how many blogs, websites, and forums I own.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s move forward and answer all those frequently emailed questions:

  • How to start a blog?
    The easiest way to go about this is by signing up with free hosted blogging service. Try WordPress.com and Blogger.com as they are two of the most popular ones. Signing up is easy and should be a breeze if you have basic internet skills (I usually add that if you knew how to create a fee email account, signing for a blog should be much easier). Blogger.com is more advertising friendly and new sign-ups are also encouraged to open an AdSense account so go ahead with that too. You can also go to a full blown blog and get yourself a nice domain and hosting — but that will cost you too.

  • What should I blog about?
    A lot of things! But, focus more on the topics you are most passionate about or something you think you have good knowledge of. Topics could range from gardening, pets, to food, traveling, gaming, cars and toys (so much more actually). A newly turned blogger I helped recently put up a blog about finches (a certain species of birds for breeding).

  • How do I earn from my blog?
    The same business model applies to most other websites — advertising. Some are self-service and pretty easy to get into while others take time and patience. For self-service advertising, check out TextLinkAds, Google AdSense, ReviewMe, PayPerPost, AdBrite, Kontera, Amazon Associates, etc. To get direct ads, you will need to have a fairly established blog with sizable traffic to get noticed. The getting noticed part will be a little hard depending on the topic you blog about.

  • How do I get paid for it?
    It depends on which ad platform you use but most of the time, it’s thru cheques at the end of the month, quarter or after you reach a certain amount (e.g. $25). Others thru Paypal, direct deposit and other money remittance services (Xoom, Western Union, etc).
  • How long before I start earning?
    Now this is the hardest part to answer really. Based from experience, it could be as quick as 3 months to as long as 2 years. So, you need to be very patient and passionate about it, otherwise you’ll only end up getting disappointed. Sometimes, you won’t earn a cent at all. It’s not a fool-proof formula.

  • What else do I need to know?
    I’ve compiled a number of posts about problogging here. I also did several interviews with fellow Filipino probloggers here. You can contact them (esp. the network bloggers) for more leads in getting a part-time blogging gig at their respective blog networks.

  • What’s the easiest way to start?
    You can join a blog network. It’s one way of getting into problogging without a lot of the hassles since the network will help you out a long the way. A local blog network you can approach is Bayanihan Blog Network (which I co-founded). J Angelo (the other blogger who got featured) is also managing a blog network. He can hook you up with some writing/blogging jobs too.

There are other ways too of earning money on the side thru the internet. I wrote some suggestion about that before (More Ways to Make Money Online) with a more local twist. Will be publishing an addendum to that later.

Hope this helps. Once you’ve gone thru all the readings, you can get back to me thru email for additional questions.

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Avatar for Abe Olandres

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech with over 20 years of experience in the technology industry. He is one of the pioneers of blogging in the country and considered by many as the Father of Tech Blogging in the Philippines. He is also a technology consultant, a tech columnist with several national publications, resource speaker and mentor/advisor to several start-up companies.

54 Responses

  1. Avatar for ^miztah^ ^miztah^ says:

    waw,. nice topic tnx for sharing about blogs, specialy How do I earn from my blog? hehehe,. tnx Yuga,.

  2. Avatar for brazilman brazilman says:

    I’m really glad i started blogging. To my surprise I actually enjoy writing.

  3. Avatar for Akino Akino says:

    congratz for publicity thru the tv segment..but as all agree it’s not that easy to earn thru blogging, but i would say this is the most enjoyable way to express your mind out!

    Do you agree? Cheers mga Kabayan!

  4. Avatar for kal kal says:

    I don’t like the last comment Joey de Leon said, that anyone can earn money on the internet ‘…kahit pasulat-sulat lang…’

    Hindi basta basta lang ang pagsusulat. It’s not easy.

    Anyway, congratulations for being featured on TV yet again. :-)

  5. Avatar for junie junie says:

    I’ll share you guys the videos for free how to make money in blogging step by step… from installation to marketing your blog. just email me romban****@****.***

  6. Avatar for Gsas Gsas says:

    wow yuga, thanks. i guess this is one of your “lessons” for me.

    yep, Abe helped me a lot with my site. i’ll go as far into saying that it would not have been possible without him. so if you guys have any crazy ideas for a website, Abe’s the right man to go to.

    btw abe, i know you’re quite busy right now, but i still hope to catch you in YM one of these days. hehe.

    thanks again!

  7. Avatar for junie junie says:

    I think it’s not so complicated. Here’s how to earn money in blogging:

    1. Domain/web hosting (www.web.com.ph)
    2. download a blog script (wordpress is free)
    3. Sign up for google adsense
    4. Market your blog- make your blog something interesting to make many visitors in your blog.
    5. and if there’s an advertisers see that your blog is exposed with many visitor. the advertise will be the one who contact you to advertise them in your blog.
    6. then you make money online.
    7. or contact me i will build a blog for you


  8. Avatar for Emily Emily says:

    Thanks for the information.

  9. Avatar for elmer elmer says:

    Watch out those tax dudes they might go after you.

  10. Avatar for ApplesH ApplesH says:

    An officemate of mine actually approached me with wide eyes saying… “really?? you can earn that much blogging?” He wanted me to confirm because he knew I blogged. I said yes but not in one day (as Abe said).

    And just as Andre mentioned above – “blogging” has been brought to a lot more Pinoys because of the show. The reach can only be considered as good, right?

  11. Avatar for Andre Marcelo-Tanner Andre Marcelo-Tanner says:

    Well lets just look at the good side of this besides abe’s fame :) More people in the masses will gain more knowledge about the internet and blogging, the more our industry is publicized the better it is, except for bad press ofcourse, but sometimes any press is good press.

  12. Avatar for Joe Taroogs Joe Taroogs says:

    yup, i saw the M&J portion about how to make money from blogging and was blown away by the amount of money earned by the featured professional bloggers. kongrats!

  13. Avatar for minor minor says:

    youtube clip


  14. Avatar for marvin marvin says:

    wow! congrats! that’s big money,btw, i think you really need now a body guard.

  15. Avatar for marvin marvin says:

    wow! congrats! that;s big money,btw, i think you really need now a body guard.

  16. Avatar for dennis dennis says:

    $6000/month while playing Desktop Tower Defense?

    Abe,may prizes ba ang DTD group ‘yugatech’ top scorers? Tagal na nasa top name ko and nobody is contesting it

  17. Avatar for ralphot ralphot says:

    crap! di ko napanood. “family-oriented” kami sa bahay instead of “love-struck”. hahaha.

  18. Avatar for charcharq charcharq says:

    i saw it on mel&joey… hehehe… lucky for you, with mel&joey you’ll have more visitors… hehehe/// BTW. thanks for the information. it really helps me..

  19. Avatar for aldrin aldrin says:

    i’ve watched the episode and it was very encouraging indeed. especially when Joey said, ‘Tumataginting na $5,000 kada buwan’. over 1 MILLION PESOS in five months. Wow.

  20. Avatar for Dino Dino says:

    That’s what TV is all about – False information. More TV means more people living in fear. That’s why I don’t watch TV. Congratulations Abe.

  21. Avatar for noemi noemi says:

    after dealing with them in 2 shows, I felt they were not accurate and were too sensational. It’s not the assistant’s fault. It’s their editor.

  22. Avatar for The Filipino Entrepreneur The Filipino Entrepreneur says:

    I agree with the postings here about the Mel&Joey show making it appear that earning online looks easy. Maybe the easy part is when you are reaping the success after years of hard work, patience and skills that you devoted on blogging.

    And in addition to it, if you are lucky enough to choose the right niche.

    Anyway congrats Abe, I was really curious about who this famous Abe Olandres is and I’m lucky that I have a chance to watch the Mel&Joey that featured about blogging.

  23. Avatar for manou manou says:

    master Abe! you look different on TV…..astigas! lupet!

  24. Avatar for Jazzy Jazzy says:

    The program try to show what most people want to hear, “Easy Money”. Unfortunately, there’s no such, unless it is illegal.

    Who will watch it if flat-out they say it is difficult, time-consuming, requires a skills?

    Still, it is good exposure for blogging industry though. Congratulations Abe, Angelo, and the rest.

  25. Avatar for karla karla says:

    di ko napanood abe
    i was on the road when it was shown :)

  26. Avatar for BrianB BrianB says:

    How to Make Money Online,

    Pinagkakitaan pala ang TipidPC, may plano poa naman akong bumili dyan.

  27. Avatar for Pinoy U n i t e d Pinoy U n i t e d says:

    I couldn’t agree more to all of you about the difficulty one will have to endure in order to be a recognized blogger. I’m still a starter and would love to do it more on a regular basis, but time is against me at present. Quite busy with lots of things here in Oxford.

    Jaypee, you’re absolutely right on your comment about the media. Be it back home, in the US or here in the UK it does happen. You can always get back to them and comment that you weren’t completely happy about it as they haven’t presented the whole side of story/ they made it appear to be such an easy job to earn big bucks. They might just bring back the topic briefly to correct the wring impression that they might have relayed to the interested public.

    With regards to Joey’s comment in reference from Arnold’s, having known him for what he’s like (on the telly not personally, you may want to just ignore the term. But equally, this is rather quite offensive particularly to serious bloggers. Surely, if he’s been been made aware of this he’ll definitely make an apology.

    I can’t see anything wrong with earning money from it but for starters this should not be the goal. Those who love it and just want their voice heard tend to last, those whose just in for a quick money, without a doubt will drop out from the blogospere in a few months or so.

    I might blog about this topic on my blog account.

  28. Avatar for Pinoy Money Talk Pinoy Money Talk says:

    I’ll have to agree with Jaypee. Media will find it difficult to sell something that is not hyped or sensationalized. If “Mel & Joey” told viewers, uhmm, “the truth” about earning online, the buzz they were building will go from buzz to bust. That episode needed to have a selling point, otherwise, it will just be one lousy, ho-hum show. Unfortunately, they did that at the expense of the truth about online earning.

    Anyway kudos to Abe for writing this article about the “real score” in online earning. And congrats on your TV appearance! I’m sure that will inspire a new breed of Filipinos who will try online earning out.

  29. Avatar for Dale GONEMAD Dale GONEMAD says:

    Master Yuga! musta? kaw lang inabangan ko sa Mel & Joey eh!

    anyway, crib and rig..

  30. Avatar for Kidblogger :: Carl Ocab Kidblogger :: Carl Ocab says:

    Sir Abe tlaga oh… I though you didn’t know how to play the guitar! Or you really didn’t? :D

  31. Avatar for Jaypee Jaypee says:

    That’s the problem with most tv shows and other media, they tend to sensationalize things in order to get people to watch their shows or programs.

    It’s true that blogging can be a good source of income but it’s not for everybody and not everyone who goes into problogging succeed.

    Mel mentioned “..magandang racket para sa lahat..” for blogging maybe but not problogging and they should have made that clear. They’re misleading people. They should have pointed out the disadvantages in the show not only the advantages.

    Too bad they didn’t show the full interview. But thanks to Advocrazy for uploading it in YouTube.

    You look good on TV Abe! :D

  32. Avatar for algie algie says:

    Thanks Abe!

    Yes, me too was so really interested to make a blog online, though, I always make my blogs and I know that there are a chance that you can a make money through blogging but the problem is, I don’t know where to start and how to do it? I already sent you an email for inquiries, thanks for sharing this ideas.

    There are lots of ways to make money online, you can also do a freelancing job, which I am doing since 2004. I earn lots of money using my skills in data entry and fast typing. I also get my payment at western union. I can work anytime I want, work anywhere I want and paid every project I finish.
    So, I think Juan Dela Cruz is not left alone to outsourcing job which is very “in demand”. There are lots of filipino in the site and they are earning money.

    I think its the best way to show the world how hardworking, talented and genius, the Filipino’s are. Because if you joined on that freelancing site, you are competing with many freelancers around the globe, from Europe, Africa, India, Uk, Canada, USA, Australia and many more country.

    I am proud to be Pinoy! Be proud to be pinoy!!!

    Thanks again MR. Abe, hope you include my comments in your blogs. Thanks again and more power!

  33. Avatar for Abe Olandres Abe Olandres says:

    Actually, right after the video shoot I convinced the segment producer that it wasn’t an easy industry as they initially thought it was. She agreed after I told her how much time, effort and passion I put into it. But, they just had to make a huge story out of it. The sad part was they failed to show the disadvantages I enumerated to them.

  34. Avatar for BrianB BrianB says:

    Yeah, anything to pacify the nearly hopeless. Tsk, tsk. Not only do you have to be well-informed, internet savvy and a good writer (compared to the average educated Filipino), you also have to be lucky on your niche. Mas may chance ka pang yumaman sa pa-kiosk-kiosk lang.

  35. Avatar for Abe Olandres Abe Olandres says:

    @Brian, I didn’t. I showed them a survey before about income ranges for probloggers and maybe that’s where they got the figures (which was assumed). I also told them I’m into the web hosting business but that didn’t make the cut as well. Franky, I didn’t like the way it was portrayed. Too much hype.

  36. Avatar for BrianB BrianB says:

    And why oh why did you divulge your earnings?

  37. Avatar for BrianB BrianB says:

    They didn’t do Yuga justice. H’s practically a genius. Did they mention that? No. Did they mention that many have tried and are trying and are earning a pitiful amount of money… for all their trouble. Puro paasa sa tao.

  38. Avatar for Ernesto Ernesto says:

    Nice you are so famous nest to bryanboy

  39. Avatar for Tess V. Tess V. says:

    The Mel & Joey feature on blogging as alternative earning vehicle has certainly aroused my interest. Who wouldn’t be if someone is earning as much as $4K to $6K a month? That’s a lot of money, my goodness! The only problem is that the feature was made to look like a very easy job… it has not said anything about the difficulties and problems of doing a blog over time before you came to this point of reaping your labour and hardships.

  40. Avatar for jayvee f. jayvee f. says:

    i guess the problem with shows like these is that they tend to hype the whole making money part to add intrigue.

  41. Avatar for noemi noemi says:

    You did say it wasn’t that easy to earn right away from blogs.

  42. Avatar for joseph joseph says:

    The show might not have the air time to say what Abe needs to say, but I think the important thing here is that an interest in blogging has emerged.

  43. Avatar for Manuel Viloria Manuel Viloria says:

    I watched the Mel&Joey problogging segment video at Rom’s site:

  44. Avatar for Hezron Hezron says:

    does anybody has uploaded the segment to youtube?

  45. Avatar for arnold arnold says:

    The problem with the Mel & Jay segment was the way it gave the idea that earning from blogging is an easy gig. How did Joey termed it? “bagong raket sa internet”.

    Present it on Sunday primetime TV and mentioned that a certain Abe Olandres is earning $5K a month, who wouldn’t be amazed at that?

    Unfortunately, the show didn’t point out that earning money online entails a lot of hardwork, perseverance and all.

    blogging is for everyone, but earning through blogging is not.

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