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Convert your Mabuhay Miles to Globe Rewards points

Are you a Globe subscriber and a frequent flyer of Philippine Airlines? If yes, then there’s good news for you as you can now convert your PAL Mabuhay Miles to Globe Rewards points.

For every 2,000 Mabuhay Miles converted, subscribers can earn 400 rewards points; 1,500 Mabuhay Miles can be converted to 300 rewards points; and 1,000 Mabuhay Miles can earn subscribers 200 rewards points.


Using the Globe Reward point-to-peso conversion of 1 point = P1.00, subscribers can use these points to redeem items from the Globe Rewards catalog or purchase items from partner merchants.

The biggest drawback we bumped into with this promo is that it’s only limited to 8,000 Miles per member per calendar year or a total of 1,600 rewards points a year.

To convert PAL Mabuhay Miles to Globe rewards points, members can call 855-8888 for Manila or (032) 340-0191 for Cebu. Members may also visit the Mabuhay Miles Service Center at Mabuhay Miles Service Center Makati. A text notification will be sent to the member indicating that the Globe rewards points have been credited to his or her mobile number.

To redeem Globe rewards from partner merchants just text BUY MOBILE # OF MERCHANT AMOUNT to 4438. To check available points, text BAL to 4438. For more details, visit www.rewards.globe.com.ph.

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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4 Responses

  1. jorge says:

    why convert when you can sell your points online? i got an ipad because of my points.

  2. abuzalzal says:

    I was wrong about everything I said. Android sucks! My crappy tablet sucks!

  3. John says:

    Is conversion still available now?

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