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Leaked: Globe to offer Internet TV, cheaper DSL prices

In a leaked document we received today from an anonymous source, it looks like Globe is going to introduce their very own Internet TV bundled with a lower DSL price for residential subscribers.

A copy of what could be confidential documents from Globe, it is finalizing deals with media companies to bundle IPTV subscriptions with up 70 channels. This supports the story that a potential Globe and ABS-CBN alliance is being worked out and was first reported as early as November 2012.

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Globe-Internet-Tvclick on image for larger view

Both regular DSL and Fiber subscriptions will have reduced monthly subscription fees (MSF). “Tattoo Torque (the brand Fiber service) will be killed and be integrated to [email protected] for unification“, adds our source.

The price drops for monthly subscriptions are very dramatic with Plan 1099 for 10Mbps with free landline, Plan 1299 for 20Mbps, Plan 1499 for 30Mbps, Plan 2099 for 40Mbps, Plan 3099 for 70Mbps and Plan 4099 for 100Mbps.

Realme Philippines

For plans 2099 and up, it comes with free landline and Internet TV subscription (70 channels). Plan 1299 and up comes with free landline as well.

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What’s more surprising is that they will introduce a Plan 299 with up to 1Mbps, the cheapest DSL plan ever.

Of course, we assume this is only applicable to areas where Globe’s fiber lines are available. If they can offer unlimited LTE of up to 42Mbps on their iPhone 5 plans for Php999 SuperSurf, these new plans are likely to be true.

Word of caution — these are just leaks and rumors so don’t bet on it until we get a final confirmation.

Update: Just got a call from Globe rep stating that these plans are not true. Oh well. It would have been really good for Globe if it were!

In any case, it’s technically not true because it’s in the proposal stage and have not been approved. Until this proposal is approved, we cannot confirm the veracity of this leak.

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7 years ago

Pwede siguro, pero naka cap ang connection, siguro ang allowable bandwith ay 2GB a month.

Fuck off this will never happen even in your wildest dreams for the year 2015 until 2020. Globe pa, mga new plans nila eh ang liliit ng allowable data kahit ni re-evaluate o binago yung first released ngayon ang liit padin.

Even new plat. users has capping per day, 3.5GB for the entry level plat. plans, mas better pa yung sakin na old user ako 5Mbps 10GB per day ang allowable data

7 years ago

ok lang sa akin kahit 2, 3 or 5mb speed nang internet basta taas naman ni;a ang daily cap yong 2mb bundle is 5 gb per day sana gawin nila 10 gb per day nayon

sa akin…


8 years ago

Haha probably edited and copied from US or other countries wifi subscription.. but I do hope something like this would come up in the near future hopefully before Japan work out getting a 1M mbps or something haha

9 years ago

Globe hahaha KWENTO NYO SA PAGONG…..

9 years ago

malabong mangyari ito sa pinas. lol

9 years ago

Broadband pricing in the PH is a ripoff. Just compare Sky Broadband’s 10Mbps “consumable” (meaning capped) plan of 35GB for P2,299 vs. Shaw Cable of Canada’s 10Mbps plan costing C$50 (roughly P2,000) per month for 125GB of data cap. The question is, why are we paying over 3x more for broadband compared to a developed country that has a much lower population density (Metro Manila’s population alone is already half of Canada’s entire population) along with a higher cost/standard of living?

Alfred Aquino
Alfred Aquino
Reply to  Mel
9 years ago

Ask the PH telcos and DOTC…

9 years ago

Let’s say this is true, gano naman ka populated ang isang server? Ang mura nga ang dami ninyo naman gumagamit eh di nag nanakawan kayo nang bandwidth wala rin.

Kung yung dedicated line nga namin sa office na 1mbps na yung computer ko lang ang may connection nag aaverage lang nang 700-800kbps minsan ang bagal pa yan pa kaya.

9 years ago

wow mura na pwede na!!!! i like that 30mbps!!! super speed!!!

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