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Pokémon GO confirms the upcoming Buddy Pokémon feature

One of the gripes of Pokémon GO players is not having a dedicated Pokémon to train and be your best friend. Just like how Pikachu is attached to Ash in the TV series and vice-versa. Now, developers of the game are addressing that.


In the coming updates of the widely popular augmented reality game, players will be able to pick a favorite Pokémon that’s already in their collection to be their Buddy. This will then allow them to gain unique in-game rewards and a different Pokémon experience.

The Buddy Pokémon will always appear with the Trainer’s avatar. Having a Buddy Pokémon has its perks like Candy rewards for just walking together. If they wish to change their Buddy Pokémon, they can do it anytime. So much being the best buddy.

The update is slated to be released soon but no definitely date yet.


This article was contributed by Daniel Morial, a film school graduate and technology enthusiast. He's the geeky encyclopedia and salesman among his friends for anything tech.

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