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Ubuntu Mobile OS for smartphones announced

Ubuntu has just announced that they are entering the smartphone market with their new mobile OS – with the same UI as their tablet, desktop & TV operating systems.

It has been said that phones running Ubuntu such as the Galaxy Nexus will be available for show at CES 2013 while major manufacturers are expected to join the bandwagon later this year.


The user interface is very sleek, and the operation relies on gestures. The “welcome screen” is something very similar to the traditional lock screen, however from there you will gain access to different options through different gestures.

A swipe from the left edge brings you to your app shortcuts (with access to the homescreen on the bottom left). From the top you’ll find the unified search box. Swiping sideways will bring you to your most used information such as contacts, music and etc.

A full swipe from the left will take you straight to all your apps, while a full swipe from the right will bring you to the recently used ones. The status icons on top also has gestures.

ubuntu 2

The new mobile OS includes services such as Ubuntu One cloud syncing.

Developers are already said to be working on apps. We’re very excited to see how the new operating systems are going to do this year. That includes BlackBerry 10, Jolla and more.

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Bob Freking occasionally contributes articles to the website. He is a UST Graduate of Commerce & Business Administration, Major in Marketing Management, and a full-time Sith Lord with three dragons.

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24 Responses

  1. inb4 says:

    In before the dismissive comments from pinoy android and iOs camp. :P

  2. browse says:

    Hopefully maganda at kaya tututugon sa mga missed ng ios at android… Kwentology.com my blog

    • kenneth says:

      hanggang dito ba naman nagkakalat ka parin hehe pero okay ung os na ito browse kc maganda interface and graphics compared to ios and android,

  3. WOOHOO says:

    Wow, it looks cool!

  4. yoho says:

    looks like a combined android and windows mobile… im guessing it that way because ubuntu and android is linus based

  5. yoho says:

    looks like a combined android and windows mobile… im guessing it that way because ubuntu and android is linux based

  6. Ex-Alodian Knight says:

    MyPhone better have that New Ubuntu phone or that Alibaba OS that they have, I think it was called Aliyun or something.

  7. JopethDanio says:

    My Dream Come True UBUNTU!

  8. MARVEL says:

    It utilizes the every edges of the phone’s screen. That concept gives it an “edge”, literally. :D

  9. nameless says:

    When we talk about open source OS development like this, it will take about 2years to be released. Unless a major company aside from canonical will sponsor the development. We’ll see.

  10. Mica says:

    Diversity. I love it. More options, the better. Can’t wait to hear more about this

  11. eric says:

    wow! another player in the smartphone market…

  12. Kikokix says:

    Nice, Ubuntu is joining the fray.

  13. Andre says:

    I don’t think this is really gonna fly. “Ubuntu,” while a major player in the Linux space, is an unknown in the consumer/mobile space. We already have a lot of players in the market – iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8 – and there are wannabe (re)entries like BB 10 and Mozilla B2G.

    It would be better off if Ubuntu just offers their UI as a skin on top of Android.

    • DTech says:

      AFFIRMATIVE, there’s just too many of them.

      Looks promising though.

      Maybe they should collabo with Google in perfecting the Android’s UI.

  14. Ivan says:

    Too late. iOS and Android have already dominated the smartphone market. It wll be extremely hard or this new OS to at least be at par with the them.

    • Mr A says:

      You just need to have an ecosystem to support your userbase. Since steam is joining the open source, why not have ubuntu enabled phones run steam and sell games through there? Nice opportunity there.

  15. lee says:

    i think ubuntu OS for mobile can get its way to mobile OS environment.. why? simply bcoz most developer are creating application mostly in open source application like ubuntu or let us say it is linux.. remember that android is made by linux … malaki ang chance ng ubuntu os.. in the future. remember that android noon ay d masyadong napnsin nung first debut nila.. pero biglang nag boom kasi…

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  17. ChrisP says:

    I’ve seen the UI of this OS at YouTube. Gesture base ang paglipat sa different apps and settings. Paano kaya yung games and other applications na swipe base like fruit ninja?

  18. Arielle says:

    This makes me wonder if linux will be ruling the mobile world. It seems that those who have desktop OS also develop mobile OS.

  19. Nicko Porras says:

    Ubuntu for phones sources will be out by end of february or March for Galaxy Nexus. and also the Ubuntu SDK will be out also. utilizing QT, QML and HTML5 for apps :D

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