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Canon Powershot S110 unboxed, in the flesh

Canon Philippine launched the Powershot S110 last November and we were able to purchase a unit from Multiply’s Discounted Deals last month. We finally received the unit yesterday and immediately unboxed it.

While we did not expect much from the S110 in terms of performance (almost same specs as the old S100), we’re still curious on the build quality, the usability of the touchscreen interface and the WiFi functionality.

The S110 looks smaller, feels lighter and more compact than the old S100. I still got that solid metal body and rough finish as well as the familiar controls of the Powershot S-series.

The touchscreen actually works pretty good and there’s an option for a touch shutter (touch to focus and trigger shutter). An additional menu is also available to set the built-in WiFi to share photos and videos to other devices.

We’ve downloaded the Canon CameraWindow app from iTunes, set the S110’s WiFi to act as Access Point and once the iOS device is given the correct authentication, you can view the photos on the camera wirelessly (this is really good if you connect it to your iPad).

The camera can also connect to any existing WiFi routers and be able to other devices in that network.

Canon already removed the GPS module in the camera but you are still able to geo-tag your photos using the app installed in your iOS device.

Canon PowerShot S110 key features:
12.1 megapixel HS CMOS Sensor
5x Optical Zoom
Bright f/2.0 wide angle lens
Built-in WiFi
RAW Image Capture
Manual Function
3-inch touchscreeen display

The Canon S110 had a suggested retail price of Php25,998 back in November and comes with a 4GB SD card and leather case. However, the review unit we bought was under Multiply’s deal site for just over Php14k.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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5 Responses

  1. Bryan says:

    got one unit too. loving it. my only concern was the battery life, didn’t last a day. but is probably due to video recording.

    another concern is the flash position. it is situated at a position where most people’s left hand hold it. I have no problem adjusting to it but people who don’t know will tend to hinder the pop up of flash then error. that problem happened to me a lot when I let the official photographers take a photo of me with the mascot during my stay at Legoland.

    Also, canon image gateway is not supported in the Philippines. so if you want to directly upload to FB, you need to register it under HK.

    Lastly, WiFi transfer rocks! You should see the reaction of my friends when they got their photos directly from my cam. It always feels good to be the first among your peers to have something new.:D

  2. dj0502 says:

    maybe this is more expensive, but I think the RX100 is a better camera, for almost the same package.


  3. Enya says:

    I own an S100 but I do prefer uploading to fb pics taken from my 4S as they appear sharper on fb than those taken by S100 uploaded to fb. But of course the S100 takes the better shots most of the time as seen on pc.

  4. steelicon says:

    Was my first choice. Now own red Nokia 808 PureView. Happy! ^_^

  5. jeanica2012 says:

    hello sir….ive been wondering for the longest time why the big price difference between those sold instores and online? been searching the net and is still trying to locate the catch between the two…i know there is , but what is it? thank you.

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