New PLDT feature shares Home DSL data allocation to your smartphone

New PLDT feature shares Home DSL data allocation to your smartphone

A new teaser video from PLDT shows a feature that allows you to share data allocation on your home broadband to your Smart mobile account. We’re not sure yet with the mechanics but it seems like an interesting one especially if you use your mobile internet more instead of the DSL at home.


Here’s a copy of the video:

Will update this post when we get the details on how this works.

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7 Responses

  1. Whoever says:

    Before there’s no capping on the pldt broadband. But since we can now allocate to smart will that be an end to unlimited broadband?

  2. JOEAP says:

    I believe this the first step(a sugar-coated one) of PLDT-SMART on capping DSL Lines across the country :)
    “It’s a trap!” so beware :D

  3. NotaSheep says:

    Crap they are making UNLIMITED broadband capped! FUCK!!

    We are doomed, no more streaming, no more downloading, no more games. Just text.

  4. William says:

    Data capping is the future.

  5. Sanji says:

    Wrong move pldt smart. Very very wrong.

  6. llara says:

    only for those on the speedster plan which is capped at 50gb plus you have to upgrade it to include a smart plan

  7. Copperface says:

    “Share” a 6 GB from your 50GB data plan. When will PLDT realize that 50GB aren’t that big for a monthly allowance yet they are pushing this promo like sharing the chunk of it? Good luck with your 44GB remaining monthly allowance.

    Stop this shenanigans PLDT.

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