PLDT upgrades DSL Plan 3000 from 8Mbps to 20Mbps

PLDT upgrades DSL Plan 3000 from 8Mbps to 20Mbps

After tinkering around with the setup of my Philips Hue at home to configure it to the local network, I discovered that my DSL Plan 3000 has been changed from maximum of 8Mbps to 20Mbps. This is what the router shows in the upstream and downstream settings.

Upload speed is still stuck at 1Mbps though. Tried downloading via P2P and getting 3.6MB/s total download speeds.

I also did some random speed tests and got these results:


I remember my initial speed tests were in the 7Mbps range during the first week that I got this installed in my condo unit so a 14Mbps results is more than welcome. This also puts the speed of DSL much closer to that of the entry-level Fibr plans.

We have yet to confirm with other subscribers if they have experienced these upgrades recently. We believe other lower tiered plans have also gotten a speed bump.

Perhaps the upgrade roll-out is still in progress. Do hit the comments if you get similar results.

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47 Responses

  1. I just did a speedtest on PLAN 999, from 3mbps, it’s now 6mbps. Makes me think if PLDT is did an upgrade with all their plans.

  2. anon says:

    baka nalaman nila location mo then dahil ikaw EIC ng Yugatech inupgrade nila

    • Ren says:

      Hahah funny but still nothing is guaranteed esp. the services here in Ph. I just that this move stays consistent in prime time hours of 4pm to 9pm.

  3. Greg Go says:

    Iloilo city plan 3000 still at 7mbps

  4. I’m on the same plan but don’t have the upgrade. Just cycled my router and checked.

  5. Don says:

    This is actually not an upgrade. My 3mbps plan got this connection for a month or two until they discovered my modem/router wasn’t configured correctly. I was enjoying torrenting until they found out what was happening. It’s a bug.

  6. Kevin Ralph says:

    As usual late na naman ang YugaTech when it comes to PLDT news, mukhang wala silang internal sources to leak some info so I’ll give you some. Just so you know po, PLDT is doing internal upgrades that is not yet advertised to the public. The said upgrades will be for copper plans 1299, 999, 1995 and 3000 that will be upgraded to 3mbps, 5mbps, 8mbps and 15mbps respectively while the Powered by Fibr lines (DSL plans that is connected to fiber facility) with the same plan 1299, 999 and 1995 will be upgraded to 3mbps, 10mbps and 20mbps respectively. Plan 1995 on fiber line have the option to switch to 50mbps 2899 while plan 3000 on fiber line will be forced to migrate to plan 2899. PLDT already started the upgrade for both copper and fiber plans 1995 and 3000 last January 6, 2016 and currently on-going until the end of February 2016. While both copper and fiber plan 999 will start its upgrade process on the last week of February 2016. Plan 1299 will be initiated on the last week of March 2016.

    Source: From my college friends who’s now working in PLDT Fibr Activation Department, PLDT Provisioning Department and PLDT Marketing Department. For more info, visit PLDT forum on TipidPC may mga tao dun na nag le-leak ng info na may internal connection din sa mga PLDT personnels.

    • Kevin Ralph says:

      Check this table on the image. This slide is leaked directly from one of the PLDT provisioning team:

    • j2736 says:

      bakit mas mabilis ang speed ng plan 999 sa plan 1299? di ba lugi naman kaming naka plan 1299 na sa ngayon ay 2Mbps na magiging 3Mbps? yun bang plans na binanggit mo e bundled ba with landline or pure internet lang talaga?

    • Sorry but we have different definition of “leak” and “news”. We categorize “leaks” as part of “rumors” while news is official release of the company.

      So yes, we may be late in the leaks but since there is no official announcement from PLDT, there is no news yet.

    • Kevin Ralph says:

      Yeah my mistake on that one, “PLDT rumor” dapat ang nilagay ko kanina and not “news”. But still it’s not denying the fact that you’re late dahil lahat ng “news” (not rumored) post niyo dito about PLDT always comes 1 month late like yung plan 1899 na officially announced na ng PLDT to be 50GB saka niyo lang ni-rereport after a month or so after the announcement. I’m not mad ah this is just my opinion, I enjoy reading your site. What I can suggest nalang is to join the PLDT forum in TipidPC para maka kuha kayo ng information na pwede niyo i-share dito as rumor, marami doon may internal connection sa PLDT like Edwin (bomberjun) saka yung raxchie.

    • Kevin Ralph says:

      Correction on my post: hindi “lahat ng post” what I mean is “some” sorry…

    • Manny says:

      Ikaw na! Ikaw na ang may “insider” source. Kulang na lang sabihin mo na ka-rubbing elbows mo rin si Manny Pangilinan. :-)

  7. Kevin Ralph says:

    Pahabol from my earlier post, yung 20mbps na sinasabi ng author dito is yung speed profile sa modem pero yung actual speed limit niya is naka rely dun sa central office integrated to his account is only 15mbps which is the actual speed of plan 3000 on copper, overhead lang yugn 20mbps sa speed profile sa modem.

    • When the modem was first installed, I checked the speed profile and it was set at around 9,000Kbps (9Mbps) so the new 19,000Kbps profile was adjusted this month.

      Also, my earlier speed test was around 14 to 15Mbps but when I connected the laptop to the LAN I was getting 16 and 17Mbps.

    • Kevin Ralph says:

      Yup, yung 16 to 17mbps ang overhead na sinasabi ko, burst speed lang yan, lagi naman may sobra yung speed ng DSL to combat signal noise unlike sa fiber na sakto talaga yung speed dun sa speed limited na naka set sa central office dahil signal noise is non-existent on fiber lines kaya no need for speed overhead. Yung actual speed mo diyan will average to 14-16mbps due to the speed limiter in CO.

  8. abe says:

    with CONVERGE, your download is equivalent to upload … kahit anong plan pa yan … P4,000 for bursting to 10 Mbps for businesses. P1,500 up to 4Mb for residential. .. check this out :

    • kanor-chan says:

      Well, I hope na meron na kayo sa Marikina since nagkakabit naman kayo ng mga linya dito and sana at par yung speeds niyo sa kanila.

      FTTX Plan A = 4 Mbps for Php 1,500. Sana kahit nasa 8-16 Mbps man lang, sakto na.
      FTTX Plan B = 10Mbps for Php 2,500. Pwede na siguro 15-30 Mbps.

  9. Ayano says:

    Same here. I think it’s more of an error or they’re just testing something. My 3Mbps connection randomly reaches 10Mbps. I noticed it coz my download speed becomes 1.2MBps

  10. Spud says:

    That upload speed

  11. C.P. says:

    The millin peso question is – are you STILL on a TRULY unlimited data plan after all this? (And by that I mean multi hundred GB data from P2P, YouTube, and Netflix)

  12. NotaSheep says:

    Based on the information above, why is plan 1299 getting so little against plan 999!?

    • abuzalzal says:

      Plan 1299 = As is…you’ll only going to pay Php1299

      Plan 999 = telephone bill NOT included….with telephone bill it will set out around Php 1,600 – Php1,700

    • abuzalzal says:

      Sa mga FIBR subscribers, ano po ang mga hidden costs sa monthly bill? THX

  13. Picus says:

    Still P3k 6Mbps Circuit Makati

  14. Ceal says:

    Yup PLDT did 1 tier speed bumps for all plans starting with the Fibr plans last June. My speed bumps for Plan 5800 PLDT Fibr since application lst April 2015:

    Application (April 2015) – 20Mbps
    1st speed upgrade (June 2015) – 50Mbps
    2nd speed upgrade (November 2015) – 100Mbps

    All under the same Plan 5800 PLDT Fibr plan :)

  15. El Mer says:

    I can confirm this, I”ve been doing speedtest since 3 weeks ago and I’m constantly getting 18mbps. Since 3 weeks ago pa naupgrade samin and I’ve been watching the news kung may announcement about this, ngayon pa lng pla lumabas. Btw Baguio area ako.

    • gelo says:

      baguio area rin ako sir, kmusta speed niyo? sa akin almost 2months ko lang naexperience yung speed boost from 2.5 mbps to 10mbps, tas kahapon bumalik sa 2.5mbps, plan 1849 pldt telpad ako sir

  16. t0lan22 says:

    any chance PLDT Telpad getting upgraded too?

  17. Yes they upgraded all plans. I was paying 6K for 20mbps fibr and now my speed is consistently up to 100mbps. You have to call them out on it though.

  18. gloomnomad says:


  19. Jarius24 says:

    Nothing new, their FIBR Plan 2899 is already 50 Mbps (100 Mbps for the first 6 months) 20 Mbps is nothing compared to that. I don’t get why some people are surprised at this, saw a lot of FB shares claiming they will switch to PLDT LOL! #CrawlBackToUS

  20. c says:

    Kailan ginawa? Baka naman tsamba lang o ginawa ng madaling araw?

    And oh don’t ever believe the speedtest stuffs especially if the server is also from pldt. I used to get consistently 2mbps on my PLDT wimax and yet I get no internet for 2 years.

    Bulok na bulok ang pldt / smart! Will never go back!

  21. abuzalzal says:

    My PLDT Connection is Super reliable in my area…promised speed is fulfilled almost 100 percent of the time, yun nga lang may Torrent throttling na nagaganap from 9:00 PM -11:PM araw araw, noa a big deal..pero kung meron kang gustog panoorin na TV show mag aantay ka ng medyo matagal kasi 1/6th lang ang ibinibigay sa yo…YouTube and other streaming sites, no problem as far as throttling goes

  22. Jeboy says:

    @abe so what can you say about Philips Hue?

  23. justAThought says:

    PLDT updated their DSL plans for 1995 and 3000

    no news yet on 1299 though.. boohoo

  24. tiffanyann says:

    Still the same speed :( I’m on plan 3000. argh! Should I call them and ask?

  25. gelo says:

    sir any update sa mga dsl telpad subscribers na speed bump? plan 1849 here, nagka speed bump ako nung 1st week of january this year, from 2.5mbps, naging 10mbps, until kahapon napansin ko bumaba download speed, nag speed test ako and bumalik sa dati yung speed ko, nakaka lungkot at napaasa ako dun, sana may speed boost din kaming mga pldt telpad

  26. Jeboy says:

    @abe where did you get your Philips Hue?

  27. Jose Jimenez says:

    That’s what step down transformers address for.
    Secondly, a couple of years ago in December pldt bumped up my download speed to 1mb/sec. Perhaps a Christmas present for the crappy service I was getting throughout the year.. I downloaded as many TV shows as possible.. :-)

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