Smart introduces WiFi Plug-It device (Huawei E355)

Smart introduces WiFi Plug-It device (Huawei E355)

Smart has introduced yet another 3G+WiFi device they called the Smart Bro WiFi Plug-It. The device looks like your regular 3G dongle but also acts as a WiFi access point so you can share your internet connection with other devices.

The prepaid kit comes preloaded with 240 hours of free internet and 400 free SMS to Smart & Sun networks (valid for 10 days). Smart promises up to 7.2Mbps in its network using this device.

After that, you can load it up and use it under the regular prepaid charging of Php10 per 30 minutes.


The device looks like a Huawei E355 which supports sharing internet for up to 5 WiFi devices. It also supports HSPA+ networks of up to 21.6Mbps as well as WiFi 802.11 b/g/n.

The WiFi Plug-It is only offered via a Prepaid Kit which costs Php3,495. It’s a bit steep considering you can get the regular 3G dongles for under Php1,000 and use your laptop to share internet over WiFi.

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12 Responses

  1. Yahya says:

    Erm no thanks bitchesss. Your network can’t even suffice. 7.2 Mbps ? Lool you’ll get .72 Mbps max. So called 3G connections aren’t even third generation. Just give us LTE already.

  2. Lau Beruin says:

    but android (unrooted) devices can’t connect to pc wifi right? so no thanks…

  3. KM says:

    I agree much to Yahya

  4. mdm782010 says:

    sana nga maka 7mbps yan kahit prepaid lang..baka puro promis lang ang smart na nman.

  5. mdm782010 says:

    May android Ice cream na yung sony experia arc S so…close fight sila nito sa 15k range.

  6. razorous says:

    Would this need to be plugged in a usb adapter for it to work as a standalone wifi router? Or does it have its own battery?

  7. RONALD says:

    Sir, okay po ba ‘to for Unlisurf plans? (50, 100 and 200) Balak ko kasi bumili ng bagong Broadband. At bilang Smart lang ang available sa amin, ito yung balak ko bilhin. Dapat sana yung Rocket Plug-It, pero buti nabasa kong di na pala siya pwede for Unlisurf Plans. Thanks.

  8. jay says:

    Wag kayo magpapaniwala sa mbps na offer nila puro kasinungalingan lang ex. 1mbps is equal lang sa 100KBps

  9. irwin says:

    very true…speed is very slow and charging is based on the amount of time that you are connected to the network. why don’t they just sell prepaid data packages that are content-based and not time-based, like in other ccountries? You simply buy a prepaid internet sim that is already loaded with, for example, 1GB or 5GB worth of content and then enjoy. plus you get real speeds of at least 200kbps on HSPA.

  10. Captain Obvious says:

    Just to straighten things up you faggots,
    hindi po promise ng smart yung 21.3Mbps,yun po yung maximum speed ng DONGLE, not network speed.
    it has no batteries, pag connected siya sa usb port ng laptop/desktop, usb tether siya and 5 users can connect via wifi.

    @jay, natural po, 1mbps= 100Kbps because mbps is mega BIT per second and 1Mbps is mega Byte per second.

    im currently using this dongle, huawei e355, openline ko siya kinuha para may choice ako, kasi minsan kailangang mag proxy pa ako sa smart para makapag fb

  11. makupad says:

    tama.. napaka sinungaling ng smart.. ang bagal bagal ng koneksyon… nka 7.2 Mbps ako,. ndi ako mkanuod ng dretso sa uTube. tsskk.. fb nga lang tgal pa mag in!!!!

  12. anonymous decision says:

    kuya Captain correction lang po 1mbps = 1,000Kbps

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