Sun Cellular now offers BlackBerry Service

Sun Cellular now offers BlackBerry Service

Digitel and RIM today announced that Sun Cellular is now offering BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) with the BlackBerry Bold 9700 and BlackBerry Curve 8520 to customers in the Philippines.

The BlackBerry Internet Service plans, together with the BlackBerry Bold 9700 and BlackBerry Curve 8520 smartphones, will be initially available at selected Sun Shops — Robinsons Galleria, Robinsons Metro East, Robinsons Manila, TriNoma, Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Park Square, SM Marilao, SM Megamall, Festival Mall, SM North EDSA, SM Cebu and Ayala Cebu. Availability will also soon be expanded to all Sun Shops.

I checked the website and the newsroom doesn’t have the details nor the listed postpaid plans, including BlackBerry handset. I am told they have not released how much the BIS postpaid service will be but it should come out anytime soon. Likewise, if you inquire on the listed shops above, you may not get any specific details as well.


More on this as we get details on pricing plans for postpaid and prepaid. Hopefully, it will be cheaper.

Update: Here are the initial details of BlackBerry Plans from Sun Cellular:

  • BB Plan 2500
  • BB Add-on 700 (10MB quota)
  • BB Add-on 999 (Unlimited BIS)
  • BB Add-on 1399 (Unlimited BIS + Internet)

BB Add-on Plans are available for the following:

  • Plan 350
  • Plan 600
  • Plan 1000
  • Plan 2000
  • Plan 3500
  • Elite Series Subscribers

*6-month lock-in period for Add-On plans.

BlackBerry Curve 8520 is free at Plan 2500 while BlackBerry Bold 9700 is Php15,000 at Plan 2500.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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84 Responses

  1. iamdhorsamurao says:

    @abeolandres how much kaya if prepaid? Pls let us know. Tnx. Ü

  2. Calvin says:

    I think prepaid will be the same since smart and globe has the same prepaid price (for the curve and bold at least). Php13990 and Php28190.

  3. Maye says:

    I am officially cutting my bb supersurf line. Mabuti na lang at walang contract yung pesteng service na yon. No worries daw. :|

  4. iamdhorsamurao says:

    Will wait for that. Ü RT @abeolandres @iamdhorsamurao will update my entry as soon as i get them.

  5. Miguel says:

    Great news, let’s try and beat Indonesia in BB users!

  6. dongv says:

    wow, its finally here, hope it offer better rate than the 2 telco

  7. how bout unlimited plans, need cheap unlimited BB plans and unlimited internet!

    i want the BB 9800!

  8. Teknisyan says:

    atleast there will be more than 2 shops that offer BB. which is more choices for consumers. :)

  9. jdGONEMAD says:

    nice. sakto, im currently scouting for BB phones.

  10. markmarcelo0210 says:

    way to go Sun Cellular! Loyal Sun Cellular subscriber here since 2004.

  11. Kinny says:

    Yayyyy SUN cellular!!! I am glad i did not pounce on Globe’s offer. I’m sure sun will offer a cheaper deal. That is what they are known for.

  12. Jan Brane says:

    Here’s the fulle message from Sun Cellular.

    “Good morning Philippines! Great News: BlackBerry® Service is now available! Power your BlackBerry® Handheld with Sun Cellular!

    It is initially available at selected The Sun Shop branches including Robinsons Galleria, SM Megamall, EDSA Shangrila Mall, SM North EDSA, Trinoma, SM Marilao, Park Square, Robinsons East, and Festival Mall.

    For those with their own open-line BlackBerry® handsets, you can avail of the BlackBerry® Plans at all The Sun Shop branches!

    What are you waiting for? Avail now!For more info,pls call the Sun hotline at 200 from ur Sun mobile fne or (02)395-8000 frm any landline

    Please note that BlackBerry® Bold 9700 handsets are already available (at the aforementioned selected The Sun Shop branches) while BlackBerry® Curve 8520 will arrive soon. Thank you for your patience

    Thank you all for d continuous interest of Sun BB Plans! As of the moment, available plans are:BB Plan 2500, BB Add-on 700 and BB Add-on 999.

    BB Add-on Plans are available for Plan 350, 600, 1000, 2000 and 3500 & Elite Series Subscribers. Holding Period for all Add-on Plans=6 months.

    BlackBerry® Curve 8520 FREE at Plan 2500. BlackBerry® Bold 9700 for P15,000 at Plan 2500.

    Watch out for the COMPLETE details at to be posted VERY SOON! Enjoy your lunch! :)

    You may also call our Sun hotline numbers 200 from your Sun mobile phone or (02)395-8000 from any landline. Thanks! “

  13. rye says:

    parang pareho lang ata ang price. :( hopefully yung prepaid mas mura.

  14. iamdhorsamurao says:

    Thanks for this post. Ãœ RT @abeolandres Updated: Sun Cellular BlackBerry Postpaid & Add-On Plans with handset prices —

  15. Hubes says:

    Di ba 1,200 lang globe bb unlimited?

  16. boo says:

    oo nga, globe and smart offers BB services for 1200 a month (with globe offering a 1500 bb surf max). Yung sa Sun very vague pa eh.

    “As of the moment, available plans are:BB Plan 2500, BB Add-on 700 and BB Add-on 999.

    BB Add-on Plans are available for Plan 350, 600, 1000, 2000 and 3500 & Elite Series Subscribers. Holding Period for all Add-on Plans=6 months.”

    So does that mean, sa regular mong plan na 350, pwede ka mag BB Add-on 700? Anong provisions ng BB Add-ons?

  17. xtian1986 says:

    meron na sa website nila..

    700 = 10mb allowance
    999 = unlimited

  18. hubes says:

    can you point the link in the sun website? can’t seem to find it

  19. chuckberry says:

    It’s good that they’re offering Blackberry service. I’ve had a Sun Cellular line since 2004 and their services have improved greatly, compared to Globe’s. I used Globe’s BIS on postpaid, and in a month, they would be down 4-7 times. I am currently using Smart’s BIS on postpaid, and I don’t have problems at all, but it’s slated at 1200php/month (same as Globe). Nice to see that Sun is offering unlimited BIS at 999php/month. That’s still a substantial saving if you sum it all up. Will wait until people give a feedback though. Baka naman tulad ng Globe yan na ang downtime is 4-7 times a month.

  20. ipad case says:

    ooooou nice , hope the rate is not too bad

  21. Karen says:

    Finally! :) Thanks for sharing this. Btw, what’s the difference between unlimited BIS (999) and unlimited BIS + Internet? :)

  22. iwantbb says:

    baka katulad din ng globe or smart na pag di sa knila binili unit pag nagkaproblem di nila kaya?

  23. iwantbb says:

    BB 9700 prepaid at 26,200
    BB curve prepaid at 14,200

  24. bglim says:

    Does anyone have reviews on Sun Cellular’s BIS service? I’m thinking of availing of the Plan 999 add-on.

  25. Sandy says:


    Off-strategy, much?

    I dunno. It’s kinda weird when people find out you have a Blackberry then, Sun ka lang pala. Something’s definitely off.

    Just saying.

  26. jeimy says:

    Sana lang kayang suportahan ng infra ng Sun Cellular itong ganitong klaseng service. Balita ko under testing pa lang ang infra nila for Blackberry eh…

  27. BB User says:

    [quote] dunno. It’s kinda weird when people find out you have a Blackberry then, Sun ka lang pala. Something’s definitely off[/quote]

    let’s not be too brand conscious. what is important is you get to be online at a less cost.

    people you IM will ask for your BB PIN, and not your provider ID. :D

  28. Maye says:

    Went to sun shop market2 last night, sabi nila yung BIS 1350 unlimited + net (or equivalent to globe’s bb max) nila medyo malabo pa.

    I’m thnking of availing the plan 999 kaso they want me to bring pa my bb to microwarehouse para maayos nila yung settings.

  29. paolo says:

    Sun’s offering seems to be more affordable, though I got the best bang for the buck when i got my bold 9700 when globe offered their plan 1599 promo last summer where you just have to add P2,450 to get the BB.

  30. Red says:

    The BIS connection is inconsistent. At home, I get my BIS working just fine but in the office, I have to use WIFI just to get my BIS working, and it drains my battery. Have already sent two e-mails to Sun Cellular for them to address the data signal here in our office’s area, but nobody seems to bother e-mailing me back or calling me. Other than the signal problem, service works fine. I just need to check if their “unlimited BIS” is really unlimited when I get my first bill.

  31. Maye says:

    @ Red: Is your unit from Sun? I’d like to get updates with your 999 BIS plan. :)

  32. Red says:

    @Maye I didn’t get the add-on plan, I got another line. Service works okay in most areas, haven’t tried bringing this to the province though. There are certain areas which do not have data signal, and I too am suffering from that even in our office. What I did though is to hook into wifi and reroute my BIS so yup, good times.

  33. Red says:

    @Maye forgot to mention,I haven’t got my first bill for this line yet so I dunno what is the scope of their “unlimited” service. other Telco’s claim to have “unlimited” service until you read the fine print. (won’t mention names though)

  34. Red says:

    @Maye forgot to mention,I haven’t got my first bill for this line yet so I dunno what is the scope of their “unlimited” service. other Telcos claim to have “unlimited” service until you read the fine print. (won’t mention names though)

  35. Maye says:

    You got another line meaning the phone came from sun?

    I’d like to try sana their add on plan which is Php1350 a month. Its Php150 pesos cheaper with globe. Its the real unlimited one. Php999 naman yung “unlimited” daw.

    Pls do post updates once you receive your bill. Thanks.

  36. iamsuperb says:

    pano pag prepaid po then gusto mag avail ng BIS?
    di pede gumamit nung add on? please reply. asap need ko po talaga!thanks

  37. Red says:

    @iamsuperb the addon plans are for existing postpaid subscribers. Anyone feel free to correct me but I don’t think that Sun has a prepaid BIS service yet. You may try with the other telcos.

    @Maye yup will do.

  38. iamsuperb says:

    thx @red sana mag offer sila ng prepaid BIS i dont like postpaid kasi.

  39. dongv says:

    anyone else using sun bb service? pls post comment,
    any news on their prepaid service yet?

  40. Magzi says:

    People you should push that the BB services become efficient in the Philippines since we have the most up-to date telecommunications technology in SEA (someone told me that its all over Asia)- we have already have the 4G in use by the providers. I am currently based in Indonesia and their communication technology is a mixture of CDMA,GSM,GPRS and 3G is the newest technology. (they even have the party-line system in the landlines still in place – this was a horrific experience for my wife when she called me one time and a lady answered the phone using the same line … whew..) This is just an example of where their technology is. This might be the case but instead of constant upgrades in telecom technology the telcos here provided the public an option to use the internet as means to communicate by using internet chat applications – YM, GTalk, MSN Messenger, FB Chat and Internet browsing on the go (comes in really handy when you are lost in a mega-city such as Jakarta)Anyway I only spend about 10,000 IDR equivalent to 50 Php a month on prepaid credits and from this I have free access to the chat applications(which I use to message my wife in Bahrain, relatives in the US and friends back home), internet browsing on demand, FB browsing – using a SE P1i(w/c was bought through a Globe plan some years back) I never realize its potential as a smart phone back home because it was freakin’ expensive to maintain a plan. while the cheapest BB unlimited there 999 will cost me here 190,000 IDR equivalent to 1000 Php it is really a BAD DEAL I figured our telco’s have the better technology but have greedy pockets not to utilize the cheaper technology for the public to use. Blackberry(BB) is the “IT” phone here in Indonesia but they have generic phones made from China that utilizes the same BB & internet applications for cheap communication the cheapest I have seen is equivalent to 1000 Php. Guys let push GLOBE, SMART & SUN to use the right technology at a much forgiving price they have melted our pockets for a long time. GIVE US OUR MONEY’S WORTH!

  41. Red says:

    Since yesterday evening, BIS signal has been consistent, not sure if Sun has made upgrades on their infrastructure but I’m not longer getting GSM all day. It switches from EDGE to GPRS unlike before where I have to connect to wifi all day just to get BIS. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    And yes… the unlimited plan is REALLY unlimited. ;-)

  42. dongv says:

    what is the best way just to try out the BB service of SUN?
    sana they have prepaid so we can try & compare it with GLobe or SMart, I give up Smart which has super low signal in my area (Binondo),

  43. mike says:

    @Red how fast is the connection? I went to the sun shop and they told me that it will not be using the 3G network since separated daw yung broadband and cellular service nila. so if we’re to use the internet on our phones, 2G lang. Don’t know if this will affect the BIS. Hope you can shed light to this. Thanks!

  44. Red says:

    @Mike if you have used Globe and Smart BIS, you will notice that Sun’s BIS Connection in terms of downloads and loading webpages is slower. However, for me it’s acceptable since I don’t do much surfing on my phone, just lots of e-mail and BBM and some BB applications. I’m not sure though if the speed is locations based because I’ve also noticed that in certain areas like Makati or QC I get faster speed. I do believe though that the service will get even better. As I’ve mentioned, I used to hook up with the office wifi to get BIS since data signal is very weak in the office but not, it’s more stable.

  45. mike says:

    @red thanks! forgot to ask though if the unlimited 999 also covers unlimited surfing of just BIS?

  46. Red says:

    @Mike The unlimited service covers surfing as well.

  47. mike says:

    @red thanks!

  48. Jag says:

    Been using Sun BIS add-on 999 for a month now and i’m pretty much satisfied, the only question is unlimited service is up to where? can anyone confirm if i use apps like google maps, foresquare or other apps is it included in the unli bis plan or will i be charged per kb?

  49. Red says:

    @Jag Everything is unlimited – BBM, Applications which use data services, browsing. The only exception is when you are abroad and on roaming.

  50. dongv says:

    I think its unlimited if you set everything to tunnel via BIS & not TCP/IP.
    I want to try SUN but waiting if they will came up with prepaid BIS, but looks like they don’t have plan doing it,
    I still prefer Globe BIS if difference is just 200 pesos for Globe & Sun,

    just my 2-cents

    • bbm says:

      When you say Unlimitied Blackberry service, everything that goes through BB APN is free. If you browse using the browser, it will use the SUN APN. It will only be free when they say “Unlimited Blacberry Service” and “Unlimited Mobile Surfing”

  51. Red says:

    @dongv Yup I don’t think that Sun is coming upwith a prepaid BIS anytime soon.

  52. bryan says:

    Hi red, yup i am on the add on plan for Sun too, the problem is my bill ran to 5000+ last month, when i asked them sabi nung rep kasi nagamit daw yung GPRS which they cant turn off kasi if you turn it off i wont be able to use the BIS too. the question is do you have any idea what apps use gprs? i cant log in to twitter and foursquare because im scared of running my bill high again

  53. Maye says:

    Hi there!

    Have you guys heard of their pay per use BIS? I tried it just now, pero 1 day lang coz I’m scared of extra gprs fees. As of now I’m using lang ubersocial ‘coz I’ve read in crackberry that they charge extra is you use foursquare, etc.

    So I’m thinking its not really unlimited. :| I wanted to switch na kasi from Globe. Wala naman ako problem since I use bb max (1500 a month) since its REALLY unlimited.

    But then super magastos. Sa panahon ngayon na mahal ang gas, kailangan mag tipid.

  54. Red (Choi) says:

    @Bryan I had the same problem with another Telco 2 years ago, they told me that my unit was not properly configured and that it was using GPRS instead of BIS for data connection. Anyone can correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m guessing, any application which will require connection to the internet will use GPRS unless it is not configured for BIS. In my case before, it was Worldmate and the net surfing.

    Could you check your APN settings? Your APN should be: minternet

    Hope that helps. :-)

  55. Choi (Red) says:

    @Maye I am not sure if WAP is included as a freebie in their pay per use service, but in the case of postpaid subscription, it is, so we don’t really have problems like that of @Bryan. Maybe you could clarify with them if it covers both BIS and WAP. :-)

  56. bryan says:

    hi choi, yup i talked to them numerous times and the rep from Customer care and their center just told me that the APN should be so it uses the blackberry APN, i never had this problem with globe no APN needed no nothing, kaasar lang kasi parang di alam ng sun kung ano ang problema, now im monitoring my usage because i cant pay 5000++ of a phone bill per month

    • Allan Corpuz says:

      I agree Sir. had the same problems before. Turned off my Sun Network connection and used wifi only. Tapos when the bill came it, around 2k+. nagulat din ako. When i talked to the reps, sabi daw ng tech support, kahit turned off ang mobile network, magcoconnect pa rin sa GPRS. Tapos parang lost ung answers. Nakakadisappoint because they don’t know what they are talking about. Ang dami tuloy nasayang na pera and time. In the end, wala rin naman resolution.

  57. Choi (Red) says:

    @Bryan that’s weird. I’m using a different APN. That’s the setting they gave you and yet you have 5K worth of data charges? You should complain.

  58. bryan says:

    i did and the funny thing is they told me that yes some apps really use gprs, the last resort i had was to ask a list of apps that uses gprs and they said that they dont have it.. BOOO talaga sun cellular parang tanga

    • Allan Corpuz says:

      BOOOO talaga…. nakakainis kausap ung mga reps… and yung tech support nila, parang walang mga alam… nakakalungkot bec they have so many subscribers… lost talaga sila nung kausap ko… nakakabad trip..

  59. Choi (Red) says:

    @Bryan perhaps they are not aware yet of how stupid that sounds. I suggest you file a formal complaint. Make sure to mention that it was they who gave you those settings, hence you should not be billed of apps using GPRS when you should be using BIS. And the funny this is, why is your phone using GPRS when your APN is set to Isn’t that weird. Do you have an unlimited add on plan?

  60. bryan says:

    yeah i do have an add on for Php 999 on top of my monthly pan fee, they didnt give me the settings on the onset, siguro that was my mistake not letting them set it up, i assumed its the same as globe’s unlimited plan, because i was never charged for globe no matter what apps i bill if it happens again i will definitely file a formal complaint

  61. Choi (Red) says:

    @Bryan I’ve noticed that the 999 plan does not cover unlimited internet. if you do a lot of surfing, then, that probably is the culprit.

  62. bryan says:

    @red yeah i notice that too, because before switching over, i have globe di ba? and i was using opera mini for that and no charges showed up on my bill, but as sun didnt provide me any settings i was wary, so i just left my twitter,foursquare and facebook open. i was in bohol at that time and voila 5000++ phone bill, kaya di muna ako nagbubukas ngayon to see what apps really are using it. thanks for the advice though

  63. Choi (Red) says:

    @Bryan No problem. Lemme know how it goes. Good luck! :-D

  64. bryan says:

    red, guess what im charged again for GPRS!hahahaha 3500 is my running bill,and i saw some of the apps i was being charged for(ones that require connection to the WAP browser) its CrunchSMS, Foursquare and XIMAD made apps, i went to their office today to settle it becuase really turning off the gprs will turn off the BIS i ask for an alternative, now im signing up with the unlimited internet plus BIS for 1300, Sun murdered me.ahhahahaha 8000++ in 2 months

  65. Choi (Red) says:

    @Bryan that’s really bad news….I hope the unlimited service does you good. crossing fingers

  66. eu says:

    Hi, question. When you changed your APN to did SUN still charge you? Alin ba talaga dapat? o minternet? :D Thanks! :D

  67. bryan says:

    @eu yup i was, the unlimited BIS from sun is strictly for apps that are using the BIS for Blackberry,unfortunately twitter and foursquare are not included kaya i opted for unlimited internet and BIS kaya ayun

    • eu says:

      bakit ganun? when I called last night sa Sun, the operator told me na pwede daw gamitin lahat ng Apps, i just need to make sure daw na yung APN ko :| ang labo naman nila :|

  68. bryan says:

    oo sobra pero that’s based from 2 months bill lang,2 months na yun putol din linya ko kasi its going over my credit limit so i opted to have the unlimited internet and BIS and take note im still waiting for their approval for 3 weeks!kaya wifi lang muna ako haay sun cellular

  69. Choi (Red) says:

    @EU I am using minternet as my APN since day 1 of my BIS which is why I am wondering why @Bryan was asked to use a different APN

  70. bryan says:

    i know its just crazy, well i hope this unlimited internet and bis would work, i would ask them too if there is any cap for the internet usage. because when you say unlimited sometimes its not really unlimited(lesson learned)

  71. bryan says:

    hi guys!sorry cant update you anymore but ive switched phones so im cancelling the unlimited bis and internet all together. happy BB’sing!

  72. Choi (Red) says:

    @Bryan so sad to hear that. I have been enjoying unlimited service with them so I still think that whoever configured your phone has messed up with the settings.

    Good luck!

  73. glencharles says:

    picking up from this comments thread, sir bryan says twitter is not included? wthell sun!

  74. cindy says:

    hi, query lang po… i registered sa sun BIS 7 days… bad thing is BBM at fb lang ang apps na gumamgana.. i cant login sa ym and google tlak

  75. I used to be recommended this blog by means of my cousin. I am no longer sure whether this put up is written by means of him as nobody else understand such certain about my difficulty. You’re incredible! Thanks!

  76. tigran says:

    True ang labo nila, nag email ako regarding this:

    “How do I know if I am using the BlackBerry service and not the mobile internet service while browsing?
    As a default, BB browser activities utilize the BB service. If you download a third party browser (e.g. Bolt) on your BB handset and browse using it, that’s the time that you are using the mobile internet service of Sun.”

    Pero wala ako nakuhang matinong sagot. Napaka generic sabi lang di ako naka unlimited mobile internet.

    Ask ko na lang po kayo for help. Yun po bang BB browser na tinutukoy nila ay yung globe ang icon? If so, yung browser na yun is using BIS instead of WAP/GPRS? So pwede po mag browse sa internet using that browser? Or sun cellular BIS is purely for social networks, chat, email lang? And using BB browser charges to mobile internet na? thanks :)

  77. fate.phil says:

    SO GUYS, IS THE BBM SERVICE OF SUN OK? coz im hearing a lot of complaints about globe eh, im planning on getting a BB but im stuck as to which provider. and please, define “OK”. Thanks a bunch!

  78. ian says:

    blackberry curve 8520 phone settings handset please

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