Apple iWorks now free for Windows users online

Apple iWorks now free for Windows users online

Apple wants to lure in potential users into their Mac world as they opened up their iWorks suite of office productivity software to Windows users for free.



The said move is a response to leading rival Microsoft’s Office suite foraying online through the highly successful Office 365 (which comes with a premium fee) and into multiple mobile platforms, and can be downloaded and used at no cost. This, as well, is an attempt to attract more iCloud users to jump ship from using their Windows PCs and laptops, and switch to the Mac OS platform.

Anyone with an Apple ID can log into the iCloud website and start creating or editing any document, presentation, or spreadsheet with its Pages, Keynote, or Numbers apps online. Once done, you have the option to save the files over the iCloud storage, and subsequently can be accessed with any iPad or iPhone.

Take note that these online apps are still in pre-released beta versions, and there’s a possibility that you may encounter bugs and glitches along the way.


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