Facebook has just voted its first Philippine President

Facebook has just voted its first Philippine President

Around this time, the partial unofficial results of the tabulation of votes coming in from the COMELEC Transparency Server shows Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is going to be the new President of the Republic of the Philippines.

Duterte is getting around 37% of the total running votes, 4% higher than his most recent ratings (33%) in the last survey.

As of 9:00PM, May 9, 2016:

Mayor Duterte’s name came from nowhere and he was a last-minute entry into the presidential race. Way before his candidacy, VP Binay was leading the early polls with Sen. Grace Poe taking over the spot in the first couple of months leading into the campaign period.

Duterte had single-digit ratings (~5%) but slowly crept to the top with 33% rating until the last surveys. From being a local mayor to becoming a President, Duterte takes the record for the biggest jump in elected position in recent history, trumping Binay’s record from being Makati Mayor to Vice President in the 2010 elections (not counting Cory’s ascension to the presidential seat).

What is most interesting in the 2016 Presidential Elections is the role of social media in shaping the minds and ballots of the electorate.

Duterte’s position was against the incumbent party (LP) with a huge machinery, billions of pesos in campaign funds, endorsement of the Pres. Aquino and many big names in civil society. This is evidenced by the 9.7 million votes running-mate Leni Robredo has gotten as of this time.


From the get-go, LP’s Mar Roxas had the most enviable position in the race but unlike Binay or Grace, he never topped any credible surveys during the entire campaign period.

Photo: CNN Philippines

Looking at the campaign spendings along, Roxas, Binay and Poe each spent a billion pesos between Janaury 2015 to Janaury 2016. The numbers would have further balooned by May 7, 2016 which is the last day of election campaigns.

The mayor’s only promise is “radical change” and his primary tool is Facebook. Based on Facebook data reported by ABS-CBN’s Social Media Center, Duterte got the biggest noise in Facebook with over 80 million interactions since November of 2015 coming from over 10 million unique FB users.

Duterte has more than 2.9 million fans on his Facebook Page with Grace Poe edging him at close to 3.1 million and Sen. Mirriam Santiago a far 3.6 million. Binay has 2.7 million while Roxas is behind at only 1.44 million.

All fan pages are very active and highly engaged. Where Duterte took the lead is with the thousands of volunteers spreading news (legit or otherwise) and creating engaging content about him and Davao city. With over 45 million Filipino Facebook users, the social media platform has become the biggest political stage and Duterte was killing it.

Like it or not, Duterte is going to be the next President and Facebook made a huge contribution.

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13 Responses

  1. Du300000000 says:

    Facebook talaga dapat pasalamatan na kasama natin sa pagbabago!

  2. willard says:

    Hahaha! In your face minions!

  3. Archie says:

    “the incumbent party (LP) with a huge machinery, billions of pesos in campaign funds” kaya pala hindi naayos ang tacloban kahit madaming international funds. Request ko lang kay Digong pag nanalo, pakiunang kasuhan si roxas, noynoy, purisima, soliman, abaya, abad at yung mga kamaganak inc. nila na involve sa mrt bidding scam. Paexpedite na din yung kaso ni junjun spoiled brat binay at yung mga tumitingin sa kaso ng mga marcos na nalalagyan. Huling pabor, palawakin ang family planning awareness at pa-approve na din ang medical marijuana na malaking tulong sa anak kong may epilepsy na hindi matuloy ng DOH dahil palaging nakikialam ang simbahan sa gobyerno.

  4. Anon says:

    Typo: Bonay.

  5. deng says:

    Panalo na si Mayor Duterte

  6. Carlo Ople says:

    Facebook? Where people are proud to say they work for “Freelance Model” and “Krusty Krab”? No wonder this guy won. Sucks that somebody as qualified as MDS was never given a chance…

    • Archie says:

      Madaming gusto bumoto kay miriam pero may stage 4 lung cancer siya at alam ng lahat kung ano mangyayari sa kanya in a few months. Gusto mo bang maging instant president si leni robredo kung manalo silang dalawa ni miriam?

    • Carlo Ople says:

      How do we know that for sure?

      As for that scenario, I wouldn’t mind that. I voted for Leni-Miriam. I’d rather have Leni take over than Duterte. We’ll continue to experience unprecedented economic growths. Something legit international news sources can confirm (Looking at you, Mocha Uson Blog. Lols).

      But anyways, si Digong na presidente, so wala na ko magagawa dun. But I hope he reconsiders his stance on some issues, like Human Rights and that Revolutionary Gov’t crap (this is scary, considering his ties with Joma Sison).

    • W says:

      What’s wrong with Joma Sison? Eh isa siya sa mga lumaban against Martial Law.

  7. OTOT says:

    Kung si Duterte na ang magiging Presidente, di pa rin natin masusukat pwede nya gawin..pero isa lang ang sigurado, kung wala naman tayo ginagawang krimen wala dapat ikatakot sa sinasabi ntin na KAMAY na BAKAL regardless kung si Duterte yan o hindi.

  8. JessPH says:

    Not really. Less than half of Filipinos have Internet access let alone use social media like Facebook. Duterte’s big victory is due to the overwhelming support for him by the people of Mindanao. To have the first president from Mindanao is a monumental thing for them.

  9. kulaspero says:

    Sana lang talaga di sya magpaimpluwensya sa religious group na nagki-claim na marami daw sila at sinasabi na kapag dinala nila ang 1 kandidato sure win na, eh bistado naman on the previous election years back sa partylisy nila kung gano sila kakonti. Di nga nanalo yung partylist nila eh:-(

    #makiuso lang
    #hunyango style

    • I know what religious group you’re referring to, but let me enlighten you since you’re too lazy and dumb to do some research before opening your mouth. Party lists only need 100k votes para pasok na sila, so the members of that religious group vote for several party lists.

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