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In search of a new BitTorrent Client

Been using BitTornado as a client for some time now and for a while, I also tried the built-in torrent downloader of the Opera browser. BitTornado looks okay but I was wondering if there are any other clients worth looking into out there.

I was checking Wikipedia and the list of clients there also indicated the usage share:

Xunlei: 29.3%
µTorrent: 25.8%
Vuze: 24.0%
BitComet: 4.3%
Transmission: 3.3%
BitSpirit: 2.0%

Haven’t heard of Xunlei before but it turns out it’s the most commonly used bittorent client in China, thus the huge popularity in terms of usage share. Outside of China, µTorrent and Vuze seems to be the more popular ones.

What do you guys use and which ones the most efficient client?

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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69 Responses

  1. neis says:

    µTorrent – simplistic interface – minimalist – does the job :)

  2. chetlog says:

    same here…one trick pony

  3. nico says:

    µTorrent is small at around 200+ kb, and tests show that it’s faster than Vuze. Yung Xunlei ata walang English version eh.

  4. Jon says:

    @Sir Abe,

    I currently use Xunlei, aka “Thunder”. It is a Chinese download manager with Bittorrent support. I use it mainly because my ISP does not work well with uTorrent, I can’t max out my bandwidth, or any other client.

    I was forced to use Xunlei now, but from my previous ISP, I swear by uTorrrent. It is simple, powerful and lightweight, it does not even hog system resources, even with multiple downloads and uploads at the same time. Bandwidth management is also very easy. Others I have tried were BitComet and the official Bittorrent client. The former was too slow and such a resource hog, and the latter I found too bland and does not have the features I need.

  5. Jhay says:

    I’ve been using uTorrent for 3 years now and continue to love it.

  6. fr0stbyte says:

    uTorrent.. Small foot-print. Tiny file-size. Continuously updated. What’s not to love?

  7. cutemoboy says:

    uTorrent FTW!

  8. blacklighter11 says:

    I use vuze on my mac! Waaaaay better and faster! For years, I was using tomato which is an ok torrent downloader.

  9. camr_tina says:

    i am using µTorrent and its direct and simple

  10. YuYu says:

    used to like Vuze previously Azureus but it eats a lot of system resources. opted to try uTorrent and have been using it for more than a year now w/o complaints. :D

  11. Carlo says:

    same same same. uTorrent is the bomb!

  12. Sonn says:

    Vuze for me. Works great on my Mac

  13. Pipo says:

    µTorrent. no frillS.

  14. µTorrent, no hassle for me!

  15. kevinn says:

    Only two clients that you should know, uTorrent and Transmission – if you’re on a Mac/Linux.

  16. Knight says:

    +1 for µTorrent. simple, small and very efficient. =)

  17. ronn says:

    utorrent is the best, although i’m using bittorrent for my private tracker’s requirement.

    any iptorrents member here?

  18. afrokulot says:

    ive been using utorrent for how many years..im satisfied of its feature and i never experience any problem so far..i recommend it..
    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  19. sam says:

    utorrent works fine.

  20. Calvin says:

    utorrent. been using it ever since i started downloading torrents. light and fast.

  21. mobius says:

    µTorrent. fast and lightweight

  22. rene says:

    yup its utorrent very torrid indeed

  23. aryehgizbar says:

    been using uTorrent for 5 years I believe. it’s lightweight and it has a standalone version so you need not install it.

  24. Spidey says:

    uTorent it is…

  25. xtian1986 says:


  26. Alvin says:

    uTorrent for the win! :-D

  27. John says:

    uTorrent for me too… :)

  28. incredibleDNA says:

    when i first started using those programs, i actually used bittorrent, but it’s not that GUI friendly.. So i then switched to µTorrent.

  29. jojo30 says:

    utorrent for me as well.. I tried vuze but didn’t like it.

  30. Vidar says:

    Xunlei user here. It has english version called Thunder. I used to prefer uTorrent but when version 2 came out, download speed is sometimes unstable. Probably because of the new protocol and bandwidth management. With Thunder, I always reach my maximum download speed ASAP.

  31. tsokslam says:

    another utorrent user for the count

  32. I’m running on Linux Mint, and so far the client I like best is Deluge. It’s a really sweet “set and forget” kind of client. :)

  33. IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    that makes two of us.

    Running Linux Mint 8 XFCE and prior to that(Linux Mint8 Helena with Gnome) was using KTorrent due to it’s scheduling functions (despite requiring KDE libraries) and now using Deluge

  34. netbooksearcher says:

    uTorrent – the best there is out there!

  35. mcast says:

    Definitely uTorrent. Very very light on resources. And it just… works.

  36. Erin says:

    rtorrent because i use it in a headless server and connect to it via rtgui.

  37. Azureus / Vuze, runs on anything though kind a resource hog sometimes

  38. kidd says:

    ubuntu has its own default torrent downloader… mas mabilis ang speed ng download so whenever i download a file/movie (whatever)… i use the one in ubuntu then saka ko na lang itransfer

  39. lolipown says:

    simple, lightweight, feature-packed.

  40. stressdan says:

    utorrent user here. stable. fast. lightweight. ü

  41. someone says:

    I started using uTorrent since 2005. Never had any problems with it.

    On Ubuntu, I’m using deluge.

  42. lolipown says:

    utorrent for the reasons most commenters have already mentioned. BTW shouldn’t this be your new poll instead?

  43. wiieee says:

    utorrent =D

  44. deric says:

    flashget try it and you’ll see.

  45. Leo says:

    uTorrent user eversince

  46. dulfo says:

    µTorrent for me. Simple UI, allows me to limit download/upload speeds especially when you are sharing internet connection with others, and it does the job. =)

  47. Kevin says:

    uTorrent. and BitBlinder for privacy. The Government won’t find me. hehe.

  48. noelperlas says:

    used Vuze on a mac, but it is a hog in resources. Switched to Miro, love the subscription to rss, auto download. Seems faster too.

  49. Jazon says:

    uTorrent for Windows, Deluge or Transmission for Linux.

  50. Oni says:


  51. bongski says:

    uTorrent for two years now. so far, no complaints.

  52. onethirteen says:

    No one’s using BitLord?

  53. franz says:

    I prefer utorrent. Former user of bit comet.

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  54. vince says:

    i use utorrent

    backup – xunlei thunder hacked to english version if utorrent cant handle your ISP

  55. josh says:

    vuze.. update tracker in just one click ^_^

  56. itgbkj says:

    Tranmission here. :)

  57. uTorrent all the way!

  58. Epstein says:


  59. erik james says:

    bitspirit works perfectly on vista laptops!

  60. napster says:

    µTorrent.. simply the best!

  61. Kris Tererro says:

    utorrent lang talaga ang the best apps for torrent.

  62. kissmarx says:

    i’ve been hooked with torrents for about 6 years now. and i’ve tried several clients back then until i found µTorrent so charming. but now i found my new love in xunlei to which most newbies would contradict. yes it is in chinese yet any brilliant mind can understand it by instinct. but for those who cannot by instict, there is however an english version of xunlei. just google it.

    µTorrent will always be µTorrent and yes i used to love µTorrent since its first version until its most recent stable version 2.2 even its beta version 3.0. but now as i earlier confessed, i found my new love in xunlei. coz nothing beats the speed and the thrill that xunlei makes me ride on.

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  64. mgpfuwpd says:

    celine ??? ??

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