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35 Responses

  1. JP says:

    Multiply has been rat-infested with Google ads lately.

  2. bluejackal says:

    @abeolandres Maybe Tumblr eclipsed Multiply locally.

  3. tcmanila says:

    @abeolandres oh no they shouldn’t.

  4. novellware says:

    @abeolandres what could be the cause?

  5. AlRitch says:

    If Multiply has allowed their members to put ads on their sites, it would gain more traffic. Hehehe… (just a thought)

  6. AlRitch says:

    I think if Multiply has allowed their members to put their own Google Ads, it would create more traffic. Hehehhee…

  7. Teknisyan says:


    I think that can be true, since if the account holder will earn from those ads, then they will have no problem in promoting their own multiply site.

    The people who have hi traffic on multiply are those who use it as their business page, a good example of this is kim’s store.

  8. AlRitch says:

    @Teknisyan: Couldn’t agree more.

    (I thought my comments are not posted here. Got an error message earlier saying something about spam. But when I got the notification, I saw my comments posted twice. Hehe)

  9. CHL says:

    I wonder if you know the status of Friendster?

  10. Jhay says:

    I can’t remember when was the lat time I logged into my Multiply.com account. It could be a year or more.

    The most likely culprit would be Facebook. Ces Drilon has been mentioning the Facebook page/account for “Ako ang Simula” way before the May elections.

    It cannot be helped, Multiply.com too has become yesterday’s news for Filipinos.

  11. deuts says:

    Comparing Tumblr and Multiply in Google trends, it’s more likely Tumblr will overtake Multiply maybe by the end of the year or early next year.

    More and more Filipinos are using Tumblr, especially teens. The fact that you can have your own domain name and feature your own ads on it, it’s definitely more attractive than Multiply.

  12. Herce says:

    Twit, Facebook and all the new breed of social sites are what caused Multiply’s popularity to decline locally. This year their popularity has surged and people here who used to give a multiply address now give a facebook one. Just look at your commentators.

  13. If my memory is correct, ABS-CBN bought into Multiply around the time Multiply was slowly declining (around the time Facebook is slowly booming).
    I don’t think buying shares/ stakes on Social Networking sites is a good move; kasi ang traffic nila minsan based on popularity/fad.
    Facebook? I think magdedecline din yun after 2 years or so. (I may be wrong, just my opinion :D)
    Sana ABS-CBN bought in on some other well-grounded sites, like big G (Google), diba? :D

  14. karissa says:

    facebook and tumblr are the ones to blame

  15. Teknisyan says:

    once the market has been saturated like friendster, Myspace and Multiply, Facebook will also suffer the same fate as these other SNS… unless they can create a way for people to keep on accessing their FB account.

    Like creating a way to earn money, a communication platform (email or instant message perhaps) or content like news, articles blogs and not just status messages.

    Other wise another site will just come in and FB will suffer the same fate like these so called Social Networks. :)


  16. veg says:

    Im a big fan of multiply, and I find it an advantage for ABS CBN buying shares om multiply.
    Multiply has one of the best photo album site, very useful for pictures of ABS CBN shows.
    Eventhough they got low ad sales from the Philippines, their non ad sales were high enough.

  17. nexus3g says:

    bad investment. low traffic = low ad sales.

  18. JayL says:

    I only use Multiply to upload my high-res photo from blog events, because I delete all those unimportant pics from my HD.

  19. dan treacy says:

    should be a good move hehe.

    And to the guy who said in 2 years time…we can never tell if facebook will go south, with 400m plus users and growing like 65k/day registrations correct me if im wrong on my data its like going to pluto for eternity lol. Before we thought myspace would be forever, until facebook came in and topples them down along with tagged, bebo and the likes. Gmail came in years ago and we thought hotmail would be good for keeps. Seems nothing is permanent in the blogosphere

    With the ads, i believe facebook ads is more targeted and its cheaper. I think it takes time to get use to it, i never liked multiply hehe. happy weekend everyone

  20. Harold says:

    Multiply is getting less popular. Maybe, two years, ago it became a leader in social networking with friendster as the competitor. However, when facebook made a come back last year, multiply has to suffer the decline in visitors as majority of of the people use facebook to connect to their families and friends especially for filipinos whose families are in abroad.

    But as for me, I would prefer facebook over multiply even if it has a lot of privacy issues.

  21. I remember when the deal was announced, ABS was pulling user clips off YouTube. They had bigger exposure there and most industry people at the time saw that Multiply wasn’t the right partner. Dumb move ABS.

  22. mr. bogus says:

    ganyan naman ang technology, palit lang ng palit(fad)..
    may mas maganda kaysa sa isa dun naman….
    kahit tambakan mo ng sandamukal na advertisment ang multiply eh kung wala naman mag log in na user its useless……
    dahil ang tao tinitingnan ang features hindi ang advetisment…
    a reality we must admit… baka ang myspace naman ang susunod dyan….
    naging sucessful ang facebook because of chat and GAMES(especially farmville and pet society), at kung meron bago sa lalabas na social networking site na mas marami pa feature sa facebook…
    pustahan mawawala din ang facebook(weather weather lang yan!!!)….

  23. Toshiya says:

    Bakit kaya maraming tao ang nagiisip na mawawala ang facebook. matalino ang mga tao behind them compared sa multiply at kung ano ano pa. Tska hndi sa packaging bumabawi ang facebook. sa internals ng site nila. Scalable ang framework ng facebook compared sa friendster at ibang SNS sites tsaka madali sila maka adapt. Magagaling programmers nila

    Di ko alam kung bakit nag invest ang abs-cbn sa site na yan… maxadong pangit ^^ bitter talga ako

  24. Toshiya says:

    The problem with multiply is that their framework is weak. That’s why they can’t adapt to rapid changes in technology. That’s what happening right now to friendster. Poorly coded site…

  25. Gwapito says:

    Another business failure for the ABS-CBN company.

  26. mark says:

    I knew it from the start… ABS-CBN is falling down… they’re not as liquid as they were before…

  27. Harold says:

    No, ABS-CBN is just looking for yet another business opportunity where they can squeeze juice from. That could be the reason why they’re breaking up with multiply…


  28. Alwin says:

    Facebook became popular because it’s easy to link up with the other members and Multiply realizes that by changing their business model. Just recently, they supported online sellers which was prohibited before. Still, I prefer Multiply over Facebook. The good thing about the people behind Facebook is that they’re quick to move to adapt to the needs of their members.

  29. @dean tracy – i think you’re referring to me. :) Well of course no one can really tell when FB will go down exactly (or receive less traffic :)); that is just my opinion(and of course, as what I have said, I may be wrong :)). Yeah I think 2 years is too soon. :)
    But I will have to agree on what you’ve said that nothing on the blogosphere is permanent. :D
    2 years of course may be too soon judging from your data, but we all know that “it” will come eventually – Facebook may soon face the “inevitable” (unless FB of course keeps on improving its platform :D)

  30. Winziph says:

    i agree with sir carlo, for facebook to maintain its number one spot they should seek for additional research and development that would going to increase their social appeal in the blogosphere.

  31. PauloDP says:

    It’s not just about the size of the site. Multiply has captured a good niche, SMEs. They just have to focus on that and continue enhancing their features for them and the buyers.

    This can prove to be longer term than just by being a social network. They just have to concentrate their efforts in making sure that the sellers get constant traffic to their shops, and buyers find what they’re looking for.

    If they sustain this, it’ll be a great eco-system.

  32. I seldom visit and log in to multiply account because I have my own hosted sites and blogs anyway. I’m just experimenting if it will benefit me one way or the other but it seems that if I promote my page on multiply.com, I’ll be just promoting multiply.com itself and if ever multiply will vanish from cyberspace along with it is my hardwork and my website. Just thinking……why there are still many sellers build online stores on multiply.com rather than host their own site and register their own domain name?

  33. Harold says:

    @TheFilipinoEntrepreneur.com I totally agree with you. I am not too sure as to when multiply.com will vanish but if that happens, there would a lot of bloggers, sellers, etc who will suffer. It would always be better to host your own site. Nowadays, there are cheaper yet reliable webhosts.


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