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Philippines on Asia’s Top 10 Internet Countries

In the latest report by InternetworldStats, the Philippines took the #10 spot with the most number of internet users at 14 Million, just 900k lower than Malaysia at #9.

That number represents 15.1% of the total population of the Philippines {via}. That’s still a low internet usage density though.

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China tops the list at 253 Million followed by Japan at 94 Million and India at 60 Million.


As for internet penetration, the Philippines is still way down the line, esp. in South East Asia:

Japan: 73.8%
South Korea: 70.7%
Hong Kong: 69.5%
Taiwan: 67.2%
Malaysia: 59%
Singapore: 58.6%
Macau: 51.6%
Brunei: 46.2%
Vietnam: 23.4%
Thailand: 20.5
Philippines: 15.1%

What’s surprising again is that Vietnam (86M), which has almost the same population as the Philippines (92M), has higher number of users and internet penetration.

No wonder why Vietnam took the top spot in SEA during the Firefox 3 Download Day.

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20 Responses

  1. Patrick says:

    I just can’t believe we ranked lower than some of the countries there. The top 4 I understand. I’m just not too sure about the rest.

    Having English as our second language, I expected more Filipinos would be using the internet. I had always thought there were more English-language pages on the net. hm..

  2. YourAgent says:

    vietnam is kicking our ass… first dun sa rice then now sa internet.. tsk tsk


  3. elmer says:

    im not surpise.. pinoy still prefer to txting than the internet… because it’s cheap (daw) but overall IMO, it is much more expensive (and limited use) than having a dsl connection (oh.. but getting a dsl connection is a pain in the a$$)

  4. i’m also somewhat surprised. makes me realize all the more that maybe we’re falling behind.

  5. Lyle, RN says:

    I wonder how they were able to measure it. Are their methods scientific and verifiable?

    I have some reservations on some of the stats.

  6. BrianB says:

    Internet connection in Vietnam is not that good.

  7. Calvin says:

    we’ll eventually catch up. hopefully DSL will become more cheaper.

  8. IMO, it has nothing to do with Internet prices and/or Internet speed, because in VietNam, the net is soo slow and more expensive compared to the Philippines. That is according to friends and colleagues who works in VN.

    I’m not a Sociologist, but I can say that it has to do with Computer Penetration, and we are lagging behind VietNam.

    Take gaming alone, VN have 5x more gamers than the Philippines. Also, there are more youths there than the youths we have today.

    New generation tend to accept the Internet age than the older generations. More youth, more gamers, more Internet users.

  9. jhay says:

    And to think we pride in our English-speaking skills. ;)

  10. BigBird says:

    We are manipulated by corporate media. The same guys that are holding us back! If only these guys harness the power of networks and add intelligence to lever self-organizing, contextual networks to personalize information delivery and enhance consumer experience I think we could fall to the top 5. And also the penetration rate is ridiculous.

  11. Kuya Kevin says:

    I am a little surprised that some of the other countries are ahead of the Philippines. I guess this is because I live in Manila’s “University Belt,” and I see the packet internet cafes.

  12. Kuya Kevin says:

    That’s packed internet cafes (not packet).

  13. Lester B. says:

    It was quite surprising to know that Philippines ranked 10 among others… well, maybe because some of our kababayans are not yet abrupt subscriber of DSL’s that is, would entice them to explore the net everyday.. and one thing., most of the Filipinos prefer to text rather than surfing the net.. (-_-)

  14. jaffy says:

    does that statistics include the millions of users who access the internet through internet cafes?

  15. Mihana says:

    I have to agree that we ranked 10 probably because most Filipinos still prefer texting than the internet. It’s quite a surprise though that we ranked 10 despite of the internet cafes all over the country.

  16. marky says:

    maraming gustong magkakaroon ng internet connection sa countryside only these telco’s only preferred metro manila and other “highly urbanized area” kuno, what we have there is snail speed gprs and when they advertised their product they are very proud to have the”nationwidest” coverage. wtf!

  17. Maricor says:

    Well, at least we were included in the top ten internet user country.i guess,its not important if we are ranked # 1,it gives more pride if we use internet for more important factors such as online earning opportunities,enhance mutual relationships with friends and relatives across the country!

  18. Nanflexal says:

    we have better telecommunication infrastracture but the lack of government support will make the philippines number 100 in few years.

  19. kleomarlo says:

    Do we have any updates on the stats? This was posted last 2008 :-)

  20. Don says:

    Hi what is the update of this?


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