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That 100Mbps Internet Speed in Japan?

So one of the most anticipated stuff I had to check out when I arrived here in Japan is their broadband internet speeds. I’ve seen it in South Korea so I have na idea how it would be here.

After having problems with the (absence of a) LAN port in my Macbook Air, I fired up the browser and checked my internet speed. Here’s what I got.

Download speed on torrents isn’t fast though. Will try out other connections but I saw a MiFi being offered in stores that promises up to 42Mbps 3G speeds.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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38 Responses

  1. Eason says:

    I wonder when will the Telcos here provide those kind of speeds. Up to now we are still bugged with the lying “Up to mbps” promise.


  2. jdGONEMAD says:

    nice.. quick access to jap av idols .. hehehehe.

  3. jdGONEMAD says:

    nice .. quick access to maria ozawa.. lol

  4. Francis says:

    yuga, be careful… from what I know, accessing torrents in japan is prohibited… some of the ISPs in Japan has already filtering to reject connections to torrents…

  5. JERIC says:

    If no torrent im okay with rapid or hotfiles.. but its still damn fast! I’m even braggin about reaching 2-3mbps during offpeak! Now we are just dust with those speeds from Japan.

  6. Nokia fan boy....... former says:

    di ba nahihiya mga may ari or executives ng mga telco sa pinas? i’m sure may mga bahay sila na may internet connection abroad. or they are contented with the billions in revenues for a dismal service they give to their customers

  7. @Nokia fan boy……. former

    Aanhin nila ang hiya kung madami naman silang pera….

    Ganun sila kasugapa….

  8. jo says:

    parang comcast sa cali 50mbps

  9. Japinoy says:

    Kakainggit ang speed na yan, panaginip lang sa Pinas. Pag natuloy giyera ng north & south korea malamang maging 1mbps na lang speed ng dsl sa south korea. Sana tamaan ng missile ang factory ng LG hahaha.

  10. andre says:

    hmm…were you using 802.11g wi-fi, Yuga? it’s limited to 54 Mbps…I think the real test for that speed is to connect it to 100 Mbps or 1 Gbps LAN.

  11. seo articles says:

    mataas na demand locally pero baket parang hindi madrive ng demand ung technology and infra? Hmm… O sobra lang ang demand at sobra kita ng mga telcos kaya ok lng sa kanila, kumbaga eh pwde na yan sa mga pinoy.. hayy…

  12. sonofa says:

    kawawa naman tayo mga nasa pinas…

    how much are they paying for their internet connection? baka masmahal ng konti…

  13. daniel says:

    totoo pala ung sabi ng pinsan ko internet daw nila 60mbps hahahahha walang loading o buffering ang youtube!

  14. mr. bogus says:




  15. PLDT DSL ganid says:

    Ganid talaga po, bruin nyo yung ka-kilala ko, narisa ang modem nya (PLDT DSL), pinalitan nga pero may bayad P1,200 daw cost ng replacement. Hahaha ganid talaga dapat kung subscriber ka nila,ay walang bayad yun. GLobelines DSL doest not obliged you to pay even a single cent. Tapos yung PLDT DSL Up to 1Mbps daw hanggang up to na lang umasa kapa hahaha mabilis pa ang pagong, swerte mo na kung umabot ka ng 384kbps kasi ganid pati bandwith at speed ninanakawan /short changed ang mga kaawa-awang Pinoy subscribers. False advertising na naman ng mga ganid na telcos na ito.

  16. Manix says:

    while SG has already rolled out their 100Mbps download/50Mbps upload for only S$130/mo, with a free macbook pro.

  17. DJ Alyaris says:

    There is a Fios service by Globelines, with speeds 50Mbps to 100Mbps. But their only offered in rich villages in Makati, since they are pretty expensive.

  18. taksan says:

    torrent in japan slow.. my speed here is 50mbps which isnt bad at all.

    Actually anything you try to download at download sites in japan is kinda slow around 200 to 400 kbps minsan less than 100kbps yun na yun pinakamabagal… pero i tried downloading trial version of photoshop it maxed to 1.2 mbs!

  19. Faust says:

    we wish the Philippines will emulate this kind of fast affordable internet service, cross fingers…

  20. taksan says:

    yeah the speed/price is expensive too in philippines.. The 100mbps service im getting here in japan is around 2,500 pesos.. Sana talga gumanda na un dsl service sa pinas

  21. I hope it will also be implemented here in the Philippines. The internet connection here sucks!

  22. Lance says:

    Usually when ISPs advertise their speed, it’s the combined downstream and upstream values. So in your case, that’s close to 100MB.

  23. tony says:

    Reason why Japan get those speeds? Because they have dedicated ISPs. ISPs here in the Philippines offer landline, cellphone if not, cable services while offering internet services. Gusto kasi nila sa business nila, 2-in-1 para 2-in-1 din ang profit. There are also telcos here offering basic internet services but they’re not as reputable as the others. Problema lang sa Japan, pag di ka nakabayad for 1 month, putol agad, may penalty pa. I’ve been working in Japan for 4 years now, they also use “upto” speeds here sa ads, pero most of the time naman talaga narereach yung speeds. You’re lucky dahil Asahi Net yung ISP mo/ng hotel mo mr. yuga. No throttling sa kahit anong site, you also get the option to get static IPs depende sa plan. Torrent is allowed here, you just have to use port forwarding para bumilis.

    around 3000 pesos ang monthly subscription dito for upto 50Mbps Download/Upload (they use ADSL here so mabilis din upload speeds). I think Asahi Net is also offering FTTH that promises 100Mbps speeds.

  24. tony says:

    @Lance it’s never that way. Most of the time, the advertised speed is the maximum download speed. It’s not even logical to sum up both speeds and advertise the sum.

  25. tony says:

    i mean “all of the time”, not most of the time

  26. in our dreams says:

    that’s why we really need to have a broadband network. nasusuhulan kasi mga congressman natin ng mga telcos kaya nde magkaroon ng bill tungkol sa NBN.

  27. rodney says:

    buti na lang sobrang pasensyoso mga pinoy.. kahit di makaabot ng 1Mbps ang connnection nakatorrent pa rin. :) at nakipost pa sa forums. hehehe

  28. it comes with higher price…

  29. Arvee says:

    Nakakainggit malaman na ang average speed ng household internet dito sa Pinas ay 10% lang ng nakukuha ng mga taga Japan.

    Well, it’s business as usual for Mr. Lopez, Mr. MVP and Mr. Zobel de Ayala (and his Singaporean friends)

  30. JojoC says:

    Internet speeds in Japan are really very fast.

    I felt it was faster accessing our school-hosted email from Japan than from my office which was less than 10 meters away from our data center.

    … and this was in 2004!

  31. jok says:

    50mbps within Japan yan, if you do a speedtest with a US site… 3-5 mbps ang makukuha mo. Same with SG. Fiber speeds nila in-country lang when you access US site 3-5mbps din.

    Yun ang mga pang masa nila na internet.

  32. jherskie says:

    before you say that the internet speed in the phils is slow, consider the amount a subscriber pays. as highlighted in some replies, usually P3k php (as converted) ang bayad nila monthly, compared sa P1k php dito sa pinas. also, the telco industry is highly-taxed here in the phils. much of the amount we pay for our net connections go to tax.

  33. techmaso says:

    hahaha alam ko isa sa pinakamabagal na net connection and sa pinas at pinakamabilis sa india??

    normal nalang daw 100mbps sa kanila sa india, samantalang sa pinas tulad ng connection ko naka PLDT nako di man umaabot ng 1 mbps. kakalungkot nmn T_T

    pag nag DDL ako ng movie, nagbibilang pa ko ng weeks bago matapos hahaha.

  34. Icepick says:

    Torrent speeds are not fast enough? Are you high? Do you realize that there are only less than a dozen countries in the world where fibre optic connections are easily accesible to the public?

    And with regards to the lack of fast Internet in the Philippines, consider the geography of the country and the fact that an NBN would fail cost-benefit analyses.

  35. weehee says:


    natawa naman ako sa comment mo. india? josko day tingnan mo nga ang speed nila sa speedtest.net mas mabilis pa ang pilipinas.

  36. Japan always that advanced. Even China internet speed not that advanced as Japan. Japan really strong…^^

  37. Corsair says:

    It’s funny how people compare prices and speeds but not industries/economies.

    Japan, South Korea, and Singapore are able to offer these speeds at relatively low prices to their customers because their countries have almost 100% Internet service penetration. Almost all the households in those countries are already subscribed to an Internet provider (compared to our country, where there are still provinces and even cities where people still do not see the need for an Internet connection at home).

    This means that the only way for Japanese, South Korean, and Singapore telecommunication companies to get new subscribers is by poaching them from their competitors through low-priced offers for high-speed access.

    So stop comparing our local Internet service plans versus those from Japan, South Korea, and Singapore. You don’t live in a country with 100% Internet penetration. If you compare our local plans to the US, you’ll see that our local telcos’ prices are quite competitive already.

  38. Mac says:

    darating din naman tayo dyan… after 20 years siguro… XD

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