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6 gadgets you might need inside your car

Car WiFi

We know you can use your smartphone as a mobile hotspot and there are a lot of affordable pocket WiFi devices around. Then, there are WiFi devices specifically created to be an integral part of your car.

We previously reviewed the Huawei CarFi back in May. The Huawei CarFi retails for Php4,990 and used to be available in Lazada but is no longer listed there.


Another device that we found in the storage is this NXT Car Connect from Globe. This was given to us to test internally last year before it will be rolled out though we don’t know if they actually released this to their customers.

It’s basically an LTE USB Stick that comes with a USB adaptor for the car. Nothing special which means you can get any open-line USB dongle and plug it into the USB port of the car or thru an adaptor and you get the same setup. This is a more affordable DIY setup though so that’s the biggest advantage.

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