Belkin WeMo iPhone Baby Monitor

Belkin WeMo iPhone Baby Monitor

Here’s one nice little gadget you might need at home but didn’t know existed — a WiFi-powered iPhone Baby Monitor from Belkin.

The WeMo Baby is a small device, no bigger than a Starbucks mug, has an oval shape with curved wedged top. It has a fairly large built-in microphone at the front and plug on the wall socket.

Once turned on, it produces its own WiFi signal which you can connect to with your iPhone (or any iOS device).


Download the free WeMo Baby app in the iTunes Store and use it to connect to the device. While you’re hooked up to the WiFi connection, you can now listen in to any sound within the vicinity of the WeMo Baby (we assume it should be placed just beside the baby crib).

Audio quality is pretty decent and reception is clear as long as you are within reach of the WiFi hotspot. You can connect as many iOS devices to the WeMo Baby as you have at home.

The WeMO Baby retails for Php3,990 and is being sold at Pismo gadget shop in the East Wing of EDSA Shangri-la..

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6 Responses

  1. wew says:

    i thought there’s also a camera….sayang

  2. Jesson says:

    Wow, you can hear your baby, what on earth you do if an infant talking about you inside the Womb?

    • komang says:

      ay tanga, pano makakasalita yung infant sa loob ng tiyan eh puro tubig. di din madidinig sir. bobo lang?

  3. trolala says:

    Tanga ka din eh. kahit walang tubig yun di mmakakasalita yun

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