Contest: Creative Webcam Giveaway

Contest: Creative Webcam Giveaway

I’ve got around a dozen brand new webcams from Creative. Will be giving them out to readers here — just answer this simple question.

What app/software do you use for video messaging?



I’ll randomly pick out 4 commenters and send them this webcam (comes with a leather pouch).

If you blog about this contest, you can also get the chance to win 4 more of these. That’s 8 in total I’ll ship to you (anywhere in the Philippines). Will announce the winners on Monday evening when I get back from my Singapore trip.

Thanks to our friends at Axis Global Technologies for the free stuff.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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220 Responses

  1. Yahoo Messenger or Skype

  2. Mark Anthony Dela Peña says:

    I use Skype.

  3. Ric says:

    The ever reliable SKYPE.

  4. Anna Simbol says:


  5. JM says:

    Hi Yuga! Most of the time I use Yahoo Messenger for video messaging, but I’ve also tried Skype and liked the quality of video in there! XD

  6. darl says:

    i use Yahoo Messenger and/or Skype

  7. Matt Ventura says:

    Yahoo messenger, Skype, or Windows Live Messenger.

  8. JM says:

    And here’s the URL of my blog entry about the contest: =D

  9. zerogear says:

    yahoo messenger FTW!!

  10. Jerome says:

    Yahoo Messenger, since my classmates and friends don’t have a SKYPE account

  11. Yahoo Messenger! … I know it’s kinda lame but I like using the emoticons there… ;)

  12. pink says:

    Yahoo Messenger, MSN and skype :)

  13. jamie says:

    yahoo messenger
    most of the people i know use this so i use this too

    i have skype and windows live too but i dont use the video messaging feature since i dont have a lot of contacts there that i want to talk to.

  14. Avegale says:

    I use Yahoo Messenger for video messaging.

  15. What a coincidence !

    Just today I helped fix my friend’s mom’s computer and she was using exactly the same creative web cam.

    Guess what, it works on Skype with Ubuntu Linux !

    My friend and his family happens to be in New Zealand and he keeps in touch with his folks using Skype. With broadband and the webcam it feels like they never left :-)

    Back to the question, I use Skype !

  16. Emenyueru says:

    Yahoo Messenger

  17. Eric says:

    skype and yahoo messenger

  18. cris says:

    I use Yahoo messenger & Skype. Thanks

  19. Jeff says:

    I have only used Yahoo! Messenger, alot of my contacts generally use this program also…

  20. Chester says:

    I use MSN Live Messenger :-)

  21. felipe says:

    The ever and uber reliable Yahoo Messenger. We have to admit that it still is, and probably will still be, the most widely used by Filipinos. Yahoo is still Yahoo. XD

  22. Markie says:

    the Yahoo Messenger.

  23. Alex Angeles says:

    I use skype for video streaming and audio when communicating with my relatives from canada, japan and within the philippines. I use only yahoo messenger for chatting because when I use YM on video calls it will hang up within 30secs.

  24. Marjune says:

    yahoo Mesenger ;)

  25. juvic says:

    I use Yahoo Messenger for video messaging.

  26. ROSS says:

    SightSpeed and Yahoo Messenger here!!!

  27. YNA says:

    I use Yahoo Messenger most of the time…

  28. Pacute says:

    I use Yahoo! Messenger. I love Creative webcam, i am using one right now. :)

  29. Jane Sensano says:

    I use Skype. very reliable. anytime. anywhere.

  30. Jan Alvin says:

    I’ve tried yahoo messenger once when I was talking to my classmate. Pero noon pa yun, sa comp shop lang yun.

    Wala naman kc akong webcam d2 sa bahay e. :(

  31. Obed says:

    Yahoo Messenger :)

  32. Obed says:

    I use Yahoo Messenger :)

  33. Mark Anthony Grejaldo says:

    I use Yahoo Messenger! Send me some love, Yuga! Hehe

  34. creyes says:

    skype/yahoo messenger/msn

  35. Bon says:

    I use Skype as well. I find it to be the app best able to configure itself to work through funky firewalls and router configurations, and its peer-to-peer architecture seems to make best use of one’s bandwidth. Skype’s multiplatform support is a huge advantage.

  36. xbiboy says:

    I’ve been using Skype for years now..before when I was addicted to chat i use yahoo messenger, but now I
    Want to try VoxOX they it’s also great like skype..

    i’ve also post this contest to our club site blog..

  37. Leo says:

    i use yahoo messenger.

  38. I use iChat and Yahoo Messenger. Using also Adium as chat platform but it doesn’t allow video yet.

  39. Tonton J says:

    Just signed up with skype.

  40. Most of the time Yahoo Messenger

  41. bong says:

    i used yahoo messenger before for video messaging. my current laptop doesnt have built-in webcam so no more video messaging for me for more than a year now.

    hope you give me one.

  42. Enteng says:

    we use yahoo messenger!!!

  43. Techie says:

    Skype and Yahoo Messenger.

  44. Geek Picks says:

    I use Trillian because it’s easy to manage my YM, AOL and Google chat.

  45. Kevin Cheng says:

    I use Yahoo Messenger, since everyone I know who IM’s has that at least; occasionally Skype, since the overall quality for video-conferencing seems better

  46. Raf says:

    Yahoo Messenger!

    It is the most common and the only one i am familiar!


  47. Skype and Yahoo Messenger

  48. Alex says:

    SKYPE works best for me! The video and voice is clear.

  49. franz says:

    Been using Yahoo Messenger since my high school years.All my friends use it.

  50. Alex says:

    SKYPE works best for me! The video and voice is clear. Reliable.

  51. Juneau21 says:

    Skype is the best video messaging for me. now let me have that creative webcam. :)

  52. marhgil says:

    Yahoo! Messenger lang.

  53. aPoL says:

    I use Skype

  54. I use skype and Yahoo messenger for my messaging needs. Sometimes, i use the application add-on located on just in case I don’t have any desktop messaging installed. :-)

  55. Azrael says:

    for the software, i use yahoo messenger for the web cam and video conference.

    but for a large video message and audience, I use the website and yahoo! live website for video stream broadcasting online.

  56. I use Skype because of it’s video quality output.

  57. Romy says:

    I use Yahoo Messenger

  58. Kevin Cheng says:

    here is a link to my blog entry, talking about this contest:

  59. on my name is a link to my blog entry regarding this contest; I tried posting the link in the comment box, but the anti-spam plug-in detected it as a spam :(

  60. Dan Villamangca says:

    YM YM YM YM YM :-)

  61. I use yahoo messenger on video messaging.

  62. Bugagi says:

    Trillian Pro. Been using it since discovering it a year ago.

  63. Sherwin says:

    I use YM ( and Skype (

  64. anna says:

    i use skype =)

  65. rene says:

    yahoo messenger only

  66. ivy says:

    yahoo messenger!!

  67. Erjan Orbe says:

    I use Yahoo! Messenger for Mac.

    And I also blogged about this, here’s the link:

  68. Erjan Orbe says:

    Yahoo Messenger for Mac, since most of my relatives and friends are on Yahoo.

  69. Henry says:

    I use Skype mostly for voice with webcam chats. Webcam is really useful if you want to show a product, and other things related to your business.

  70. Mike A. says:

    I use yahoo messenger since my clients are more familiar with it.

  71. Rey says:

    I use Yahoo! Messenger, and Windows Live Messenger, but I also use Skype sometimes.

  72. louisian says:

    YM po :)
    sana manalo ako :D

  73. Jessan says:

    Yahoo Messenger when I’m on field here in Mindanao; Skype when I’m in our Davao.

    I surely could use a new webcam!

  74. ewancoo says:

    I use Yahoo Messenger only since most of my friends are using it too.

    I posted this contest on my blog as well:

  75. Yahoo Messenger and Skype…

  76. Roger Uy says:

    I use sightspeed which offers the best video quality. Big things are coming to sightspeed as it has recently been bought by Logitech.

  77. charson says:

    i use Ym and eyeball chat nyahahaha.

  78. Yahoo Messenger / Skype

    Check my website after 24 hours, will surely blog about this contest. :-)

  79. miller says:

    I use Yahoo messenger and sometimes i also use skype. More power to Yugatech!!! And keep it up i love your newsletters, and tech blogs. :)

  80. cha says:

    Yahoo messenger, skype and Windows live

  81. Glenn says:

    What app/software do you use for video messaging?

    I use iChat (Mac) :D

  82. Snow says:

    I personally use Yahoo Messenger and Google Talk. But in the office we use MSN. :)

  83. RNHalawi says:

    Yahoo messenger!!! =)

    thanks axisglobal and abe for the contest!

  84. Dyimz says:

    Yahoo messenger :-D

  85. frozenpyro says:

    I use yahoo messenger but i dont often use video messaging…

  86. deuts says:

    I use yahoo messenger. I know no friends that use skype…

  87. Nomad says:

    Yahoo messenger.

  88. L.A says:

    Yahoo! Messenger!

  89. janbass says:

    Yahoo Messenger, since almost everyone I know uses it. Plus I can send SMS if I’m fresh out of prepaid credits. What a cheapskate huh? LOL

  90. Ed says:

    Windows Live Messenger and Dell Video Chat.

  91. quezacolt says:

    yahoo messenger

  92. kiko says:

    yahoo messenger

  93. Dustin balictar says:

    Mom loves skype.
    Dad loves skype.
    Thus, I love skype too.


  94. Gerald says:

    Skype and Yahoo Messenger

  95. reactor says:

    Yahoo! Messenger

    Hiram lang kaya sana manalo ako niyang webcam mo :)

  96. chris says:


  97. trina says:

    Yahoo Messenger..I don’t have Skype yet but I heard it’s a lot better than YM.

  98. Gwapito uses Yahoo Messenger!

  99. Merlin says:

    Yahoo Messenger (on meebo), skype, and QQ :)

  100. Alexander Ang says:

    I use Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo Messenger.

  101. Zoilo C. Hernandez says:

    YM for Mac OS Leopard

  102. limr says:

    I use Yahoo Messenger to video chat with my sister who lives in North Carolina. It works for both of us.

  103. Kelay says:

    Yahoo Messenger :)

  104. Edward says:

    Yahoo messenger.

  105. paul says:

    yahoo messenger ever since. recently upgraded to ym9.

  106. Carl says:

    Ang walang kamatayang Yahoo Messenger! I can make good use of a free webcam in my internet cafe. Thanks Yuga!

  107. joeyboy says:

    ahaha, andami, akin isa nyan.


  108. ruel penaloza says:

    I used Yahoo Messenger

  109. Jose Joaquin says:

    I used yahoo messenger

  110. vaughn says:

    yahoo messenger / msn live messenger

  111. Martin says:

    skype is the answer

  112. Alvin Fallore says:

    Yahoo Messenger and Skype

  113. ernesto says:

    Well Abe I am using Yahoo Messenger most of the time due to its availability!!!

  114. nikko says:

    I used to use skype. Now I use ooVoo which seems to have better video conferencing, or maybe just less users. :)

    I am also testing out voxox ( which is a recent beta.

  115. nikko says:

    Forgot to mention, if it’s for web conferencing with audio and video, i root for dimdim (

  116. Seems like Skype is the winner. Worldwide and free. This is the reason I am entering a comment.

  117. chaz says:

    yahoo messenger.

  118. mj.bibo says:

    I have lots of friends from the States and we’ve been using Skype to communicate for the longest time. Helped us save a lot from not buying call cards :)

  119. elaine says:

    I use Yahoo Messenger because most of the people I usually connect with don’t have skype. :)

  120. calvin says:

    i use yahoo messenger pero wala akong webcam so i need to win one. :P

  121. Francis Abejuela says:

    I use Yahoo Messenger 9. It looks good and is fun to use.

  122. Noel says:

    I use Yahoo Messenger.

  123. Men says:

    i used yahoo messenger for video messaging..
    sometimes msn Live!

    and here’s my blog link

  124. Men says:

    i used yahoo messenger..
    sometimes MSN Live Messenger..

    here’s my blog link

  125. John Berchman says:

    I use SKYPE…pero recently, i got hold of MAGIC JACK. nifty device!

  126. Ambo says:

    I use Yahoo Messenger and Skype. Nice contest here! An early Xmas Gift!

  127. whackerZ says:

    I use Skype.

  128. Lee Ian Magpantay says:

    I use Yahoo Messenger most of the time, but i also have Skype.

  129. Yahoo Messenger is the name.Hope I win. thanks to Snow for informing me.

  130. tei says:

    i use yahoo messenger. i love the imvironments and i could listen to launchcast while i chat away :-)

  131. Yahoo Messenger and Skype

  132. Levy M. says:

    ym or yahoo messenger and I haven’t had any problems with it. :)

  133. aL says:

    yahoo messenger and skype. “)

  134. Dave says:

    I prefer skype, both the Linux and Win clients preform well.

  135. ScIoN says:

    Since my family aren’t big users of Video conferencing just yet, I’m still just using Yahoo Messenger.

  136. mike says:

    yahoo messenger

  137. Lowell says:

    Yahoo Messenger and msn live

  138. emjozar says:

    I personally use yahoo messenger as an application or software for video messaging because for me it is one of the most reliable software that can easily use to communicate friends, family, peers and other people people online. Aside from yahoo messenger Skype Messenger can be use as an alternative :) That’s all :)

  139. Phil says:

    I use Yahoo! Messenger since most of my friends and relatives in the States are using it.

  140. Bob Reyes says:

    I use Yahoo!Messenger for video messaging!

  141. jco says:

    I’m using Windows Live.
    I blog about this contest too.


  142. Obed says:

    yahoo messenger 9…hehe
    sana ako manalo wla ako webcam..

  143. YM at home and Skype at the office (but mostly Yahoo Messenger)

  144. jervi reyes says:

    yahoo messenger & skype

  145. Ian says:

    Yahoo Messenger :)

  146. cheftonio says:

    MSN messenger for clearer video messaging :P

  147. berryblitz says:


    I use Yahoo and QQ (China’s version of Yahoo).

    I also blogged about this contest on

    I hope I’ll win. Yeheyyy!!!

  148. Vicne says:


    I usually use Skype for my video calls!

    YM for chatting… :)

    I blogged about this also.. :)

    Thanks Abe!


  149. Incus says:

    Yahoo Messenger for my mom who misses my brothers and sister abroad.

  150. Paul U says:

    I’m using Yahoo Messenger for video

  151. Paul says:

    yehay free webcam, Yahoo messenger

  152. Vinzon says:

    yahoo messenger and msn

  153. Jase says:

    The picture looks like little cute alien cyclops attacking. Heehee

  154. janika says:

    DUH!??? YM of course :) hehe
    hi ya’ll :)

    +i hope ill win d ipod!!please please :) +

  155. wingatu says:

    I use skype and yahoo messenger for video messaging.

  156. calvin says:

    andito pala yung post ko about your contest abe.

  157. J-J says:

    I use Yahoo Messenger

  158. Ederic says:

    Yahoo! Messenger, siyempre. ;)

  159. aby says:

    I use yahoo messenger

  160. cien17 says:

    i use Yahoo Messenger, Skype and windows messenger that webcam is looking sweet! ^_^

  161. ashley grizzle says:

    i use skype

  162. michael says:

    syempre yahoo messenger pa din. dyan ako sanay eh.

  163. -dylan- says:

    i am using Yahoo Messenger! :D

  164. pink says:

    i blogged this contest :)

  165. Chel says:

    I use Skype to talk to my mom & dad in the US, Yahoo Messenger for my friends.

  166. thinn8 says:

    i’m using yahoo messenger

  167. summer says:

    yahoo messenger and skype :D

  168. Ako? syempre I use Yahoo Messenger.I hop manalo ako.kac sira na webcam ko.Thanks a lot.God bless…

  169. Tolits says:

    Better late than never hahahaha, I use ym and skype.

  170. open pa ba? yahoo messenger ako.

  171. Ferdie says:

    Meron pa ba? penge ehehe o diba unique comment!

  172. D says:

    i use ym, skype, and msn with the webcam installed in my laptop to chat with family and friends which really sucksometimes coz i gotta drag the whole unit if i wanna catch or show something to the person im chatting with..

  173. Jo-An says:

    I usually used Yahoo messenger..
    but best for video chat is skype:)

  174. Jo-An says:

    lol this was finished .. but i would love to just answer hehehe

  175. Karen Estoya says:

    I use the user-friendly Yahoo! Messenger, not only it is very easy to use, you can also send files and play games while chatting.. unlike Skype you only concentrate on the person you are talking.

    Skype is also reliable.. you can hear and talk clearly to each other but I prefer Yahoo! Messenger

  176. Nika Higashionna says:


  177. That is the appropriate blog for anybody who needs to find out about this topic. You notice a lot its almost exhausting to argue with you (not that I actually would want…HaHa). You undoubtedly put a new spin on a subject thats been written about for years. Great stuff, simply great!

  178. faisal says:

    i use skype for family and yahoo for friends

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