MicFlip: World’s First Reversible MicroUSB Cable

MicFlip: World’s First Reversible MicroUSB Cable

USB Type C Is fairly new technology and one can make the argument that it’ll take years before it becomes a standard. While many of us wait for that day to come, Winner Gear though it’ll be nice to have a microUSB cable that also has reversible design – a feature limited to USB C in the past. Enter Micro-Flip aka Mic-Flip (pronounced as Mike-Flip), the world’s first microUSB cable which “can be inserted to a device at any angle”.


It’s not just the microUSB end that’s reversible, even the full-sized USB Type A connector also has the same implementation. These plugs are joined together by a non-tangle nylon-braided cable which is available in lengths of 20cm, 100cm and200cm.

Both plugs are gold-plated, which Winner Gear claims to be “corrosion-resistant” and are each housed inside its respective aluminum case.


Check out the company’s short video ad below to know more about the Mic-Flip (should be worth two minutes of your time).

micflip video

The Winner Gear Mic-Flip is proving to be quite a success as it has easily surpassed the company’s modest goal of raising $6,000 for their product to enter in to mass production.

As of the time publishing, the New York-based company has already raised almost $59,000 for their project with still two weeks left on their campaign. That being said, you still have time to support their campaign or be the first to own a Mic-Flip by pledging a minimum of $15.

[Mic-Flip Indiegogo]

This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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