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Samsung Level On Wireless Pro Review


Samsung has been known to offer new technologies and offer added features to their products and same is the case for the Level On Wireless Pro. Here are its main features:

Active Noise Cancellation – it’s not as common for on-ear headphones to have this feature compared to over-the-ear ones. With a flick of a switch, the ambient hiss you hear will be silenced with the help of its 4-piece microphone and you can appreciate listening to your music better.

Samsung UHQA Studio Sound – Ultra High-Quality Audio (UHQA) technology delivers a true 24bit digital audio experience with up to 2x wider frequency range than standard CD-quality wireless sound. Combined with Active Noise Cancellation, listeners experience vivid, concert hall sound. The only catch is that UHQA is compatible with Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+.

Touch-enabled controls – The left cup serves as invisible controls for controlling the volume and track playback. By swiping up or down, users can control the volume while left and right are for switching to previous and next tracks.

Talk-In Mode – It allows you to turn ambient noise on or off while listening to audio. Ideal for situations where outside sound is helpful – like when using public transportation.

Sound Share – Shares your streaming audio with another Level On Wireless PRO, Level On Wireless or Level U PRO headset.



Apart from those, there’s also the Samsung Level app that lets users control both the volume of the headphones and the phone itself, tweak the equaliser, and monitor the battery level of the headphones.

Sound Performance

After using it and listening to different songs for hours, we liked how it produces low bass levels as they are whole and solid, although could still use a bit more power. Mids are warm and welcoming while the highs are a bit too bright for our liking.

We also noticed that although it has good composure on modest volumes, turning it up results in noticeable distortion.

Also, the sound leak is present since it has an on-ear design. So if you’re commuting, you might want to be mindful of what you’re listening to as people around you would definitely hear your music.

We also used it with the company’s Gear VR by pairing it to a Galaxy S6 Edge where the headphones’ ANC worked wonders of putting us in a whole new dimension. Working all together, we enjoyed virtual reality brought by Samsung’s set of devices.

Comfort Factor

Since the headphones employ an on-ear design, it’s natural for the earcups to not fully surround the ears; but as with the case of the Level On, the pads rest on the outer part of the ear so they almost seal off the ears. This, in turn, makes things comfortable for the users.

This, in turn, makes things comfortable for the users. After wearing the device for extended periods of time, we didn’t feel the strain usually brought by on-ear designs and having it on didn’t prove to be cumbersome at all. Plus, we also liked how the pads provide some passive noise cancellation.

One thing we notice, though, is that the way it fits the head is a bit loose, and sudden movements knock them off our head.

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Battery Life

The company claims that the Level On could last 10 hours of talk/listening time with ANC turned on, and double the time at 20 hours if noise cancellation is off.

With our experience, it was able to last a total of almost 8.5 hours with the headphones playing music at about 80% volume with ANC left on. Although it didn’t reach the claimed duration, it was still not bad having 8 hours of play time with noise cancellation blocking the outside world.



The Samsung Level On Wireless Pro is one feature-packed headphone — from the touch sensitive controls, music-sharing, and down to the Level app, the South Korean giant squeezed it all inside its plastic shell. We appreciated how not only it has active noise cancellation, but also passive noise blocking thanks to its comfortable ear pads.

Its UHQA capability is not available for everyone (not even all Samsung users) and we think it’s something that you would buy Level On for, so if you don’t have a compatible device, you surely won’t maximize its full power.

On the other hand, imagine having a Samsung phone that supports UHQA format and pair it up with a Gear VR — we think that would be one sweet experience.


Samsung Level On Wireless Pro specs:
Driver type: Dual-layered Diaphragm
Driver size: 40mm
Design: On-ear wireless
4-piece mic for noise cancellation
Bluetooth 4.1
485mAh Li-Ion battery

What we liked about it:

  • Simple design
  • Passive noise cancellation
  • Active noise cancellation
  • Decent battery life
  • Wireless
  • Enjoyable using Gear VR

What we didn’t like:

  • Overly bright highs
  • Noticeable distortion on high volume levels
  • Limited devices supporting UHQA

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