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29 Responses

  1. AhmedF says:

    Got the Wii, tons of fun. Tons and tons.

  2. kukote says:

    I’m planning to buy a Wii :D

  3. rnoldz says:

    PS loyalist here…will go for PS3.

    but if I am rich like you, i’ll buy all three….hehehe

  4. Miguel says:

    None of the three. I play RTS games and they are almost all on PCs.

    If I had the budget, I’d update my PC to a current processor and video card so I could play Company of Heroes better.

  5. Kiven says:

    Wii and PS3…to add to my 360 =)

  6. . says:

    Super Nintendo Baby!!! What about Atari? Are there any old school kats in here?

  7. vance says:

    i’ll buy the xbox 360 first then ps3. Wii is a good console for family but i don’t think i will get one..

    the competition is really hard for next gen console:
    a.) they can run openware os or freeware os. (PS3 i think is running on red hat, wii is also has a linux os)
    b.) all can be a media player unlike the old consoles (microsoft’s xbox 1 i think was the only console that can be used as a server and as a media center out of the box)
    c.) only few games have exclusivity unlike before

  8. Andre says:

    my Wii is coming!!!, maybe a PS3 for FF13

  9. keysi says:

    PS3! And yeah, if I had the money, I’d buy all three.

  10. Dusty says:

    Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :D

  11. ade says:

    PS3 all the way, baby!

  12. elmer says:

    Why buy when you can have ’em for free ;-)

  13. Miguel says:

    Tell us, how do you get them for free?

  14. GUrbi says:

    I already bought ’em all.


  15. GUrbi says:

    Got ’em all.


  16. Fleeb says:

    Who wins?

    IBM! IBM powers all three consoles.

  17. vance says:

    i heard that ps3 20GB will be sold here for 35K, while the 60 GB will be sold for 45 K! sa EYO gh, will be kasi wala pa, the one i saw last week cost around 55k! pero di ko tinanong kung 20Gb or 60 Gb version. and pre order lang yun.

    so kung may pera ka bumili ka! hehe but kung wala go for wii cheap lang sya! the cheapest next gen console!

  18. . says:

    For all you old school gamers which old gaming console do you all like? What cha know about that?

  19. vance says:

    old console? xbox and ps2. i never used my xbox that much pero ever since i had my dsl connection, yun na gamit ko for audio and video streaming. i heard ok din yun as a server.

    i used ps2 for wwe game na wala sa xbox. and gta before it was available sa xbox

  20. kidlat says:

    Wiiii…. expression ni Pong Pagong =)

  21. issai marie says:

    i’d buy the nintendo… sana may mario kart na laro dun… hehehe… its no use to buy ps3 without a hdtv… buying hdtv is already on my wishlist… i’m waiting for ps3 prices to go down… but unfortunately sony is losing money on every ps3 unit then sell… around $200… so i don’t know where it goes from here…

    i actually had a trial of the ps3 even before it was released here in the US… it has blue tooth controls which were pretty cool… but i’d have to pay more… its not fun buying these cool toys with your own money… hahaha!!! oh gawd i wish i was still living with my parents so i can leech on em…. wahahaha!! but my mom already kicked me out at the age of 21… poor me :(

  22. keyboard says:


    wii will be great, it would be cheap, a lot more fun, and it has almost all the features of the ps3 (internet browsing, media playing, bluetooth, etc..) graphics won’t be easy for the wii but it has the feel of the “next” gen (motion sensing, the WiiConnect24…) it can also download some of the NES, SNES or N64 games for $5 to $10 dollars… nintendo is willing to put mature content on the wii… so why would i buy the expensive ps3/360 why i can buy the more cheap but fun wii for atleast P12,500 ($250)..

  23. xoxMADSKILLZxox says:

    i have ps3 and wii, xbox 360 sucks

  24. xoxMADSKILLZxox says:

    i have ps3 and wii already, xbox 360 sucks…

  25. hehehe393 says:

    ps3 da best kc mayroong online gaming for free

  26. junlrey says:

    bibili pa lang din me ng wii para ma-try naman kakaibang experience sa pag-lalaro kc ung ps3 or xbox360 d same style.

  27. irina says:

    Видела что-то похожее в англоязычных блогах, в Русскоязычном интернете про такие вещи как-то не особо часто посты увидишь.

  28. Megan says:

    Does someone know when Alpha Protocol for Xbox360 will be released?

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