What's on your Christmas Gadget Wish List?

What’s on your Christmas Gadget Wish List?

Every year, we ask this question to our readers and we’ll never get tired of asking it again and again. Christmas is fast approaching and it’s that time of the year where we get to indulge a bit on the gadget that we really like.


Besides, for most folks in the Philippines December is also the month where almost everyone get to receive that extra month’s pay (for the un-initiated, it’s the 13th month pay).

I’ve already gotten a lot of emails from people who are asking for stuff they’d like to get this Christmas and even local companies have approcahed me pitching one or two of their top gadgets to be featured in my annual “Christmas Gadget Gift List” (should be out before end of November).

Anyway, I’m throwing that question to everyone — what’s on the top of your gadget wish list this Christmas?

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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210 Responses

  1. Kyle says:

    Galaxy 7.7 paired with Plantronics M1100
    Asus Prime quad core
    Focal XS

  2. ynupq says:

    One of those Hot ULTRA THIN netbooks and a MSI GT780..

  3. Asus 1015PX at Nokia Lumia 800 ang Gusto ko :D
    Ito kasi ang mga dream Gadgets ko :D

  4. Samsung Galaxy S II or htc sensation xe.

  5. Ranny Gutierrez says:

    I have actually made 2 lists. The Need List and the Wish List. Need list has the things I needs but currently have no money to buy. Wish list is…well, wishful thinking. I hope the extra pay this month could take care of the much needed ones.

    Need list:
    1. 1TB-2TB HDD (MOAR DATA)
    2. a 23″ LED Monitor (I still have a CRT)
    3. an 800-watt Branded CPU (my current is flaky)
    4. a good CPU Cooler (the pin on my current broke)

    1. Galaxy Tab 10.1 (for my kid)
    2. Galaxy SII
    3. 3D and GoogleTV capable LED TV
    4. any gaming laptop
    5. an LGA 2011 CPU
    6. an enthusiast board to go with #5
    7. GTX 580s in SLI (the 3GB versions)

  6. Jeremiah Tan says:

    galaxy note, asus tranaformer tab and Olympus pen e-p3

  7. JKisaragi says:

    An iPhone 4 8GB or 4s 16GB in WHITE. *sigh*

  8. thepaper says:

    okay na ko sa SE xperia neo (SE PH, please support this unit) or arc s. ^___^

  9. ralph says:

    Asus Transformer Prime..for browsing, games, etc..
    Nikon d7000..of course, for photography..
    Nokia Lumia 800..for call, text, some games, browsing, emails..etc..
    Macbook Air..for browsing, document editing, photoshop, etc..

  10. Redskull says:

    Iphone 4s and psp vita for me :)

  11. Jologs says:

    Macbook Pro or a pink Sony Vaio
    Nikon V1 in pink
    SLR lens for my Pentax KR
    Kindle Fire
    Nokia N9 or Lumia
    Kate Spade ip4 Case

  12. Monchee says:

    an Apple iPad 2
    a Samsung Galaxy Note (or S II may do) :)
    a set of X-mini MAX II
    a 1TB external hard drive
    a MacBook Pro
    a portable Wi-fi router
    upgrade my cam from 1000d to 550d/600d

    “wish” list :)

  13. Mae says:

    I’m really, really, really wishing to get the Asus Zenbook UX21!

  14. tebenets says:

    The iPhone 4s. and probably the Lenovo A60.

  15. Niel says:

    Nokia Lumia. Sana ilabas na….

  16. Ram says:

    Of course, I want the GALAXY NOTE and the DROID RAZR. :)

  17. Caile says:

    Asus Transformer
    Samsung Galaxy Note

  18. franco says:

    back-up dual sim phone that can hold thousands of messages, can surf internet via wifi and 3g.

    anong phone kaya yan? Nokia X-101 sana pero di kaya mag store ng madami messages.

  19. Darwin says:

    iPhone 4 or 4S
    Macbook Pro or iMac
    Canon 550D

  20. Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Asus Transformer Prime.

  21. Bee says:

    tablet that is windows-based and has a sim slot in case I need to use 3G. any suggestions?

  22. Whatif says:

    Galaxy Nexus plss….
    and Asus transformer prime… ><

  23. guyrony says:

    A 32GB Samsung Galaxy Nexus

  24. Gilbert Sepillo says:

    I want to have a Galaxy Nexus.

  25. Carlo says:

    Canon 50mm f/1.8 prime lens

  26. acer3 says:

    Samsung Galaxy Note
    Nokia Lumia 800
    Nokia N9
    iPhone 4S

  27. Mike says:

    I want a Kindle, even the cheapest one with a 100$ Amazon Gift card so I can buy and read good books!

  28. wis says:

    Lumia 800…Nex-7…Alienware laptop

  29. Enyu says:

    A WiDi-capable Windows 7 ultrabook

  30. Operation Super says:

    Galaxy 7 (the one with IR)
    Either one of these phones:
    Galaxy Nexus
    Galaxy S
    Nokia N9
    and the uber sexy ultrathin fromASUS

  31. NemOry says:

    No other than: Nexus Prime

  32. amao says:

    N9, Motorola droid razr, galaxy note, mba,, sarap mangarap hahaha… pede na din yung ip4s

  33. garz says:

    A laptop for my girlfriend. :)

  34. Richie says:

    droid razr or MainGear Shift Superstock gaming PC

  35. Alvin says:

    Google Nexus

  36. steelicon says:

    SE Xperia Pro MK16i Iyokan

  37. Lann says:

    I want Galaxy Note!

  38. Sanji says:

    iPhone 4S yung white, Mac book Pro or the Nokia Lumia 900, pwede na rin Nokia N9-00

  39. TheWunderDhog says:

    I want a Galaxy S or CM Magnum 2X. Or any branded headset with a mini sub-woofer… :)

  40. kaedee says:

    Got it! A blackberry playbook! There’s a pretty good deal right now on Groupon Philippines’ site! You guys should check it out, 16000 for a 16gb version of it

  41. Welsh says:

    I want Samsung Galaxy S2, and/or BlackBerry Bold 9900 =)

  42. Froyo says:

    an Ivy Bridge quad-core laptop, with actual 6 hours battery life, 2.8 Ghz base clock speed.
    8 Gb RAM at the 50k price point.

    …and world peace!

  43. razorous says:

    Any small screen sized portables with sandy bridge cpu or with the famous amd fusion, but i really REALLY want the alienware m11x for christmas! Thx in adv sir abe! U da bes! Haha

  44. kikokix says:

    My wishlist…

    Nokia Lumia 800
    Perfect Grade Strike Gundam
    LED TV

  45. metre9dmt says:

    My Christmas wishlist is truly a wishlist which someday I hope I can make it true (all of them in white and the latest model as of Christmas 2011):
    1. iMac
    2. Mac Book Pro
    3. iPod Touch
    4. iPhone
    5. iPad

    I hope Santa is reading my wishlist and that I’d been a good boy the whole year. ;-)

  46. Anne Santos says:

    my christmas wish list:

    1. Samsung Galaxy SII
    2. iPhone 4S
    3. Mac Book Pro

  47. donclark says:

    Huawei e353+openline+openVPN= free internet

  48. donclark says:

    also include seagate GOFLEX external HDD

  49. tebenets says:

    also. another external hard drive. 3TB or more…

  50. ty says:

    all i want for christmas are:

    HTC sensation XE
    ASUS eeepad PRIME

  51. Nigel says:

    A Galaxy Note and Remote-controlled Wheelchair for my mom (so my dad won’t get too stressed while they go around town or strolling malls).. =)

  52. Nikko says:

    I want an iPhone 4S or an iPad 2 this Christmas :)

  53. Glen says:

    Im looking for a good tablet.
    Was thinking of Asus Transformer Prime, but if its too expensive I will get Ainol Novo 7 instead :)

  54. Jay says:

    Nokia 700 or Nokia Lumia 800 or Nokia N9…

  55. karissa says:

    I need a new speedlite, either a Nissin Di466 or Canon 480EX II

    I want an Asus transformer or a macbook pro
    Also want a Nook color ^____^

  56. mon76ph says:

    I’m torn between these two:

    1. Asus Transformer Prime ( e-book reading )
    2. Asus K43SV Laptop ( gaming & programming )

    my lappy is still working fine except it’s somewhat slow in compiling C# codes. however, I dont have a tablet and reading programming e-books in my LG O2X is really frustrating.

  57. Bobby says:

    The Samsung Galaxy Note! Why ask sir yuga? Is their a possibility you’ll grant our wishes? I’ve been a good boy :D

  58. josh says:

    BB bold 9900!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. delphiguy says:

    Galaxy Note and Asus Transformer Prime. But im waiting until the price drops.

  60. bullet22 says:

    Samsung Galaxy Note
    Nikon D7000
    Mac Book Pro

  61. 2toyzki says:

    Samsun Galaxy Nexus, Acer Aspire S3, Optimus Pad, Beats audio headset, 40″+ Samsung LED Smart TV (complete w/ home theater system).

  62. 2toyzki says:

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Acer Aspire S3, Optimus Pad, Beats audio headset, 40″+ Samsung LED Smart TV (complete w/ home theater system).

  63. Jethro says:

    Vidock 4 and a Nvidia GTX 590 for my G74SX Laptop…

  64. Esbee says:

    Badly want Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

  65. Pedro says:

    PSP VITA,PS3 slim,Ipad,Iphone

  66. rueld says:

    An ipad2 would suffice for me. :)

  67. If (Santa) Yuga were to come to town, here’s the gadget list that I would request from him:
    1.Samsung Galaxy Note
    2.Asus Eeepad Prime
    3.iPhone 4S

    yan lang po…..baka sabihin naman e masyadong maluho :D

  68. Henry says:

    Hindi kaya ng sweldo ung mga wishlist ko. Isa isa lang hehe. PS Vita, Sony alpha at SE Xperia Arc S ok na ko.
    Its great to be included in the Finalist, I voted Yugatech kasi laging nagaappear everytime I search for gadgets.

  69. pabs says:

    I want a Nokia N9 this christmas

  70. Stephen Almeda says:

    I want a Sony Nex-7 this Christmas

  71. oryon81 says:

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus or
    Samsung Galay Note and
    alienware M17x R3 Intel Core i7 Laptop

  72. Jolina Magdangal says:

    Can’t wait to get my hands on n9. gah.

    and a new Mac Book Pro. :)

  73. GM says:

    Beats by dre

  74. GM says:

    Beats any kind

  75. Marco says:

    My Christmas wishlist is Nikon D7000.

  76. Joe says:

    I’m getting the Galaxy Note this weekend as my Christmas gadget gift.

  77. AJ says:

    1. Apple Imac
    2. Canon 35mm F1.4L
    3. Canon 135mm F2L
    4. Carl Zeiss 50mm 1.4 ZE planar
    5. Samyang 14mm


  78. Nforcr says:

    – Xperia Ray – I’ll be getting one later today
    – Canon 17-55 f/2.8 IS USM Lens – maybe next Xmas lol
    – A 5.1/7.1 Audio Receiver with HDMI-In
    – Klipsch Image S4
    – Canon 10-22 f/3.5-4.5 Lens
    – Canon 70-200 F/4 IS USM Lens

  79. metal1369 says:

    a blackberry phone.

  80. sani g says:

    Phone – Samsung Galaxy SII
    PMP – Galaxy Wifi S 5.0
    Tablet – Galaxy Tab 8.9
    Video Camera – Agfaphoto Eclipse


  81. RickyBoy says:

    Nikon P500 is enough :)

  82. H says:

    a Canon or Nikon DSLR. nanghihinayang ako bumili for myself pero i would love to receive one. =)

  83. Carl says:

    I would just like to have an Android tablet.. A Galaxy Tab 10.1 would be enough for me. Ü

  84. booboo says:

    A windmill for our private beach house in Quezon, hehe. There’s one from CDR King. I’ve been thinking of a way to save cost whenever we visit our rest house there. Since there’s no electricity in the island, we often resort to running a generator. When I saw this wind mill from CDR King, I’ve been contemplating of buying one. 100K is reasonable but, err, it’s CDR King.

  85. Katherine says:

    Macbook Pro 2012
    Kindle Touch

  86. Berto Putik says:

    Ako Sir Yuga,basta isang disenteng Tablet lang, Apple Ipad or Samsung Tab (10.1 or 8.9). Or kahit Kindle Fire(gusto ko din kc ang e-book reader e)

    Ang daming pinagkakagastusan sa family para maisingit ang isang tablet, hindi practical para sa kagaya ko.

  87. Name: says:

    Mac Book Pro :D and a good LED monitor

  88. Iggy says:

    Fuji X10!!!

  89. WM says:

    – Nikon FX body (D800?)
    – Nikkor 24-70 f/2.8

  90. leemar says:

    i just want a happy Christmas with my family. wish na sana maging healthy kaming lahat…lalo na ako na for schedule for operation/surgery sa makati medical center tomorrow.

  91. maoi alcaraz says:

    a canon SLR! i always wanted to see the world in a whole new angle!

  92. Patrick says:

    i already got most all above before christmas,
    now its my time to give to others hehe…

  93. Cocolumboy says:

    Samsung galaxy s2
    Macbook air 11″
    Sapat na po ato.

  94. Cxian says:

    smartphone: Samsung Galaxy Nexus
    and Nokia Lumia 800
    tablet: iPad2
    and World Peace :)

  95. aze says:

    Mine would be,
    1. HTC Sensation XE/4g<– i hope i have the money
    2. PSP Vita<– I hope its already available
    3. Laptop <– Anybrand as long as it have decent specs. :)
    4. Any gadget from blog contest :)

  96. neojohan says:

    a decent dslr and android smartphone

  97. verde04 says:

    Asus All-In-One PC ET2410 or Asus Transformer Prime !

  98. Rommel A. says:

    A decent Android tablet for me this time..

  99. roiji says:

    1.) Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime
    2.) Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray
    3.) Motorola Droid 3

  100. Eloisa Frances says:

    ipad2 and dslr!

  101. Jan says:

    My christmas wish:
    1. Apple Macbook Air
    2. Canon PowerShot S100

  102. Millsie says:

    1 set of either:
    a) Iphone 4 and Ipad 2
    b) Android phone and tablet.

    – what an expensive christmas! haha! :P

  103. juicyjor says:

    any smartphone. ancient na CP ko eh:(

  104. acewestby says:

    ill get the new nikon d7000 if i can! :D

  105. astig_animae says:

    my list accdg. to hierarchy:
    1) Canon 600D
    2) Macbook Pro 15-inch 2.4 GHZ
    3) Ipad2 64GB
    4) Ipod Nano 16GB


  106. Jon says:

    Nah, I don’t see any good stuff for me to buy. And from experience, the best gadgets come out 1st quarter of the year. Buying something for myself this Christmas would make me regret that in a few months when a better product comes out. I’ll be saving my money and will wait until the 1st quarter of next year! :D

  107. i just want a simple but portable android phone for myself… that’s all i can ask!!! ^^

  108. i just want a simple but portable android phone for myself… that’s all i can ask!!! ^^

    i think 3 of the simple android cellphones are
    Samsung Galaxy S 5.0
    Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570
    Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V

  109. jadeemon says:

    a laptop with i7 processor….thats all

  110. Lester says:

    My Christmas wishlist:

    1. Nikon D5100 – for my GF ^_^
    2. Mousepad – Roccat Sota
    3. External HDD USB3.0/2.5″ 1TB
    4. LED Monitor 23″
    5. Asus Transformer Prime w/ Keyboard dock.

  111. papa pong says:

    1. samsung galaxy note
    2. blackberry bold 9900
    3. asus eee pad transformer prime
    4. pentax k-5
    5. pentax lenses
    6. panasonic hdc tmc900 camcorder
    7. iMac
    8. LG smart tv
    9. home theater

  112. Ciscobery says:

    iPhone 4s

  113. Lulu says:

    There are three gadgets I have in mine..

    One is a Blackberry Smartphone (coz I really am curious how it differs from other Smartphones), second is a Tablet, or, an iPad will be much better. Lastly, I would love to have that Samsung Galaxy Note feel like it will fit in my hands perfectly.

  114. nolliejay says:

    1. Tablet PC (Ipad2 or Samsung Tab)
    2. BlackBerry Bold 9900 :D

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  116. AdrianU says:

    To name a few:
    1.) Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Sorry Nexus One… You have served me well; but it’s time for an upgrade.)
    2.) S10HD Bluetooth Headset
    3.) A decent, affordable gaming laptop… Perhaps an Asus…

    Other stuff on the wishlist which i wouldn’t exactly call gadgets:
    1.) Fanatec ClubSport Wheel
    2.) Fanatec ClubSport Pedals
    3.) Fanatec ClubSport Shifter

  117. Ade85 says:

    Definitely a Galaxy Note 2 in 1 na. A phone and a tablet.

  118. I wish to have, Acer Aspire S3 and Sonny-Ericson Experia Arc S

  119. Marco says:

    Ipad 2 3g or Iphone 4 =))

  120. say says:

    Samsung Galaxy S 5.0 and a decent laptop

    oh, and maybe (this is not a gadget but WE definitely need) a TV upgrade. we have a Jurassic 21-inch TV.. hehe

  121. migz says:

    I really wish i could have
    1.HTC Radar
    2.Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5.0
    3.Apple MacBook Air 11.6
    looking forward to christmas!!!!!XD

  122. che says:

    iphone apple; Android phone and tablet

  123. Jay says:

    1. The Galaxy Note
    2. A good windows laptop that has at least 8 hours of battery life and a back-lit keyboard. :-)

  124. Roselle says:

    1. MacBook Pro
    2. Nikon D7000 DSLR
    3. Edimax 3G-6218n Router

  125. wilmost says:

    Garmin Forerunner 910 XT
    Garmin Edge 705
    Garmin Vector Pedals

  126. an2n says:

    1. 15″ macbook pro fall 2011
    2. kia soul
    3. canon eos 5d mark ii
    4. droid razr
    5. ipad 2

  127. seraphica says:


    1. Nokia 700/Lumia 800
    2. Lenovo Ideapad z370
    3. Asus Eee Pad Slider/Transformer Prime

  128. Hasseno says:

    1. Samsung Galaxy Note
    2. Asus Transformer Prime


  129. Mark D says:

    A BB playbook, or a case for my Iconia.

  130. Macky says:

    Student pa lang ako eh, pwede na sakin:

    BB Curve
    Casio Commando
    Protective case nung Acer A500 ko.
    Capdase for my Acer A500

    I’ve been a good boy santa, please grant my wish.

  131. jums says:

    Buy list: mba 11″

    Monthly payments will be coming from my investment earnings.

  132. sands says:

    1. Galaxy note
    2. BB bold
    3. N9

  133. Kyle says:

    Gadgets I want:
    Acer K330 portable projector – 500 lumens. LED lamp. Native WXGA. Built-in AC adapter. As large as the Wii. Ez choice.

    Onkyo HT-S5400 – has HDMI switches and more than one optical-in. Not to mention it looks more menacing than my plasticky LG HT system.

    Sony Xperia Mini (which hopefully Smart will offer free upon my plan’s retention next month! fingers crossed) – Beautiful little thing! Fits perfectly in my hand and is lighter than virtually every other smartphone I’ve tried.

    Galaxy 7 Plus – Samsung, do us a favor and release this already.

    Gadgets I want to get rid of:
    Acer K11 portable projector – cause it’s kinda lacking given the lighting of most offices. Also, lugging around the AC adapter is nasty.

    LG HT-805PM – I just figured I need an HT system with more than one optical-in. Got this on sale though, so no complaints.

    iPhone 4 – gotta sell it before the iPhone 4S hits for obvious reasons. After a month of using a tablet, it got relegated to simply call and text duty. Sayang naman diba?

    Ainol Novo 7 – might give it to my little sister as an xmas… or post-xmas present, seeing as how the Transformer Prime and Galaxy 7 Plus may not arrive as early as xmas.

  134. Hideki says:

    Ako, Nokia Lumia 800, o di kaya kahit N9 na lang. :D
    tapos Samsung Galaxy Note. :D
    then iMac na desktop. Wohoo!

  135. Gregory says:

    I’d aiming for:
    1. Blackberry Bold 9790
    2. Asus N43
    3. Ipod touch 64GB

  136. Name: IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    1-3Tb HDD
    Galaxy Note
    2x 19″ LED LCD Monitor as 2ndary/tertiary display (still using a CRT for the main monitor)

  137. jayvee the dreamer says:


    1. Asus eepad Trasformer Prime
    2. Canon 60D
    3. HTC Senstation Xe or Iphone 4s

  138. jayvee the dreamer says:


    1. Asus eepad Trasformer Prime
    2. Canon 60D
    3. HTC Senstation Xe/iphone 4s 32g/ SE arc S

  139. ARL says:

    My 2011 Christmas Wishlist:

    1. Nikon D7000 DLSR
    2. Sony Bravia EX723 40″ 3D Internet TV
    3. Altech Lansing Speakers

    No cellphones this time, frustrated with iPhone 4S, and not really into Android.

  140. paolo says:

    MY 2011 Christmas Wishlist

    1. Samsung Galaxy S2. In WHITE. “Multimedia” (cough*Angry Birds*cough) device ko (As supposed to my HTC HD7, which I will use for connectivity, DOTA-related stuff researching, and social networking purposes.) :D

    2. Them new ASUS Ultrabooks. With Intel Core i7.

    (Which brings me to my items no’s 3&4 in this wishlist-
    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3;
    and a Beta release (read: Steam) copy of DOTA 2.) :D

    5. My own Postpaid plan for my HTC HD7 (and the white SGS2.) Unlimited mobile internet lang ang importante sa akin sa mga plan na yun. :D

    6. Audio Technica headphones. :D


  141. rodel urot says:

    1) samsung android phone kahit galaxy Y lang sana
    2) ipod touch kahit second hand lang

    kung sino may extra diyan, share naman :)

  142. Mark says:

    My Christmas gadget wishlist:
    1. Galaxy Nexus
    2. Blackberry Bold 9790
    3. Nokia N9
    4. Nokia Lumia 800
    5. Asus Transformer (Prime)

    Ultimate mobile dev pack! :3

  143. neil says:

    1. Samsung Galaxy Nexus
    2. Motorola Droid 3/Motorola Milestone 3
    3. Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime

  144. Kervz says:

    1. Samsung Galaxy W
    2. Blackberry Curve 9360
    3. Blackberry Playbook


    ako bb 9360 okay na saken, andito ngayon BB samen. may raffle. premyo bb. sana manalo ako. waaaaahhhh. pagdasal niyo. lol

  146. Allan P. says:

    Ako, okay na sa akin ang Ipad2. :)

  147. Michael says:

    I only have 3 wish list for Christmas this year. One of it is already granted! :)

    1. iMac 21.5-inch Late 2011: I already have this one. My parents gave this to me as a birthday gift. I only have the base model but I can say that this thing is a BEAST. SUPER FAST computer. Worth every peso that my parents spent. :)

    2. Macbook Air 13-inch Late 2011: I want to have a new laptop. My white polycarbonate MacBook Early 2008 is already running slow. I want something that I can bring anywhere and and do all my stuff.

    3. Blackberry Bold 9790: I’m not a fan of so big phones like Bold 9900, Galaxy S2 to name a few. I want compact and stylish phones. I currently have a Bold 9700 but I guess it is time for me to change it.

    This is my wish list for Christmas 2011. :)

  148. Mitee de la Cruz says:

    I would just like a Windows Phone 7 with Mango Update. What more could you ask.

  149. Duanearmix says:

    Archos 80 G9 250GB tablet
    Acer/Asus mini desktops with 1TB hdd
    Canon 600D dslr
    Nokia Lumia 800
    Philips bluetooth headphone upgrade
    Kindle Fire ereader

  150. Kean says:

    The only thing on my Christmas Gadget Wish List is a 27-inch iMac with a 3.1GHz quad-core Intel Core i5 Processor.


  151. Ajjie says:

    I want a PRINTER!

  152. xatirlabin says:

    MacAir 13″
    iPad 64gb
    and the new iPhone 4s!

  153. Definitely the Galaxy Nexus! When is it coming to the Philippines anyway?

  154. Ryozen says:

    Just kindle touch for me.

  155. daddyjoey says:

    hmmm… ultrabook saka tablet. hehe!

  156. droly23hp says:

    Well all i want for Xmas is:
    1. A Droid RAZR
    2. A Windows 8 Tablet
    3. An Android ICS device(got one already in my nexus s though)
    4. A huge flatscreen LED TV!

  157. russ says:

    1TB Hard Drive
    Nokia Lumia 800
    iPad 2
    Leica M9

  158. jego207 says:

    A PC (upgarde) replacement. I just fried our CPU last night… literally. ;_; and a powerful ultrabook.

  159. mikibabs says:

    Christmas Wish List:
    1. a not so expensive 7″ tablet, Lenovo A1
    2. all gadget sellers drop their prices big time para everybody happy
    3. peace on earth =)

  160. anne says:

    1. imac
    2. samsung galaxy note

  161. Rex says:

    iPhone 4/4S and a prime lens. Kaso mahal, pwede na rin world peace…

  162. marvin says:

    FOR SALE: Dell Venue Pro, windows 7 smartphone, complete box, 2 months used. Email me @ [email protected]

  163. keemo says:

    i want…..world peace! =)

  164. ME WANT! says:

    Transformer Prime!!!

  165. oldmanjenkins says:

    Apple iPad2 Wi-Fi + 3G 32GB
    Samsung Series 3 305U1A
    PS3 Slim 250 GB

  166. oldmanjenkins says:

    Apple iPad2 Wi-Fi + 3G 32GB (wife)
    Acer Aspire TimelineX 4830TG (MINE!!)
    Samsung Series 3 305U1A (son)
    PS3 Slim 250 GB (me & my son)

  167. Sonny says:

    Xperia Arc Nozomi. Yun lang. . .

  168. Sonny says:

    Xperia Nozomi (or whatever the final name will be). Yun lang. . .

  169. World Peace says:

    I am wishing for a World Peace where no more wars and only love is present.

  170. vance says:

    Gadget Wish list:
    1.) external flash (cheap one but has a lot of features) about P5K, Yangnuo.
    2.) Tamron 18mm to 250mm for P12 to 13K
    3.) Battery Grip for my DLSR.

  171. Mark says:

    Gadget Wish list:

    1.) Macbook Pro
    2.) Nikon J1
    3.) iPhone 4S

  172. botsok says:

    1. PSP Vita
    2. iPhone 4s
    3. Asus Prime
    4. Galaxy Note
    5. Pentax K-r

  173. justin says:

    i just want a new tablet this xmas


  174. jeremy says:

    1. iPhone 4S
    2. HTC Sensation XE
    3. Macbook Air 13″
    4. Nikon D7000

  175. Oliver says:

    hmmm… an Iphone 4S

  176. Ej Raposas says:

    I Just Want a Samsung Galaxy SII…
    matagal ko nang pinapangarap…
    puro nalang po kasi tablet pc dito sa bahay… :(

  177. Ryo Koyabu says:

    Simple lang…
    1. Alienware M11x
    2. Sony Bravia BX320
    3. Sony Ericsson Txt
    4. Amazon Kindle Fire
    5. a Luminox watch

    Hope Santa sees this…

  178. Angelow says:

    1) Samsung/Hyundai 32″ LCD TV
    2) Creative ZiiSound D5
    3) Ipod Touch
    4) Macbook Pro 13-inch
    5) Ipad 2 / Galaxy Tab 7 Plus
    5) Casio G-Shock Watch
    6) Canon 600D
    7) Galaxy Nexus
    8) Toyota Hilux / Mitsubishi Strada
    9) PS 3

  179. bryansalud says:

    i want a laptop, particularly, for my projects at school.. i don’t have any idea what is the good brand or model sorry ..

  180. melvin javier says:

    forsale!! asus slider 1 week old :DD
    di to scam ahaha

  181. Christine says:

    1. Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 or Ipad 2
    2. Samsung Galaxy M Pro B7800
    3. Samsung PL101 Digicam
    4. A low priced laptop that can stand to Sims 3 ahahaha!!!


  182. Joe says:

    1. Galaxy Note
    2. 27″ Imac

  183. Mina Palencia says:

    Hi Sir Yuga!

    This christmas, I want:
    1. Motorola Atrix 4G
    2. A laptop – possibly Toshiba or Dell
    3. PSP or Tablet for my son
    4. Ipod Touch
    5. Canon DSLR
    6. Kindle Fire

  184. Mike de la Cruz says:

    All I want for Christmas are….
    1. 2011 Macbook Air
    2. 2011 Mini Cooper
    3. and World Peace!

  185. francis says:

    macbook air
    nikon d7000
    world peace

  186. Beejay says:

    i want an archos 101 g9. if i have a better budget, will go for samsung galaxy tab 10.1 :)

  187. Dennis says:

    Just had an early christmas already. Got the apple ipad wifi 64gb and a 32gb itouch 4thgen. What i’m looking forward to is getting an oterbox defender for my gadgets.

  188. Jeff says:

    -PSP Vita
    -42 or 47 Led 3d TV full HD
    -Extra Controller and Remote for my PS3

    Merry Christmas! :)

  189. Nic says:

    1. Asus Transformer Prime
    2. SE Xperia Pro 2011 / Samsung Galaxy Nexus
    3. Canon SX230HD
    4. Pico projector
    5. NAS/Network Media Center

  190. cocoie says:

    desktop computer po para sakin gawin kong pangnegosyo kahit printing lang muna samahan mo na rin ng epson L100 printer santa claus…

  191. MarionCast says:

    I never really thought I’d want one, but the first time I touched a Nokia N9 [albeit a dummy unit], it felt really nice in my hands! It was a great device to hold. Too bad: 1) Micro-SIM; 2) MeeGo (nice OS but no apps/dead ecosystem); and 3) PRICEY.

  192. LonelyGuy says:

    I’d like to have:

    1. Aspire S Series
    2. Nokia N9
    3. Nokia BH-505

  193. cathy says:

    1. kindle 4
    2. nokia N9
    3. samsung galaxy tab/ kindle fire
    4. nintendo 3 ds

  194. Roy says:

    My greatest wish on the tech front would be a good internet service here in Palawan. So far as gadgets go then it would be a Kindle Fire.

  195. Izel says:

    1. Ipad2
    2. Canon DSLR / Nikon D7000
    3. HTC Sensation XE

  196. charina says:

    my wishlists:
    1. imac 2. 7d 3. 580exii

  197. mice says:

    HTC sensation xe luckily just received one from hubby……

  198. Katrina says:

    Probably wanting the Galaxy Note (I’m a big Android fan over the iOS), BB Torch and any DSLR from the Canon EOS line ;-D

    I own a BB Curve 9300 :D

  199. carlsant says:

    for this Christmas, I want an Apple Airbook as the features of this laptop is superb. Feature: Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, Thunderbolt I/O, All-flash storage, Backlit keyboard, Multi-Touch track pad, and a lot more.

  200. nico says:

    for a handheld gadget I want an IPHONE 4s..

    and what I really want is a gaming rig!.. mid-end would be fine.. i5-2400k, 8gb ripjaws ddr3 and GTX550 ti :)

  201. Jay says:

    Motorola Droid Razr or Sansung Galaxy Note for a smartphone.

    Sone NEX-5 for a snapper.

    And a 64GB iPod touch. :)


  202. Jay says:

    Err. Samsung* and Sony*

  203. ramboo says:

    htc sensation xe and galaxy tab 8.9! nabili kona di na makatiis eh

  204. wweij says:

    the first android 4.0″ pc table- Ainol novo7

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