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Flying to Malaysia for the Asia-Pacific Blog Awards

Was just told this evening that YugaTech was selected as one of the finalist for the Asia-Pacific Blog Awards that NuffNang organizes every two years.

Bloggers from several countries in Asia and the Pacific (Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, HongKong, China and Australia) will meet in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on December 16 for the awards night.


Nominations have been going on for the last two months and we got picked for the category “Best Geek Blog“.

I am told that I need to post this entry as a form of my acceptance to the awards and the category that YugaTech is included.

This last segment of the awards involve some voting from the public. Voting starts today, November 15 and end on November 27. Go send your support and vote here.

Thanks in advance! =)

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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34 Responses

  1. benchmark says:

    wow! congrats sir yuga….being part of the finalist is a big thing na! GALING! I will vote for you! GO! sana manalo kayo! :)

  2. Marlon says:

    WOw congrats sir abes.. Lets support him Vote Vote Vote..

    You have already cast your votes,
    please come back after 2 hours to vote again.

    we can vote every 2hrs lol

  3. PrinceTey says:

    Congratulations Yuga :D

  4. kram says:

    Voted. . Congrats yuga. .nice one!

  5. razorous says:

    Done voting… Good luck!

  6. coolbuster says:

    congrats in advance abe. we support you.

  7. AdrianU says:

    Wow… Congrats

  8. Rommel A. says:

    Supporting you to the fullest!

  9. Done!…….Goodluck mr. abe…………
    Pwede po tayo ulit mag-vote after 2 hours…………..

  10. ledor toru says:

    DONE! Congrats! :)

  11. Sani G says:

    Congrats sir Yuga! And Good luck! https://spn.sr/Uwg

  12. wengweng2003 says:

    Voted :-) good luck :-) sana maibalita ang panalo mo sa news tv natin :-) mas dadami followers mo sir :-)

  13. Marco says:

    Good luck to you, sir!

  14. Jolina Magdangal says:

    Congrats and Best of Luck, Abe! :D

  15. Val says:

    Congrats Sir Abe and good luck! :)

  16. Dulfo says:

    My vote is for you Yuga! Good lick.

  17. Dulfo says:

    My vote is for you Yuga! Good luck.

  18. CaidoBlogger says:

    Congrats po! Voted Yugatech – Best Geek Blog :)

  19. Jeff says:

    Done! Goodluck sir :)

  20. Take the bacon and continue..

  21. Juan says:

    For the win!

  22. jherwynne says:

    you have our votes!

  23. Ranny Gutierrez says:

    Huwow! Congratz Sir Abe! I have casted a vote for you. More power!

  24. Steve Jobs says:

    Iphone 4S is the King of Smart phones. 4 million sales in 1 week. Wow!!!

  25. health-today says:

    Advance Congrats abe. we support you.
    thanks for sharing to all…

  26. bob says:

    congrats sir! more daily dose of your blogs! good luck!

  27. bennix says:

    Congrats sir Abe and more power to Yugatech!

  28. aze says:

    goodluck and God Bless!

  29. AdrianU says:

    Wow… Congrats… Very Impressive indeed
    Hope you win…

    I tried posting a comment the other night but I was caught by your Spam Filter… Weird…

  30. Congrats abe and nice and wonderful stay..
    happy journey

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