Samsung Series 7 LED TV Review

Samsung Series 7 LED TV Review

LED TVs are just starting to make an entry into the market and Samsung is one of the very first few ones that’s introducing them to consumers. Their entry-level model in the Series 7 is a 40-inch LED TV. This model uses light emitting diodes (LEDs) as its primary light source, rather than traditional cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFLs) found in regular LCD TVs nowadays.

samsung tv

At just under 30mm (1.2 inches), the TV is so thin you can practically hang it on the wall (the set just weighs below 15 kg). It sports the classic design with a glossy black finish and transparent edges. Samsung intended this design so you can actually display digital paintings on the screen and really make the TV look like a regular wall-mounted painting in your room.

samsung led tv

The Samsung LED Engine generates a mega contrast (1,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio) so you get really nice vibrant colors while maintaining the darkest black level for much better contrast. It supports a resolution of full HD 1080p (1920×1080 pixels) so you get great results in movie playback. The biggest advantage of LED TVs from the non-LEDs is that you get superb color intensity and dynamic range. Problem though is that I didn’t see any huge difference in picture quality when I hooked it up to my HDX 1000 and played some 1080p video clips.



At the back are two 10-watt speakers that points downward for a better sound spread. It doesn’t have the volume you’ll need for watching some hidef or Blu-ray movies but is more than enough for regular TV viewing. You’ll have to hook this up to a separate sound system if you want to enjoy a full surround sound movie experience.

The TV also comes with a plethora of ports at the back panel – two USB 2.0 ports for importing and viewing photos and videos, 4 HDMI ports for connecting with HD players and gaming consoles, and an Ethernet port for connecting the TV to the internet (there’s option for wireless LAN support too), among others.

(I liked this separate small egg-shaped remote you can use just for channel surfing.)

The Series 7 features Picture-in-Picture display (although it can only do multiple video inputs and not two TV channels at the same time) as well as a Content Library and DLNA Wireless. And because of the low energy consumption of LEDs, there’s a 40 percent reduction on power when compared to regular LCDs.

Since LEDs are still a bit expensive, this Samsung LED TV will also reflect that cost. A Samsung Series 7 LED TV has a suggested retail price about twice the price of a regular LCD TV of similar size. If an ultra slim wall-mounted TV really fancies you, the Samsung Series 7 LED TV fits the bill. Expect to shell out about Php150,000 for one of these in stores and I must admit, this one is really for early adopters who has some money to burn.

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27 Responses

  1. bing says:

    is it clearer than plasma?

  2. bertsan531 says:

    Its available already here in Dubai 2 mos ago,I saw it in the malls and the resolution is really great also the design.Cost here is 8,000 dirhams so around 105k php (1dir=13php) mahal parin hehehehe…wait till the price drops….

  3. Raven says:

    They say LED TV d0nt use electricity t0 light up its pixels. Its an advantage that pays the price. Sarap gamitin per0 hirap pagipunan.

  4. In a couple years hopefully prices would go down drastically but for now, LED TVs are just too expensive for the common man.

    By then would we get super high Def already? :P

  5. leo says:

    wait for a couple more years and for sure, the price will drop in half.

  6. nanayMo says:

    Totally out of my league.

  7. Kenneth Tecson says:

    waw ang ganda.,
    ang sarap bumili ng ganyan.,
    sana lahat ng tv ganyan para makatipid sa kuryente.,

  8. Vance says:

    I saw this in Samsung Showroom in Libis, there were sweet… yung nga lang compared to the regular LCD TV they cost 2x. the 40 inch will cost you about 150

  9. Ryan says:

    Also 240Hz doesn’t really help that much with fast action.. kitang kita yung artifacts kapag may fast action na..

    Kaya lang ang ganda ganda nya huhu..

  10. Butch says:

    Got 55″ and I tell you it’s one TV I’ve been waiting for. I wish I could have afforded 8 but 100Hz is good enough.

    DLNA feature/Wireless connection, awesome! Widgets i.e. YouTube was a treat to me and my friends.

    Plug-n-Play feature and high-contrast display is another plus for this TV in showing photo slideshows.

    Get it na!

  11. amazing work .. beautiful …

  12. job nyamao says:

    I wish we can have these models in Africa Kenya Nairobi.It looks good.

  13. techburaot says:

    makikinood na lang ako sa mall. haha

  14. Neha says:


    What is the price for 6 series 40 inch LED in Dubai ?

  15. Matt says:

    The 7000 series is amazing, but hasn’t caught on enough yet (due to the price of 3D). 3D is still in it’s infancy (home TV wise) and is waaayyy expensive.

    Personally, I think the best solution for people who don’t care about 3D is just to go with a 6500. It gives you a 120 hz refresh rate and [email protected] (and it cost a lot less).

    Anyway, awesome review on the 7000 series!

  16. gnob says:

    ganda talaga especially the 3D LED

  17. gnob says:

    meron na ba samsung 3D LED 240 hz available….if ever how much.

  18. Now days the good LED tv priced between 2,00,000-3,50,000. If one can wait for six months or more he might get the same model atleast 20 percent lesser price than todays.

  19. Cheap LED TV says:

    In terms of a cheap and best LED TV, the Samsung Series 7 LED TV Review is one of the best around. The LED TV from Sharp is quite thick when compared to slimmer versions such as those from LG. However, this also works to the advantage of the Sharp LED TV because it is able to provide local dimming features. I have read some interesting content at what do you feel about content provided here?

  20. gnob says:

    are you saying 200,000 to 350,000the cost of 3D LED 240HZ…..

  21. Samsung India is an established name in the field of electronic goods which is better known for its good quality products.

  22. Thank you I will stay tuned.

  23. gie says:

    Magkano po ba ang flat tv ngayon sa dito sa atin sa pinas?

  24. Stevenson says:

    Not bad at all….. not the right time to buy though as I am almost sure prices will drop like a hot potato give or take 7 or 8 months…. I am still happy with the tube :)…….

  25. erbol says:

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