AdMob launches Mobile Analytics

AdMob launches Mobile Analytics

Mobile advertising network launches in beta a new analytics software to track and monitor traffic to your mobile web sites or blogs.

The service, AdMob Analytics, is currently in private beta but you can sign-up here to get invites once they open it up to the public.

It will also be free, of course. If you’re running AdMob on your blog or has installed that Mobile WordPress plugin, you could at least get an idea of how much traffic you’re getting from mobile devices or mobile-specific search engines (e.g. The Mobile Analytics might be able to give you more information as to the platforms, keywords, and profile of your mobile visitors.


Here’s a video of AdMob founder, Omar Hamoui, explaining the analytics further:

From the demo so far, it looks promising. AdMob is mostly a monetization service. An analytics would greatly help users and advertisers more to drill-down on their ROI.

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