Twitter Stream on Google Search Results

Twitter Stream on Google Search Results

It’s finally here — Twitter streams have now been integrated into the Google SERPs and they’re updated live. Took a screenshot here with one of the trending topics on Twitter.

This one I took using the term “Shane Spark”:


It doesn’t show up ion all search keywords or even all terms in the Twitter trending topics. Not sure what is Google’s criteria for including Twitter results into the universal search results.

*SERPs – Search Engine Results Pages

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7 Responses

  1. Mike Lopez says:

    At first I thought it would help webmasters put their sites visible on Google SERPs but with the way the stream is being displayed, I don’t think it’s gonna work for that purpose. I may be wrong though, knowing that webmasters are very innovative.

    It will still all boil down to good content – good content gets more backlinks (great for SEO) and good content gets passed around virally. Twitter is a good viral tool and so, maybe it will help.

  2. I tried it also Sir Abe to google search top twitters, verified accounts of some celebrities and updated tweets appears in SERPs but for my own twitter account it didn’t show the latest status update and only my status yesterday. LOL

    I don’t know perhaps google is ranking it according to most number of tweets or popularity. Ha ha ha

    I’ve noticed also that if your twitter and facebook accounts are connected to each other it will appear also in SERPs.

  3. dante noe says:

    yes.. sa wakas.. all my tweets are crawled by the web :D

  4. marvin says:

    I am beginning to hate twitter. All the users use automatic twits, like twitfeed, twitdeck, api, etc. They are just keep on shouting but not listening.

  5. twitter is getting famous, loving tweetdeck and hootsuite,

  6. I don’t like twitter…

  7. Not only twitter, even facebook also Stream on Google result. That mean that Google to track the keywork in social media as well. Twitter and FB profile status also can been shown in Google result.

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