Yahoo! Mail 3 times bigger than GMail

Yahoo! Mail 3 times bigger than GMail

Duncan Riley reports at TechCrunch that Yahoo! Mail is still the more widely used email service than GMail this Christmas.

A chart below (taken from TC) shows a ComScore report of unique visitors on Yahoo! Mail versus GMail from November 2006 to November 2007.

Yahoo! GMail

Rough estimate Yahoo! getting close to 250 Million unique visitors each month for the entire year. However, the trend looks like it’s mostly a flat line without much increase in the figures for the last 12 months. GMail, on the other hand, grew from around 60 Million unique visitors to just over 90 Million in the last year.

Yahoo Mail’s growth rate of 3.21% pales in comparison to GMail’s 56.3%. However, Duncan’s conclusion that at this growth rate GMail will overtake Yahoo! Mail by 2010 is just plain wrong and misleading.

According to the figures, Yahoo! Mail is 3 times the size of GMail. GMail is fairly new in this arena, having been launched in April 2004 while Yahoo! Mail has been in existence for over 10 years now. Of course, due to the small userbase of GMail, its growth rate will be significantly higher than that of the old-timer. I think everyone has had a Yahoo! mail at one time or another.


The 3.21% growth in Yahoo! Mail translates to about 8 million more while with GMail, it’s close to 30 Million during the same period. Here’s my alternate and more believable extrapolation of their growth:

Let’s assume a consistent 30M for GMail and 8M for Yahoo! Mail in the next several years, the formula would look like:

YM (pop) + ( X (years) x 8M) = GM (pop) + ( X (years) x 30M)

250M + X(8) = 90M + X(30)

140M = 22X

X = 6.4 years

Assuming that both growth rates are flat (which is also doubtful), it will take until 2014 for GMail to overtake Yahoo! Mail. In 2010 and 2014, we’ll revisit this figures and see which guesstimates came the closest.

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16 Responses

  1. jhay says:

    Gmail still has a lot to learn, like integration. Especially for Gmail Apps users. Still, it’s Gmail for me till the end.

  2. Y!Mail’s unlimited storage is too tempting. I just wish we get something similar to the Gmail Drive application on it.

  3. Ordnacin says:

    Not really sure if GMail will ever overtake Yahoo Mail. Gmail’s interface/structure is just too different from the standard folder structure that casual users are familiar with. What I’d like to know if when will Yahoo mail ever allow POP mail for free…

    @slv3rblade I think a plugin similar to GSpace might be grounds for suspension of your Yahoo account. I do think it’s in their TOS that you can’t use Yahoo Mail as a storage bin…

  4. the best pa rin yahoo mail.. pero mas ok spam protection ng gmail.

  5. @Ordnacin
    aww sayang naman

  6. Yahoo Mail pros (beta version):
    > Integrated Yahoo Messenger, no need to install Yahoo messenger app
    > Free texting to Globe/Smart subscribers

    > spam mails A LOT!
    > spam chats abound, oh yes. :)

    Gmail pros:
    > Can integrate AIM contacts on AOL instant messenger
    > can integrate up to 7 email addresses
    > great spam protection
    > less cluttered interface
    > can chat with other gmail users on your contact list w/ no need for 3rd party app

    > I just wish I can create folders to store some of my emails (maybe it has this capability and I haven’t just discovered it yet :)

    I both have a yahoo and gmail account but if they’d make me choose what to keep, I’ll say…. GMAIL. :)
    Happy New Year to all!

  7. Andrew says:

    Looking at those numbers, Gmail can match Yahoo Mail’s user base in five years or so. Let’s talk about users instead of unique visitors here. If we take a chunk out of each email service’s growth rate as new signups (against old users checking emails), Yahoo! is clearly losing ground. Out of its 8% growth, how much of it was caused by new signups? While Gmail enjoys a higher growth of 30%, I assume that most of it came from new signups because not everyone has it yet.

  8. adamike says:

    adamike1 at

    gmail is king!!!
    yahoo mail is dead!!!

    Although yahoo has a lot more users they also have a lot more dsat users


    gmail has more more vsat users


    in the old days if you don’t use your yahooo mail within a month your yahoo mail closes down…
    that’s the biggest thing for me – because I don’t get to open my email regularly…

    GMAIL doesn’t have that kind of a problem

  9. ewan ko pero tingin ko gmail really kicked yahoo , base na lang sa performance. Gmail kasi mabilis unlike yahoo and kung may time kayu try nyo.. and tingnan nyo ung difference.

    dati i have yahoo mail and i used to it, pero ngayun kaya may yahoo lang ako kasi for yahoo messenger.

  10. I honestly appreciate this, Thanks!

  11. ajgc says:

    You can manage your emails in gmail. Activate gmail labs and you’ll be surprised with a lot of the features you can use.

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