AdWords your Way to Traffic

This is a series of tips I meant to send to Darren of ProBlogger for his “31 Days to Building a Better Blog” series.

Another way to get traffic to your blog is to advertise. If you earn a couple of bucks from AdSense, what better way to spend it back but via AdWords? You can advertise your entire blog thru AdWords or maybe just a section or a post.

I do this once in a while with several sections of my blog, like the “Pinoy Top Blogs” and the “Online Button Maker“. Both of which are earning a several bucks from AdSense daily, so in return I spend a dollar or two a day advertising it via AdWords.

Likewise, your blog can also benefit from seasonal fads that tend to generate a lot of buzz and searches in Google. The blog entries that I’ve spent on AdWords were the Gloriagate downloads, HongKong Disneyland pictures (in the Gallery) and the Pinoy Big Brother post. This gets you enough traffic especially if a lot of other sites in the search results are on top of you. A few days ago, my blog was nowhere near the first page of Google and Yahoo for Pinoy Big Brothers but a recent check in in the search results show my blog either on the first or second page.

The catch here is to spend no more than what you earn in AdSense. Set a daily quota like a dollar or two a day. In the long run, the unique hits and additional traffic will pay itself.

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