Why my Mac OSX experience isn’t any better?

I have been asked dozens of times why I have not made the switch to a Mac for years. So when I bought a Mac a couple months ago, I thought all those “benefits” one gets from using a Mac (and OS X for that matter) will be put to test.

No Viruses. It has not been a problem for me in the last few years while running on Windows (I no longer use any anti-virus) so I don’t think it will be a problem on the Mac.

No Computer Crashes. I have had more crashes and computer freeze on my Macbook Air in a month than I’ve had in my Windows 7 laptop in 12 months. And I’m not exaggerating. Good thing there’s no blue screen of death here though — the Mac just gracefully exits.

Mac Energy Saver. The Mac has one of the best power saving features I’ve seen. I very seldom shut down the machine and always rely on sleep mode. But it’s not always a walk in the park. Like my Windows PC, I experienced my Mac not going to sleep after closing the lid. A few hours later, after fishing it out of the sleeve, I discovered it’s still running with the internal fan humming like crazy and heating up like it could cook a pancake.

I originally thought mine’s an isolated case but two other people I convinced to get the same exact MacBook Air had similar problems, though much less frequent than mine.

I guess I was just expecting too much from an OSX machine (my previous machine is an Acer Timeline which has lower specs than the Air). I love the hardware of my Macbook Air (see full review here). I even recommended it to a lot of people and I will still recommend it. I think it’s OS X that I am having issues with. Maybe I should just reformat and install Windows 7 instead.

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  1. em zarate

    i have the same experience as you… sadly switching to OSX was not any different for me compared to win7.

    regarding viruses – the reason i get viruses is through my own negligence, more specifically i get them from malicious torrents that i forcefully tell myself to down… viruses on any windows machine can easily be avoided even without an anti virus

    regarding crashes – both OSX and Win7 crash at some point or another, but both are pretty stable IMO. if your win7 keeps on crashing… check your hardware and “bloatware”

    regarding battery life – admittedly win7 is a resource hog compared to OSX. i wish win7 was more optimized to run on lesser resources

    however i will make the switch in the coming months. not because i have problems with win7, but rather i have problems with the hardware that runs it (sub par LCD screen, lack of QC to name a few) however i have no plans on giving up on win7. i actually plan to run bootcamp on my future machine and use that as my main OS *hoping stability issues will be fixed by then*

  2. i never had a mac although i would love to have one…regarding your trouble with putting your hardware to sleep…you should always wait for the process to complete going to sleep mode before closing the lid…closing it midway disrupts that process hence the freezing on startup…or just turning of only the lcd when you close the lid too early…and defragmenting your files is a major factor in easy startup coming from a hibernate mode…having an organized directory of files makes your pc find itself where it left off…

  3. Windows 7 has so far crashed on me on only one occasion, and that was because of some 10.1 Flash glitch. Also experienced an OSX problem because of Flash.

    Both systems are excellent really. It all boils down to preference if you pick one.

    As for me, the 13-inch MBP is still the king of notebooks. Top-notch hardware and construction, and great OS.

    For my workstation at home, nothing beats my assembled rig running Windows 7.

  4. Palagay ko FF issue yan. Ang FF sa Mac ko patay na talaga. Whatever I do, re-install, installing early version, doesn’t help.

    Why you don’t get viruses… You probably don’t surf for pron too often.

  5. there are issues with the macbook air (newer model) diba?…

    @abe hindi kaya dipende sa macbook yan, baka sa Air lang, have you tried the bigger brothers. hehe

  6. I’m also a recent switcher (Switched to an i7 4GB MBP with 500GB HDD) and aside from the hard disk problems (fixed by yours truly,) I’m enjoying the Mac. I dabble in the graphic arts and I find myself running Sims 3 and Photoshop together without a hiccup. Ditto too with StarCraft 2 and Photoshop on Windows. The jealous looks from my colleagues is just icing on the cake.

  7. Nice :) For me, I seldom experience crashes, actually YES on Firefox and Safari + Flash.

    Not sure about the Mac laptops not sleeping when the lid’s closed, haven’t experienced them; after having 2 Macbooks, 2 Macbook Pros and 1 Macbook Air.

    I really like the ‘sleep’ feature. The MBPs I’m currently using for work, I seriously doesn’t shut them down. On one case, it took about 6months before it had it’s first restart.

  8. …not running the latest MBA but my 2 year old first-gen MBA works just fine. No problem at all, except for the tendency to overheat when running videos (like youtube). Extremely rare crashes. It’s a solid platform and I see no reason why this experience will not carry over with the latest MBA. And, yes, I’m a proud user of Apple (member of Philmug)………..and Microsoft products. he he he…

  9. The two benefits of Mac stated above are also benefits of using Linux; and Linux is free

  10. lolipown

    and yet for some reason linux is stuck at the lowest end of the consumer market in terms of market share. Imagine that.

  11. ive got a macbook air for a year and a half now and lately i have experienced difficulties when online. whenever i use iphoto it freezes after awhile of using . other application also crashes all of the sudden when used like ym. by the way, i also dont know why my microsoft doesnt load when hit. the icon is there though.

  12. I’m not a mac user so I planned to buy my first macbook pro maybe within the next month, only to experience the OSX…i just read the rumors that Macbook Pro will be updating in mid-april… so should I wait for the updated MBP or I just rush to buy it beacuse I can’t wait?

  13. I am a Mac user for 12 years. Yun ang gamit namin sa office. Pero pag bibili ako PC ang choice ko. MAC kasi ang mahal, at halos mga games na gusto ko ay pang PC. Ang hirap din maghanap ng softwares, drivers, etc. na pang mac.

  14. My bro owns a Mac so far wala naman sya reklamo. Nagustuhan ko sa mac is yung battery life.

  15. I also experienced your problem, I have about 5~7 crash on macos than win7 running on booth camp. I got the mbp 2011 edition. macos could run for about 6~7 hours if you only surf the web and not downloading anything. on win7 it registers about 4~5 hours no matter how minimal your computing may be. but I find win7 is more stable than mac os,5~7 on my mac for a week, but when Im running bootcamp(win7) I find it much stabler. even running games.

    I find myself waiting for the spinning rainbow wheel to much, while on win7 it was fine as long as you keep it up to date.

    its funny because macosx is designed to run on apple devices while win7 is designed to run on most devices but find it much stabler running win7 on apple notebook.

    I am using computer for more than 15 years, and just bought a mac 2 months ago and I have more crashes on my mac than my previous laptop even Sum it all up(clone desktop,ibm,hp,acer,compaq,lenovo).


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