Friday, May 30th, 2014
Honda unveils Civic 2.0 EL MUGEN & Civic 1.8 E Modulo

Honda unveils Civic 2.0 EL MUGEN & Civic 1.8 E Modulo

Honda today announces the availability of its refreshed models in the Civic lineup. This marks the company’s third model launch of this year, and introduces a slew of factory-installed accessories that come as standard. Meet the Civic 2.0 EL MUGEN and Civic 1.8 E Modulo.


The top-of-the-line Civic 2.0 EL MUGEN variant comes with 5-speed automatic transmission and a 2.0-liter engine displacement, while delivering maximum power output of 155 ps at 6,500 rpm. Obviously, EL MUGEN features original MUGEN parts that come as standard for this variant. The kit includes MUGEN sports grille, front under spoiler, rear under spoiler, side under spoilers, wing-type trunk spoiler, and a MUGEN emblem.


The mid-range Civic 1.8 E Modulo is also blessed with a 5-speed automatic transmission while running on a 1.8-liter engine. It is capable of giving off a maximum power output of 141 ps at 5,500 rpm, and is fitted with Modulo kits including a front under spoiler, wing-type tailgate spoiler, and Modulo emblem. In addition, a new honeycomb grille with single bar chrome accent also makes its appearance for the 1.8 E Modulo and Civic 1.8 S which is the base model.


Apart from the base variant, the new Civic models come standard with fog lights, chrome handles, and power retract side mirrors with integrated side turn lights.  The three new Civic models are available starting at Php978,000 for the Civic 1.8 S, Php1,118,000 for the Civic 1.8 E Modulo, and Php1,368,000 for the Civic 2.0 EL MUGEN.

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  1. Justin

    P1.3 million?!?…. for a Civic?!?!

    • Rainbow Rat

      Have you ever driven a Civic Sir?

    • Justine

      Bisikleta lang meron yan. Yung pink na pambata.

    • @justin this civic is not meant to be practical, and affordable. if ypu want to spend on something more practical, buy an innova, semiloaded na ng features.

    • Justin

      @Rainbow: Yes, I have. I own a 2007 Civic right now.

      @Justine: Riiight… I’m sure ikaw, bro, marami kang pera pambili nito, noh?

      @wew: Thanks, sir. Yung comment mo lang ang pinaka-matino sa lahat.

    • Julia

      Magkano ba ang tamang price? Do you know about the word “inflation”? Expected mo ba ma’am same price parin ng bili mo ng honda mo 7 yrs ago?

  2. ariel

    grabe sobrang ganda nito…

  3. Digest

    Kung may pera bakit hinde. Nasa driver naman yan eh. Meron ka ngang Mugen or ibang auto, kung tanga ka naman mag maneho, ganun din.

    • Justine

      I disagree. Kahit ikaw na ang pinakamagaling na driver sa buong mundo kung puro reckless and pasaway drivers naman ang kasabay mo then you’re on the same situation din.

    • @Justine wag masyadong seryoso bro haha ung DRIVER na tinutukoy niya eh sa lahat un lol

  4. e30ernest

    No manual transmission option?

  5. dodongkho

    its very expensive for a hippie looking ride.and i think its kinda dirty too, given the overlaping add ons(mugen)

    • “hippie looking ride” and “kinda dirty”, eh? dude, it’s a CIVIC, not just a typical fucking compact sedan.

  6. wala na yatang MT ang civic. asan na ang passion sa driving nyan?


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