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August 12, 2011

Announced: Cherry Mobile Cosmo Winner

Thanks to all those who joined in our recent Cherry Mobile Cosmo give-away and we got over 600+ entries on that one.

So I went thru all the entries and picked some 10+ entries that I especially liked. I then randomly picked one of these as our final winner using

Here are the ones I picked as finalists:

1.) Gilbert Sepillo

“I want that Cherry Mobile Cosmo so I can save money…it cant “COS”t you “MO”re!

2.) JM Tuazon

I want that Cherry Mobile Cosmo so I can stop being an Android virgin. I want that Cosmo to pop my Android cherry!

3.) Roger Uy

I want that Cherry Mobile Cosmo so i can be the Optimus of the Galaxy and be the Apple of Desire of many.

4.) Recarlo Concepcion

I want that Cherry Mobile Cosmo so I can go LOCO over Froyo while drinking my choco on my table full of MOLO!

5.) JP

I want that Cherry Mobile Cosmo so I can pop a cherry without being guilty about it…

6.) Mikhail

I want that Cherry Mobile Cosmo so I can cherish the chweetness of that cherry and be a chwending chopic in chwitter with my own Cherry Mobile Cosmo.

7.) Sherwood

I want that Cherry Mobile Cosmo so I can …

Give my Blackberry a girl like Cherry
He’s been alone and sad lately
And as a gift I will give him as hot as Cherry
A girl next door- to marry.

8.) Justin

I want that Cherry Mobile Cosmo so I can watch porno.. i mean test froyo.

9.) Jay Jurado

I want that Cherry Mobile Cosmo so I can look more gwapo in front of the macho and the girls will go loco about my brand new cosmo while Im eating oreo!

10.) eleazmago
i want that Cherry Mobile Cosmo so i can feel the power of the Cosmos bundled in the sweetness of cherry in my hand

11.) Timothy

I want that Cherry Mobile Cosmo so I can:

C harge it already!!
O ut of the world Experience with Android O.S
S tart downloading Apps in Android Market
M eet Yuga in Person (If I WiN)
O bviously Celebrate Hahaha!

And our winner:

Congrats to JM Tuazon. You can now get your Android cherry popped, dude.

To the rest who joined — there’s more to come.

Watch out for our next contest on Monday. We’ve got a really beautiful 23-inch LED monitor from Asus Philippines to give away.

Cherry Mobile Cosmo, want it?

25 Responses to “Announced: Cherry Mobile Cosmo Winner”

  1. JM
    Twitter: jmtuazon

    OH MY GOD, ABE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sanctuarian06
    Twitter: Sanctuarian06

    Congratulations to the winner!

  3. Give Graphics
    Twitter: GiveGraphics

    congrats JM! lucky dude! thnx Yuga for d contest!

  4. Pusang Kulog says:

    Hhhhaaaaa? May 23″ LED monitor pa? Wow!

    Congrats sa winner… Two thumbs up!

  5. Nikko Dichoso says:

    Congrats Dude! :) :)

  6. Baidu says:

    Congrats sa winner, i will join the next contest!!! Rock on sir Abe!!!

  7. Straw Hat Luffy
    Twitter: january14n

    Congrats sa winner. Ikaw na.

  8. Jonaflormicfren
    Twitter: daniojr

    Thank you so much! Hope to win also.

  9. Leo Bien Durana
    Twitter: leobiendurana

    Congrats, JM Tuazon!

  10. Jeff says:

    Langya sa susunod gagawin ko na ngang English yung entry ko. And ill be more witty this time.

    Anyway Congrats sayo winner!


  11. benchmark says:

    WOW! congrats JM! galing! Hehehehe

  12. Recarlo Concepcion
    Twitter: iamcaloyski

    weeeeeeeeeee!! at least pasok ako sa top ten!! LOVE LOVE ko to!!!

  13. Recarlo Concepcion
    Twitter: iamcaloyski

    i mean top 11!! hehehe! anyway ask ko lang, curios lang, kung di siya raffle… sino po ang pipiliin mo talagang ok sa inyo.. curious lang! :)

  14. Gilbert Sepillo says:

    Congrats JM!

  15. Mike says:

    Congrats JM!

    Sir Abe, pa full review naman po ng cherry mobile cosmo. I am planning to buy one. di ko sure ang battery life niya

  16. Kenth says:

    Congrats to the winner and thanks ng madami kay Sir Abe for his generosity … more raffles to come … :D

  17. eonzerimar
    Twitter: eonzerimar

    sarap tlg maging yugatechers!

  18. RJ says:

    Hi Abe,

    I am avid fan of your. Reads your article everyday and learns a lot about technology. Anyway, Is there other way to have a contest here at Yuga regarding design? eg. Revamp of your logo?

    Gladly will participate:)



  19. Boffill
    Twitter: Boffill

    Wow! Congrats!

  20. justin says:


  21. Glenn says:

    Awts.. I tot siryus ung ilalagay, pede pala kulitan eh..

    Nilagay ko dapat “I want that Cherry Mobile Cosmo so I can..”:

    “.. change for good and won’t snatch others phone anymore”

    or “.. pass a law stating ‘IGNORANCE ON THE PHONE EXCUSES NO ONE'”


  22. sherwood
    Twitter: sherwoodhere

    woow. 7 is my fave no. anyway. hahaha. nice to be on top 11. Congrats.!

  23. daniel says:

    you already

  24. robert says:

    @sir yugatech, ok po ba ang cosmo? worth buy ba po siya for almost 6.9k? ok ba ang battery life and ok ba ang touch feelings ba niya?? sorry for more question. and tnx.

  25. rhytot says:

    maganda ung cosmo :) worth it para sa kumbaga beginners ng android

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