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September 30, 2011

Firefox 7 out and ready for download

Just downloaded it today but Firefox 7 has been out for a couple of days now and claims it uses much less memory (50%) compared to FF4.

It was only last month that we saw an update to Firefox 6 and six weeks later, FF7 is already out. That’s fast.

I earlier said that at this pace, we might see FF8 by December. Now it looks like Mozilla wants to hit FF10 before end of the year.

LifeHacker posted some benchmark results between FF, IE, Opera and Chrome. In the memory test, FF and Opera got the top scores.

Overall scores showed Opera leading the pack, followed by Firefox:
Opera 11.51: 82%
Firefox 7: 73%
Internet Explorer 9: 47.5%
Chrome 14: 43%

Just go to get the download.

9 Responses to “Firefox 7 out and ready for download”

  1. jayofarty says:

    What’s the rush? or bug fix maybe?

  2. jlapitan
    Twitter: jlapitan

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    let us help make the future of the web better

  3. Allen Cerezo says:

    Recently downloaded this one for Windows. I never thought that this was released just today?

  4. ebarrun
    Twitter: ebarrun

    this is the rapid release cycle of Mozilla products including Firefox, now with improved memory usage, FF7 was released September 27. to know more about future releases you can check it out here.

  5. samsung says:

    I am using this right now the firefox 6 always rape my memory usage but now it’s smooth sailing again cheers to firefox 7.

  6. jamesJ says:

    ftw firefox
    in firefox okay loading yugatech but sa chrome naghang?

  7. Benchmark says:

    I hope this doesn’t hang anymore unlike my previous FF6…anyway even if it hangs alot, still I prefer FF :)

  8. Tristan
    Twitter: tristankhalil

    I just updated my FF the other day and I would say that it’s more stable than FF6! Nice move FF!

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