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August 08, 2009

Pusoy Dos, ZZips and other Pinoy iPhone Apps

The number of iPhone Apps for Filipinos (or the Philippines) are growing. Two of my recent favorites are Pusoy Dos (Big2 Poker) and ZZips.

zzips pusoy dos

ZZips is an area code/zip code locator which could be pretty handy especially if you’re the type who frequently sends out greeting cards and snail mail letters.

Pusoy Dos (Big2 Poker) is a popular Filipino card game — one that I’ve been waiting for to be posted in the iPhone App Store.

These two are also currently on the top 10 most downloaded in the iPhone App store (for the Philippines). There are a couple dozen other iPhone apps out there specific to the Philippines/Filipinos (just search using the keyword Philippines) in iTunes. Check out the Classical Philippines Radio, SpaceBlaster Puzzles, Philippines Offline Street Map, SabiNila, Coversational Tagalog and iManila.

10 Responses to “Pusoy Dos, ZZips and other Pinoy iPhone Apps”

  1. Adrian says:

    wow ok yung pusoy dos ha! makapag install nga. thanks yuga for this information.

  2. sorry for my ignorance. is this different from “tong its”? wish they’d make an iPhone tong its app too.

  3. Carlo says:

    I have been SabiNila for a while. Freezes and closes now and then, but its good to use something Filipino on my iPod. =)

  4. Reel Advice says:

    I miss playing Pusoy Dos! Never knew there was an iphone app like that! Too bad I don’t own an iphone! haha!

  5. There’s a Baybayin (incorrectly known as Alitaba) app

  6. SoNn
    Twitter: richardson_chan

    Pusoy Dos frequently crashes. BTW, I got it for free via

  7. Ven says:

    Pusoy Dos crashes a lot so i deleted it. ZZIPS on the other hand is very stable and i find it using almost everyday :)

    Developer of that app is also the founder of site. The filipino iphone community

  8. Mobile Gamer says:

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