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July 19, 2012

Windows 8 Release Date announced

Whenever an upgrade or a release of a new product is about to take place, most of the time the date is always last to be announced.

So if you’re one of those wondering when the next iteration of Windows will come out, wonder no more as we now have an exact date on when Windows 8 will be available.

Microsoft’s President for Windows and Windows Live Division, Steven Sinofsky, has just announced during the Microsoft’s annual sales meeting that Windows 8 will be available for customers starting on October 26, 2012.

You can get Windows 8 through an upgrade (you’re eligible if you’re running Windows XP, Vista or 7) or by purchasing a new PC.

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9 Responses to “Windows 8 Release Date announced”

  1. Robert DC. Reyes
    Twitter: bobreyes

    Two days before the birthday of Bill Gates …

  2. watrboy
    Twitter: Yugatech

    tagal nila.. pinapatakam nila ang mga tao, hanggang masuya kaiintay.. luma na approach nila..

  3. r3
    Twitter: r2r2d2

    There’s more:

    October 27, 2012
    Release Date for Pirated version.

    Yes!!! :D

  4. benchmark says:

    How much kaya yung upgrade nito from windows 7? Sana mura lang, i want my laptop to be upgraded sana but never really checked on it kung ok ba or if there are imcompatibility issues sa installed softwares ko.

    • Louie
      Twitter: John_Louie

      $39.99 sir according sa Windows Blog. There’s also the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant to give you a complete compatibility report for your system.

  5. tinikling says:

    how many days after the release date will the pirated version comes up? sa pirated lang kasi ako umasa, para sa akin ang mahal ng original eh!

  6. Dherish says:

    Yes!!ilalabas na ang windows 8 .Yahoo sana ilabas na rin yung pirated yun lang kaya ko bilhin eh

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