Globe CloudFone vs. Smart Netphone

A lot of people that heard about Globe’s Cloudfone had the impression that it was developed to compete with Smart Netphone. Well, I think that’s as believable as the idea that Globe got the Samsung Galaxy S2 to compete with the Smart Netphone 701.

Ok, let’s pretend for a moment that the Cloudfone Ice was a direct competitor to the Smart Netphone 701. Globe’s ad somehow gives us a hint in that direction (the strategic naming of the phone is also a giveaway).

Let’s look at the hardware specs and see which handset is better (funny how Huawei and ZTE are always the brand behind all these).

Except for the screen and RAM, the two handsets are like cousins (much like what the Samsung Ace is to the Galaxy SL).

The biggest difference is in the price point. The Smart Netphone 701 is twice the price of the Cloudfone Ice. The two handsets belong to different price categories. In hindsight, people would look at the price first and say the Cloudfone Ice gets you the better bang for your buck. We Filipnos are very price-sensitive.

At that price range, the Cloudfone Ice competes with the likes of Alcatel and Cherry Mobile Android phones while the Smart Netphone competes with Android handsets from LG, Sony Ericsson and Samsung.

If we look at the postpaid offering, I am more inclined to compare Smart Netphone’s Plan 999 to Globe’s SE Walkman W8 with My Super Plan Unli Surf Combo 999.

The differentiator — SmartNet. Both handsets run on the Android platform but the Netphone adds a social ecosystem on top of that.

Comparing the Smart Netphone to Globe Cloudfone is like comparing a BlackBerry Curve 3G on BIS to a Nokia C3 on SuperSurf. They’re different and the deciding factor will still depend on one’s needs and budget.

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  1. Another plus factor for Netphone is its free GPS. No need to connect to internet. Dunno yet if cloudfone also offers free GPS.

    • cowscrubber

      umm…do you not know that GPS is always free?

      It’s just that you usually need internet to make practical use of it. Google Maps, for example, requires internet (although now there’s an offline feature).

    • cowscrubber

      umm…do you not know that GPS itself is always free?

      It’s just that you usually need internet to make practical use of it. Google Maps, for example, requires internet (although now there’s an offline feature).

    • UP Smart Grad

      well that’s just stupid.
      There are apps that harness the GPS Signal and display your location. (GPS ESSENTIALS, SYGIC, GPS STATUS)
      the base maps used to display where you are (such as Google Map) requires data connection (through your GPRS or Wi -fi, charging FOR BOTH NETWORKS if the former is used.)

  2. android 2.2 is way better. does cloudfone support multitouch?

  3. I’ve been to Globe Trinoma and SM North, out of stock ang cloudfone. Sa Smart naman out of stock din Netphoe. Wanted to buy Cloudfone kaso wala naman mabilhan.

    • kung netphone hanp mo. pnta sa sa main office ng smart sa makati. meron cla

    • Yung Cloudphone talaga sana kasi mas mura siya, pang pprepaid ko lng sana.

  4. Alin ba tlga mas better phone dito Ung cloudfone Ice or smart netphone

  5. May Smart Netphone ako and so far, okay pa rin siya sa akin. Gusto ko makita yung Cloudfone sa totoong buhay para ma-compare ko talaga siya sa Netphone ko. :)

  6. i’m using cloudfone, so far it good except for being slow and the camera is not that good,, but for android applications i can say that the price is sulit..

  7. miss my cloudfone. Lost it in Milan 3 weeks aog… huhuhu. given the price, the features are great as far as I’m concerned. I like the solid feel.

  8. Conpare nyo na lang sila at kayo na ang mag judge.

  9. UP Smart Grad

    the differentiation is so dumbly lame.

    You don’t really need smartnet if you can download better app suites(such as nimbuzz)

    It’s just stupid bloatware.

    For comparison, take na’s link.

    so second guessing.

    it’s the chipset(snapdragon vs not)and gpu (adreno vs not adreno) that takes the netphone higher, hence the higher price.

    same with computers. higher GPU = Higher Price
    anyways they are still computers , only on another OS.

    got it?

    • i don’t think UP Grad in general talks the way you talk. Do they?

      u don’t have to include “stupid” “lame” words as commentary, just to sound smart. LOL

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