Nokia Lumia 920: Unboxing in Parts

We received a packaged the other day. It was a large, silver box made of aluminum. The outer cover has an engraving that says “Nokia Lumia 920” which obviously got us excited. See the unboxing below.

Look at that shiny metal box of the Lumia 920 (great packaging if I might add).

So I went ahead and prepared the unboxing table. For good measure I also set the tripod for a video unboxing. Then, a quick peek at the silver box showed me this — it’s like a Lumia 920 shipped in pieces? Should I assemble the unit from parts or what?

Yeah, I know. Bummer.

Turns out Nokia actually sent out boxes of these worldwide to folks. It’s supposed to show you the important parts of the Nokia Lumia 920. The package included a sheet of Gorilla Glass, a large lens, the camera module, and the polycarbonate body.

Here’s the whole set of parts we got:

[fancygallery ID=”lumia920parts”]

All I need now is the motherboard and the digitizer and I’m all set to build my own Lumia 920 by hand.

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  1. The Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 will be released in November in Europe. The 920 will cost US$836 and 820 US$643. Wow in pesos 920 P35,000 and 820 P27,000.

  2. lonelyboy

    why some of the guys here are complaining thats its too heavy,,, o comon guys. even the 1 yr old baby in youtube can lift that phone. kumpara sa iphone unti lang ang lamang ng bigat nya. and siempre kumpara sa ios masmarami apps doon kasi matagal na. eto bago palang pero dadami din yan siempre and for sure masdadami pa sa ios. keep in mind that this is microsoft windows. masmaraming developers ang interested sa windows kesa sa ios and thats a fact. compare nyo nalang ang mac sa pc.

  3. lonelyboy

    are you sure the lumia 920 cost 836 us dollars???? its only 99 dollars here in us.

    • iv been in US 650 usd..kong naka plan ka seguro 99usd..sinungaling..

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