Lenovo launches A3000, A1000 tablets w/ phone features

Today we attended the local launch of Lenovo’s two new budget Android tablets — the IdeaTab A3000 and its dual-core sibling the IdeaTab A1000.

At first sight, both of these tablets may look identical to each other particularly when viewed head on. But truth be told, while these two new A-series tablets from Lenovo do share a few similarities, there’s more to these Android slates than meets the eye and this subtle contrasting features could mean the difference between getting one from the other.

lenovo ideatab philippines

Let’s start off with the IdeaTab A3000 which, by the way, retails for Php9,999. It’s got a 7-inch IPS display that has the same pixel count (1024×600) as the A1000 and runs quad-core Cortex-A9 processor which also has the same frequency (1.2Ghz) and RAM capacity (1GB) as its entry-level counterpart.

It also features expandable 16GB on-board storage, 5MP rear camera and two SIM card slots allowing the tablet to have voice call and SMS features, as well as 3G/HSPA connectivity.

lenovo a3000 philippines

If the A3000’s price tag is still a little too much for your budget, then you might want to opt for the more affordable IdeaTab A1000 which goes for Php6,499. However, in order to achieve its almost dirt cheap asking price, Lenovo has to cut back on some of its features which include non-IPS screen, a processor with two less cores and a more modest internal storage worth 4GB.

Moreover, the A1000 only has a single SIM setup and it doesn’t support browsing over data unlike the A3000. In exchange, however, you get a more decent audio performance with the A1000 thanks to a pair of front-mounted speakers that’s backed by Dolby Digital Plus technology.

lenovo a1000 philippines

Here’s a table showing a side-by-side comparison of the A3000’s and A1000’s key specs.

lenovo a3000 specs

The Lenovo IdeaTab A3000 and A1000 will be available starting this month and can be purchased through Lenovo’s retails partners such as MSI-ECS, Ingram Micro Ltd., through its sub-distributors Net Essentials and Open Communications.

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  1. Richard A. Peralta

    Gorilla Glass?

  2. Hello Yugatech,
    I just would like to ask if you are aware that there is an internal storage issue with the A1000.
    Not sure if it affects the A3000.
    If ever you are going to review these, please note this issues.
    Thank you.

    • ok, but that Novo7Tech mini iFive Mini2 you’re saying does a phone features? if it does, then you have a point.

  3. Novo7Tech mini iFive Mini2 rules over these crap specs. 8.9″ IPS pa, Quad cpu, Quad GPU,higher battery, etc. and it cost just below 9K….

    • Nakamura ka nga… Pero mapapamura ka rin sa problems niyan:

      Poor build quality. 
      Unresponsive buttons. 
      Scratch prone screen. 
      Dead pixels. 
      Poor speakers. 
      Unstable OS. 
      Bugs. Lags. Hangs. 
      Random reboots. 
      Wifi connection problems. 
      Drop Signals. 
      Poor battery life. 
      Easily gets hot. 
      Poor battery quality. 
      Warranty hassles. 
      Poor after sales support and service. 
      Low resale value.

    • Puro ka reklamo. May pambili ka ba ng mas mahal na tablet? wala naman!

    • abuzalzal

      BOBO! Only a dumb idiot like you would compare a not-so-popular brand tablet to an internationally recognized brand. BOBO!

      Mukhang hindi mo ata alam na yung brand name, quality at after-sales service ang binabayaran mo kapag bibili ka ng well-known branded tablet. Oh my god!

      Wala kang pinagkaiba doon sa mga bobong PC users na bumibili ng sobrang taas na specs na PC tapos magrereklamo sila kung bakit mahal at sa bandang huli hindi rin ma-fu-fully utilized yung binili nila. Don’t waste money on something that skimps with quality.

    • napansin ko lang tong si abusalsal lumalaki na ang ulo niya simula nung napatunayang tama siya na walang SD card slot si lenovo k900.

      tsaka bakit nga ba ang laki ng galit mo sa windows? lol dahil sobra nang sikat si Android? tas sinasabi mo pang bobo ang PC users? mas prefer nga ng maraming totoong professionals ang PC kasi mas madami itong programs. eh yung android, mobile apps lang ang madami sa kanila. sa windows, sobrang daming programs na ginagamit ng mga totoong professionals. tas sinasabi mo pang android na ang choice ng mga professionals daw?na tulad mo? . profesional ka na niyan? porket may car aircon business ka? sa ugali mong yan professional ka? mas profesional pa nga yung mga walang pinag aralan kugn ugali lang agn pagbabasehan. tas ano nga ba ang pwede mong maipagmamalaking games ng android? yung angry birds? shadow gun? sa windows, sobrang daming games. Dota, World of Warcraft, Crossfire, Battlefield etc. Tas may totoong photoshop. sa android, photoshop touch lang. parang picasa lang na pwedeng mag edit ng brightness at contrast ng litrato. haha.

      need i say more?

    • “Don’t waste money on something that skimps with quality.” –lol @abuzalzal he’s backstabbing himself. #cherrymobilefanboy #cmsucks

    • o cge na abuzalzal..ikaw na! ikaw na ang maraming alam sa gadget..shabu pa!

  4. wondering

    “Moreover, the A1000 only has a single SIM setup and it doesn’t support browsing over data unlike the A3000.”

    – it doesn’t support browsing over data? No APNs? Parang ang weird naman, you can call and text on a huge ass tablet pero hindi pwede data and when you need to browse, dapat naka-wifi. how stupid.

  5. i heard in forums that the A3000 though it has 2 simcard slots, no voice call operation? can you confirm this?

  6. the IdeaTab A3000 looks like the myphone iceberg from the back lol anyway sana pwede magbrowse ng internet through data sa ideatab a1000 kasi isa sa mga factors kung bakit bumibili ang mga customers ng tablet with phone capability ay dahil din sa capability nila na browse through data tsk tsk bad move lenovo bad move

  7. xhakezpyr

    Consider the proccesor.. Mediatek is a common proccesor and for me its a crap, Rockchip has a better performance and quality. so if you look for a china tab, check its proccesor and not just the features.

  8. I think the asus fonepad is a better investment over the A3000, the screen resolution is poor and don’t really trust lenovo with updates.

  9. Hello Yugatech,
    I just wanted to ask regarding your A3000 Lenovo model as I can see in the picture there is a phone functionality, I also have the same tablet but the phone functionality does not display on the home screen. May be the one you are selling is an asian version where as mine is a europeian one,is there by chance that you are having a firmware for this table so I could install in my unit? Thanks

    • @Rey i think hindi sa firmware ang may kulang…tingin ko wala talagang hardware for phone functionality ung nakuha mo kasi kung meron man yan syempre iaactivate yan agad ng manufacturers sa EU(kung sann mo man yan nabili) since dagdag points yan para ito ang bilhin.sorry pero tingin ko wala talaga ung iyo.

    • Rey pareho tayo tablet pareho version palitan mo ng firmware ang asian version wala raw playstore di ko sure ang sa akin mayroon makakakuha ka net niyan

  10. Giovannie Rualo

    I just want to share a feedback on Lenovo’s A3000. In addition to the features presented, the unit is dual sim, active standby. Internet can be accessed using either wi-fi or data connection from the sim card. The unit can be used to make phone calls, and send messages. I just wish Lenovo would send me a headset and some other accessories aside from the power supply and USB cable. At the moment, there is no ready-to-use screen protector and case, that’s why I can’t use the camera immediately and I look awkward answering phone calls.

  11. why can’t I make or receive calls,think I’ll change to Samsung everyone should

  12. Yugatech mayroon ba kayong leather case para sa A3000?


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