Anybody trusts the Nielsen Company surveys?

A recent survey done by the Nielsen Company revealed that among all the prepaid mobile broadband service providers, Globe Tattoo tops its competitors. The catch here is that Globe was also the one who paid for the survey done by the Nielsen Company.

I don’t blame Globe for commissioning the survey. Service providers like them really need to do regular surveys so they can assess the quality of their service and the consumers’ perception of their brand or product offerings.

The problem with surveys like these is that when you publicize the results, there’s already a conflict of interest. The trust rating also drops especially when the one who paid for the survey was also the winning party in that survey.

In the end, the story sounds more like an endorsement rather than a reflection of reality. It does more harm to the brand who commissioned the survey and especially the survey firm who did the job. I don’t think this survey has gotten any press is any of the other competing brands topped the survey.

My suggestion to Globe, Smart & Sun and all the other brands that want to do public surveys?

  • Continue doing those surveys. Do them regularly.
  • Keep the results of the surveys to yourselves — whether its in your favor or your competitors.
  • Stop making excuses why you wanted to publicize the results. We’ve heard enough of those “we initially did this for internal research but the results were so good we’re just so excited to share it with you…”

If you don’t, you’re just wasting your customers money which you can set aside to improve your services.

{source: manila times, philstar}

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  1. Dharma & Greg

    It’s funny people point out bias on others when they themselves have bias running thru their veins.

    Smart vs. Globe, Yahoo vs. Google, Samsung vs. Apple, Ford vs. Toyota, GMA7 vs. ABS CBN, Bench vs. Penshoppe, Krispy Kreme vs. Dunkin Donuts.

    Point me to a man who has no bias and I will point you to a pot of gold.

  2. There’s a saying that goes “you shall not bite the hands that feed you”. But that does not mean you should bite the hands of your master’s enemy. You’re putting your reputation at risk here by showing how biased you are to PLDT. I’m happy TechPinas is the most-viewed tech blog in the Philippines, maybe you should consider TP’s neutrality as a challenge.

    Anyway, surveys may have science/math/logic behind it but surveyees only represent a part of the whole target population. You may or may not experience the same service they answered to these surveys. Internet speed depends mostly on location-specific factors like signal and congestion so it’s better to try different ISPs and finally choose what suits you best.

    • Balasubas

      Balasubas ka pala e. Yung TechPinas mo nga yung paid endorser ng Globe. Magbasa ka nga dun. Siguro paid ka rin ano para manira dito? Huling huli e.

    • Bayas Ka Rin

      Pre, dun ka na lang mag comment, pls? Wala talag nag co-comment dun e. Kahiya naman sa favorite most viewed blog mo. Kahit binayaran pa yan ni Globe wala pa rin nag comment dyan kaya dun ka na pls!!!

    • Bayas’ comment: 50% legit, 50% shameless plug.

  3. Mark Macanas of Techpinas is a Globe endorser. At nakapaskil sa site niya ang ad na andun yung mukha niya. Ano ba?

  4. “The catch here is that Globe was also the one who paid for the survey done by the Nielsen Company.”

    That was one amateurish comment, and one that stretches nay mars Yuga’s credibility. While I may agree with some ideas in the article, I think this is one thought Abe should have kept to himself. Casting a doubt on Nielsen in this way hurts his reputation even more.

    I cannot speak about the parameters of this particular survey. But what I know is that companies like Nielsen utilizes methodologies that while not perfect, are sound and generally recognized across competitor lines. Their reputation and company’s status is tied to the perceived reliability of their surveys.

    Yugatech has not yet reached that status. And this is why Abe should be careful in implying such things.

  5. Whether Globe paid for the survey’s execution or not, they have the perogative to flaunt it and use it to market their product. Parang award lang naman yan, you use it to sell yourself to your future employers. TV stations use their garnered awards and ratings for ads. Why should you hide something you should be proud of?

    I’ve been a Globe DSL subscriber for 4 years. I chose Globe as my ISP not because I’m biased to the company, it’s because of the service’ very satisfactory performance. I once tried to change my ISP, I tried surveying my neighbors but found out it doesn’t work out for them well. That’s why I’m still with Globe. I guess surveys still work but only to some extent ie. location basis.

    Everybody is entitled to their own biased or unbiased opinions. Di naman sinasaksak ni sir Yuga tong article na to sa atin. Pero we should also watch our words especially if it sounds like attacking somebody. You can’t easily gain back whatever reputation you lost.


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