Sony Xperia Z2 features ported to other Xperia devices

Sony Xperia Z2’s features like camera modes, media apps, call features, home launcher, themes and wallpapers, are now being ported to other Xperia devices thanks to the folks at XDA.

sony xperia z2_mwc2014

The ports were made possible thanks to the Xperia Z2 system dump that XDA member DooMLoRD has posted online. It didn’t take long before developers started taking it apart to see if they can port some of the Z2’s features to other devices including the Z1, Z Ultra, Z, and a few 2012 Xperia smartphones.

Below are some of the Z2’s features that were successfully ported:

• Smart Social Camera Addons which include the Creative Effect, AR Effect, and Background Defocus. [xperiaz2]

• Smart call handling (lets you handle incoming calls without having to touch the screen) [RyokoN]

• Z2’s Calendar, Clock, Email, Messaging apps [niaboc79]

• Movie Creator, Simple Home, Sony Podcast, Smart Backlight and Motion, etc [Levered]

• Touch Block and Active Clip [kongaz2]

• Multiple apps and widgets [ZeroInfinity]

No successful port yet on the Z2’s 4K video recording or Timeshift video but I’m sure they’ll eventually make progress in that part. We’re itching to try those on our Xperia Z1.

Before you go ahead and try to port the features above, do note that most of them require a rooted Xperia or an Xperia that’s running Android Kitkat (custom ROM). Proceed with caution and remember to backup your device especially if you’re starting on the rooting part.

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  1. trolalu

    Ang chaka ng phone na to saming mga walang pambili :)

  2. Vienna

    Great specs coming from Sony Xperia. It really defined the word Convenience. Just as what LG did, they have this knock on code. You would unlock your phone by just knocking on it. Amazing right? :)


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