Globe bares LTE smartphone line-up

Globe Telecom earlier reported that they will soon launch new LTE smartphones once their new network is up and running. The line-up includes handsets from ZTE, Samsung, Huawei and HTC.

All handsets will be available under a Globe Postpaid Plan starting with Plan 999.

These Globe-exclusive smartphones are Samsung Galaxy S III LTE, HTC One XL, ZTE T81, and Huawei Ascend P1 LTE, all available under the Globe suite of postpaid plans starting at Plan 999 bundled with unlimited surfing, consumable amount for calls and texts, freebies, and the Globe Guarantee of superior customer service.

The four smartphones are the Samsung Galaxy S III LTE which comes with 2GB of RAM and Exynos 4412 Quad S4 dual-core Krait, the HTC One XL (dual-core Krait), the ZTE T81 and the Huawei Ascend P1 LTE. Some of these handsets can reach up to 100Mbps under the LTE network.

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  1. I hope they carry ANY of the new Windows Phone 8 phones. :( :)

  2. di ko mapigilan.. superior customer service.. lols

  3. bkit wala pa sila galaxy note 2? tagal!!!!

  4. dvancleef

    What’s your source for the specs on the SIII model ? There are at least 3 different versions of the LTE handset:

    1GB / Exynos (mainly North American markets)
    2GB / S4 (up to now Japan only)
    2GB / Exynos (up to now Korea only)

  5. I was waiting for iPhone 5 to try LTE out. Now that Samsung Galaxy S3 has LTE, I can’t decide! Which one do I get?

  6. The NA version of the S3 uses a dual core snapdragon S4 as the Exynos 4412 does not support LTE when the S3 first launched

  7. Where’s iPhone 5 in the list? Didn’t they announce LTE?

    • iPhone 5 isn’t yet officially released in the Philippines so as their Apple contract will be voided if they will post iPhone 5 ahead of time than the official release date.

  8. “Globe Guarantee of superior customer service.” – Nasamid ako dito.

  9. Is the S3 being offered by Globe currently the quad core variant or not?


    Superior Customer Service?

    Boy, that escalated quickly.


  11. Globe Guarantee of superior customer service.

    Wow! Since when?

  12. The Globe Guarantee of superior customer service.

    These guys. Such comedians! Or is it an early April Fools post?

  13. I hope globe upgrades my nanosim to lte soon.

  14. Sadly Galaxy Note 2 is not included. The mid
    October release of the Galaxy note 2 is only 4G and no LTE. It is already posted at the Samsung local website. Launching said to be Oct 16 and release date is on Oct. 20.

  15. I think Globe will not include Iphone for the LTE phone lineup as the mere use of 4G LTE by Apple can get them sued by Samsung, and apparently the latter is just waiting for the former to do it.haha..

  16. angry_bird

    Last time sabi ng Globe they are the most preferred broadband in the Philippines, eh bakit mas maraming subscriber ng broadband si Smart?

    tapos ngayon ito naman:

    Globe Guarantee of superior customer service.


  17. makaveli24


  18. game6master6

    WOW after a month waiting nobody bothers to reply a simple question? i have been an avid follower and reader but no value n return?

    @Ronnie Bulaong, yuga, abe, adn toher so -called experts

    pls answer naman!

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  20. tobimagwire

    effective na ang cyber crime law kaya nasabi ng ts na “Globe Guarantee of superior customer service.” hehehe

  21. Regarding Globe’s seemingly bad service, there was supposed to be this article that came out recently where information coming from the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) showed that the difference between Globe and Smart’s reliability of service is not that far.

    If that was true, then what is probably happening is that Smart is just playing the perception game by the one coming out with ads magnifying the competitor’s problems.

    Personally, though, yeah it’s quite a chore sometimes to connect with Globe in the Metro manila area. Outside, though, it hasn’t been much of a problem.


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