How much did PLDT & Globe make from subs in 2013?

Back in March, both Globe and PLDT submitted a report to the SEC regarding the financial state of their respective companies. We reviewed the SEC filing, investor reports and disclosure documents to see how much they made from their subscribers.

The numbers will help us understand how the telcos treat their customers thru investments and infrastructures and balance those with their fiscal responsibilities to their shareholders.

The numbers below are staggering and both revenues by Globe and PLDT are still growing year-on-year.

Some figures were not readily available in the documents.

One very obvious observation we derived from the investor reports is that the revenues from data services are increasing, even surpassing their fixed line revenues.

The row on Mobile Internet represents mobile data from subscribers (Unlisurf, Supersurf, etc.) while Wireless Broadband represents revenue from services like SmartBro.

The numbers presented for PLDT includes the mother company PLDT and subsidiaries Smart and Sun Cellular as well as other BPO companies operating under it.

For Globe, it also includes subsidiaries Innove, GXI and EGG.

Globe spent around Php7 billion to kick-start the network modernization program, including a Php1 billion investment in international cable systems.

Globe has over 2 million broadband subscribers while PLDT has about 2.4 million. The PLDT group has a combined 3.4 million postpaid (inclusive of 1.5 million from Sun Cellular) subscribers compared to 2.03 million with Globe.

PLDT estimates a loss of about Php900 Million because of Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan).

PLDT announced a dividend of Php179 per share (both ordinary and special) to its stockholders. Globe declared a dividend of Php37.50 per common share.

* Core income strips out nonrecurring charges, foreign exchange and mark-to-market gains and losses.

* Net income is final income after taxes.

{sources: 2013 SEC filings, 2013 Investor Report, Disclosures from Globe & PLDT)

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  1. Sorry for being the grammar police, Abe. But the title is horribly written. C’mon, its pretty basic english. How much did pldt /globe MAKE in 2013 – not MADE. If you would like to use “made”, it would be, How much PLDT/Globe made in 2013.

    • Sorry, missed that. My original draft used a slash (/) instead of an ampersand but forgot the did/make.

    • THE grammar police… That’s a nice title bestowed by someone upon himself.

      But the incorrect usage of ITS is pretty horrible as well. Instead of “C’mon, ITS pretty basic english,” it should be “C’mon, IT’S pretty basic English.”

    • Grammar nazi vs. Punctuation nazi. Tenenenenen teneeeen~~~~!!! mehehe

  2. I cant believe that the total postpaid subs of pldt is just 2.4M. Tapos 1.5M dun ang suncell. So ang smart ay 900thou lang ang postpaid subs. Parang ang liit.

  3. No matter how much the public is made aware of this… should I say “selfishness” of these telco giants, there will never be any significant difference unless we wait… I mean literally we wait till the world has left the Ph. That we would be put to center stage being the country with one of the slowest data connectivity. Sigh.

    It would be of best interest of the public and perhaps of the country itself if there would be least government control. As in we let all forces of economics come into play.

    And I hope the Great Spirit touche the hearts and minds of these telco billionares.

  4. They are making all that money but not investing enough of it in improving infrastructure as the Philippines has the slowest internet in all of the ASEAN countries.

  5. If these telco wizards are really wise then they should give back what is due to their clients. We are all accountable, remember?

  6. “One very obvious observation is that the revenues from data services are growing, even surpassing their fixed line revenues.”

    Just to comment about the statement: It is not obvious in this matter because you only presented a year worth of data. I just want to point out that growth trend cannot be derived much more become obvious based on the data. Growth trends are built within a specified time interval with multiple sample points (not just one). You can compare not the growth but the magnitude (ie. Data Services Revenue > Fixed Line) not unless you have sufficient data (like a graph)showing this obvious growth that you are seeing.

    Kindly note for future reference. :))

    It’s good that articles like this are being published so people may know how they are being served by their service providers… or shall I say how service providers are being served by their subscribers.

    • Sorry did not post the graph here. We sifted thru several years of investor reports that brought us to the conclusion. I’ve rephrased that sentence to make it clearer.

  7. And I still don’t get a signal inside my house here in Cernan St., Moonwalk Village Paranaque. Globe, how much will a repeater/booster cost? I find it mind boggling that on my way to Pagudpud I can get LTE but not here in Paranaque.

  8. wow, net income is in billions?!
    and they still give really shitty service to us?

    in short “pineperahan lang tayo” nila.
    will SEC,DOTC &/or NTC can do something about this?
    i just can’t believe them talaga.

    • Bro, just to enlighten you. Here are some of the Top 100 owners or stockholders of PLDT:

      – San Carlos Seminary (7,140 shares)
      – Trinity College of QC (6,936 shares)
      – Rev. Fr. Ciceron Tumbocon (6,518 shares)
      – Siliman University (6,438 shares)
      – PLDT CEO & President Napoleon Nazareno (6,427 shares)
      – Society of Divine Word (5,540 shares)
      – San Carlos Seminary Foundation (5,402)
      – SSS (8,338,379 shares)
      – TV5 Pres. & CEO Ray Espinosa (13,043 shares)
      – Hospital de San Juan de Dios (17,932 shares)
      – Philippine Airforce Educational Fund (12,634 shares)
      – Manila Memorial Park (9,241 shares)

  9. they’re getting billions for poor coverage and slow connection.

  10. pakialimerong palaka

    mahirap talaga sa ating bansa kasi we are an archipelago. remember the diaaster relief in haiyan. mahirap magtrabsport from one place to the other what more wireless/wired internet. plus the fact na nasa pacific ring of fire pa tayo so this infrastractures on land or on sea usually and oftenly affected by earthquakes. another thing is that we ate also a tropical country, being hit by typhoons and some super typhoons. i am not from globe/pldt but my point is that we should be thankful that we have internet connection and we have several options despite and inspite those glitches in our country.

    • eric jay

      one of the reasons kung bakit mahal, pero parang sumosobra naman sila maningil.

  11. eric jay

    ain’t surprising. bibili na lang ako shares nilang dalawa. mga sakim sa pera na serbisyo nila na di naman maganda.

  12. hmmm Globe Revenue will be down soon… coz of the fup :)

  13. If you think the telcos are “making too much money”, then maybe you should buy shares of stock in Globe and Smart, so that the money finds its way back to you. :-)

  14. Mga dukhang kumpanya. Meanwhile NTT’s sales is more than of the entire GDP of our beloved shithole.



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