Samsung is working on a Smart Bike

One of the perks of being as big of a company as Samsung is the luxury to channel resources in other fields to further grow their business and create new jobs in the process. That’s exactly what Samsung is looking to do when they launched the Maestro Academy in Italy, and one of their projects involved a handcrafted and geeked-out bicycle called Smart Bike.

At a distance the Samsung Smart Bike may come off as ordinary bicycle with a slightly bent top and bottom tubes. But its looks are rather deceiving, because at the core of its curved aluminum tubes lies a plethora of components which is aimed at making the biking experience safer for the driver.

Samsung Smart Bike

The Samsung Smart Bike comes with its own set of batteries which powers up the other components such as Arduino wireless module (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS), a quartet of LASER projectors, as well as a rear facing camera that acts as a rear-view mirror when paired with a smartphone.

Did we say just smartphone? Indeed. One of the key features of the Samsung Smart Bike is its ability to pair with a smartphone which allows the driver to control the various functions of the bike on the fly.

There’s currently no details of when Samsung plans to release the Smart Bike in the market and how much they’re planning to sell it. But I’m pretty sure that bikers from around the world would love to take this baby out for a spin.


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  1. Hen-Sheen

    It’s only a matter of time before our vehicles “transform” into something else!

  2. I hope they don’t forget to waterproof it :)

  3. Freeje

    As usual cheaper ones will come out soon from the copycat factories.


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