Apple launches its wireless AirPods

Apple launches its wireless AirPods

With the launch of Apple’s 3.5mm jack-less iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, many were left wondering how the Cupertino giant would address the loss of the said feature. With that, they also launched the AirPods, their first wireless ear gear designed to work with the iPhone and the Apple watch.



These are the company’s first true wireless earbuds as they only rely on wireless connections to transmit audio data. They also sport a microphone that senses the direction of your voice for better audibility. The AirPods are also equipped with the first Apple W1 chip designed for high-fidelity and consistent audio output. As for its battery life, these alone can play back up to 5 hours of music. With its portable battery case, it can deliver up to 24 hours of music experience.

The Apple AirPods are set to be on sale in select markets later this month with a USD159 (roughly Php7,500) price tag.

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8 Responses

  1. Noel says:

    I wonder if this is also compatible with Ipod Nano 7th Gen thru bluetooth pairing? Thanks

  2. Ross says:

    O nasaan na ung sinasabi ng isa db na nag sasabi na it comes with free bluetooth headset sa iP7 hehe.

  3. Ross says:

    O nasaan nanung nag sasabi daw na mayroon daw kasamang free bluetooth headset ang iP7.

  4. ross says:

    nasaan na ung sabi daw may kasamang libreng bluetooth headset daw ang mga iPhone 7 lintil si Apple pa. tingnan natin kung game changer daw ang lightning headset. good luck Apple iPhone 7 sa malamang mhina ulit magigigng sales nila nyan.

  5. ross says:

    sorry admin d ko sadya mag flood paki bura na lang sorry po.

  6. Cheechee says:

    Is it just me, or it looks like the result of bad design choices?
    It looks like the standard Apple Wired earphones with the wires removed and it really looks weird and awkward on your ear from an aesthetic standpoint.
    Nakasabit lang sa labas ng tenga? Isang pure wireless device (meaning walang cable attaching the two units) so anung mauunang mawala dyan? kaliwa or kanan? hahaha
    Wala nang espasyo ang outlet ko para sa isa pang i-cha-charge! mag-o-overload na!
    mapapatwad ko ang presyo, apple ang nagset eh.

    • ross says:

      saka ang tanong che nasaan headset ang myroon mic dyan nasanleft b o right hehehe googd na lang apple, noon ang apple nag set ng new ideas ngayon parang sila na ang nangongopya

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