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The Fastest Power Banks in the Philippines and where to find them

More often than not when it comes to power banks, we usually consider how much juice it has. That’s why we see ridiculously large power banks with 50,000mAh (Power banks with High Charging rates of 50W and above) or even some even reaching 80,000 mAh (10 power banks that can charge your laptop). But what slips under most people’s radar is how fast they can charge your device.

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The Fastest Power Banks in the Philippines

Fastest Powerbanks

When looking into how fast a power bank can fill your phone’s battery up, you’re gonna want to look at the power bank’s Wattage. Now I’m no electrical engineer but the simple fact remains that the higher the wattage, the faster it charges your phone. So today we’ll be looking at some of the fastest power banks you can find here in the Philippines today. The power banks in this list all have a rated wattage of at least 100W, so you’ll be sure that you’ll get charged up real quick when you need it.

Lenovo Go Laptop Power Bank

Kicking things off with the Lenovo Go Laptop power bank. It’s a slim and sleek power bank that you’d never guess to be so powerful that it could actually charge your laptop. It has a power rating of 100W, which can fully charge any phone in just a pinch.


It even comes with a sizeable 20,000 mAh battery capacity to last you through multiple charging sessions. What’s also neat is that it has a built-in USB-C charger which comes in handy if ever you don’t have a cable lying around. Other features include two other USB-C ports, a single USB-A port, and overcharge protection.

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Php 5,995 | Get it here

YooBao EN100

The YooBao EN100 also comes with a sizeable 20,000 mAh battery capacity. However, what truly makes the EN100 unique is that it comes with an AC outlet that delivers 100W of power. This means that you’ll be able to charge devices that need an AC plug instead of a USB port.


But not to fret, its USB-C output is also capable of 45W fast charging. Other features include a handy headlamp, a boxy design to help it stand, a built-in strap, and two other USB-A ports.

Php 3,500 | Get it here

Baseus Blade

If portability is a main concern for you, then maybe the Baseus Blade would be your best choice. Coming in at only 490g and at just 18mm thin, this power bank is for sure to not take up a lot of room in your bag.


It also comes with 20,000 mAh but and two USB-C ports that support 100W fast charging with two other USB-A ports that support 30W quick charge. Baseus claims that the Blade can even charge a MacBook Pro 16 inch from 0% to 36% in just 30 mins. It also comes with a display to tell you how much power it has left among other details.

Php 3,300 | Get it here

Technoamp 25000mAh 100W PD

If you want the best bang for the buck superfast power bank, then this one from Technoamp may just suit you. It comes with three USB outlets with a single USB-C port capable of 100W charging.

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Realme Philippines


It even comes with a slightly larger battery capacity of 25,000 mAh that they claim to charge a Macbook Pro 13 inch up to 1 1/2 times.

Php 3,150 | Get it here

Technoamp LifePO4

If you plan on charging your laptop, chances are you may need an AC outlet. The Technoamp LifePO4 is similar to the model previously but with the addition of an AC outlet. The LifePO4 has a rated capacity of 25,200 mAh.


The AC outlet is capable of 100W fast charging with the USB-C port capable of 60W of quick charge. There are also two other USB-A ports also capable of 22.5W charging. Which all are pretty impressive. There’s even a real-time LCD display to show the current and voltage.

Php 3,999 | Get it here

Zendure SuperTank

If you’re looking to max out the amount of juice you can bring with you when traveling. Then look towards the Zendure SuperTank. It comes with the largest capacity you could generally take on a plane at 100Wh or roughly 27,000 mAh. Just be sure to double-check the airline’s rules.


You also get 4 USB-C ports with two capable of 100W fast charging and the other two capable of up to 60W charging. It even comes with what they call X-Charge mode for low-power devices such as smartwatches and wireless earphones. You can check out our hands-on with it here.

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Php 8,990 | Get it here

YooBao EN1

If you know that you’ll really be needing some extra juice each day and have no access to an outlet outside, then it’s best to look for a larger power bank. The YooBao EN1 is a large power bank that packs in some impressive power. The battery capacity of the EN1 is rated at 46,200 mAh, which can provide enough juice for even larger devices.


The built-in AC output is capable of a crazy 150W power delivery to help quickly charge devices. It even comes with an independent safety switch to turn the outlet off. Other ports include a USB-C port capable of 65W fast charging and three other USB-A ports all capable of quick charge. It even comes with a powerful 1W flashlight built-in.

Php 4,795 | Get it here

Technoamp 64000mAh AC Power Bank

If you’re looking for both speed and large capacity, you may want to consider this large power bank from Technoamp. It comes with a huge capacity of 64,000 mAh but can also provide a max output of 130 watts through its AC outlet.


They claim that it will be able to charge most phones up to 20 times and tablets around 6 times before needing to have it juiced up again. Other ports include one USB-C port, two USB-a ports, and even a DC input. This would be most helpful if you decide to hit the outdoors or go camping, where you may not necessarily find an outlet nearby.

Php 13,500 | Get it here

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