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Moshi Otto Q Wireless Charging Pad

Almost all flagship smartphones that have been launched in the past couple of years have had wireless charging as standard fare. However, these devices don’t come with their own wireless charging out of the box so you’ll have to buy them separately or get a cheaper 3rd-party wireless charging for your office desk or bedside table.

Not all wireless chargers have the same feature but the most common one you should look for are the Q-certified chargers with fast-charging capabilities.

The one from Moshi fits this requirement. The Otto Q is a nice-looking, fast wireless-charging pad that support any of the new flagship smartphones in the market today.


The advanced Q-coil module allows for fast wireless charging of up to 10W which is more than enough for most flagship phone and even better than the 7.5W of the Samsung Galaxy S20.

It comes with Foreign Object Detection so wireless charging is disabled immediately if a metal object is detected, ensuring safety of your phone. It also cushions your phone with its soft material finish, while a silicone surface ring keeps your phone securely in place.

Even if your phone has a case, the Otto Q can still charge it as long as the thickness of the back panel of the case does not exceed 5mm. The charging cable is about 3 feet (1m) so it’s enough to plug this and place it in your work desk or bedroom side table. The base is also made of non-slip silicone material so it snugs quite well in the surface to avoid slippage of the pad and/or your phone.

The Otto Q retails for $39.95 in online stores like Amazon.

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