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Yeelight Wireless Charging Pad Hands-On

The Yeelight Wireless Charging Pad and Night Light is a two-in-one lamp + wireless charging pad designed to be a bedside lamp solution. Join us as we take a quick hands-on review of this device.

The charging pad itself is lightweight and is housed in a smooth, white plastic. It’s both small and low enough to be nonintrusive and the white color makes it easy to integrate to most setups. There are 2 anti-slip rubber bases on the bottom that works well on wood, plastic, and glass.

The lamp rests on one edge of the pad and is attached only by magnets and charges when connected to the pad. There are two lighting modes – a warm yellow light, and a bright white light. Being ultra-portable, you can take the lamp with you for those late-night trips to the refrigerator or bathroom. The charge itself is rated for 24 hours on the cool yellow setting and 11 hours on the bright white setting.

The lamp is charged via 3 prongs on the base of the charging pad.

There is a green LED indicator to show that the charging pad is plugged in, and there’s a blue LED indicator to show that the phone is charging.

Now onto the wireless charger itself. The Yeelight Wireless Charging pad has support for up to 10W wireless fast charging, over-voltage protection, charging tips, and foreign object recognition to prevent accidents. Unfortunately, on our testing, the wireless charging pad is quite unreliable so if you can, try it out on your phone first before making the purchase.

To power the charging pad you need to plug it in via micro-USB, which is unfortunate because if your phone supports wireless charging, chances are you’re on a more modern cable.

All in all, the Yeelight Wireless Charging Pad is a great bedside tool. The long-lasting portable lamp is great, especially when you’re a night reader or muncher. Just make sure you get to try it out first so you know your device is 100% compatible with it.

The Yeelight Wireless Charger and Night Light is available in Digital Walker for PHP 1,690.

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