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YouTube does a Revver with AdSense

YouTubeThere have been reports of YouTube allowing Publishers to embed AdSense ads on their uploaded videos, just like Revver has been doing for over a year.

Well, this was expected although when Google bought YouTube to get more eyeballs, people were anticipating something more than putting AdSense ads in there.

I checked this page earlier and it showed information about the development but I can’t access it now.

The AdSense ads will be integrated into the YouTube video player which allows you to customize too as well as target categories in your channels where you want ads to be displayed.

YouTube AdSense


I reckon that since this is just AdSense for videos, YouTubers will earn from their videos via pay-per-click or pay-per-impression, though it would be more wise to just go for the latter as it will not distract viewers away from the videos.

RevverWill this slow down Revver? Probably. However, Revver puts the ads at the end of the video and splits revenues 50/50 with the video creator. They’ve also paid out over $1 Million on their first year anniversary last July.

I wonder how AdSense will determine what ads to deliver along with the YouTube videos — prolly using video titles and tags.

How about YouTube Mobile?

I uploaded a YouTube demo of this last June using my N6233. YouTube is still #1 in the Philippines. I wonder why the telcos aren’t marketing this to increase 3G adoption.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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5 Responses

  1. sylv3rblade says:

    All the FAQ pages seem to be gone. o.O
    Ayaw nila paalam kung pano gamitin?

  2. exsmoker says:

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  3. Gsas says:

    most of our videos are on youtube and if this is true (i think youtube has brought the adsense_learn page just as quickly as they’ve put it up) then it’s going to make a big effect on our adsense campaign.

    sana, directly attached yung ads with your video embeds, so that when other websites pirate them by embedding, your ads are there.


    videos is all over the web right now, and it’s a good thing i placed the website name on the title, description, and tags on our every videos in youtube. hehe, instant and free advertising.

    what about this revver? ma-check out nga.

    yuga, down pa rin ang registration? =)

  4. nice, really nice!

  5. I once trying to make my youtube account too to earn, but its not availbale yet in the philippines, btw, i earn adsense on my website http://www.negrospolitics.com, try to visit it, its about bacolod politics…

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