16GB White iPhone 3G for Php30k at Auction.PH

16GB White iPhone 3G for Php30k at Auction.PH

Those looking for an earlier release of the iPhone 3G, there are tons of them now listed and available over at Auction.PH.

Warning: We cannot ascertain the legitimacy of this seller. This is likely a scam. Please do not transact..

The 16GB White is selling for Php30,000. Seller is located in Cebu City so shipping is not included (additional Php500-Php1,000).

iphone 3g white


I think a Php30k price is a fair price for the 16GB version. As indicated in the listing, they are AT&T units and still locked but I think any Globe SIM will be able to work with them. There are no wide available unlocking/jailbreak softwares yet for the iPhone 2.0 but I’m sure some group will release one soon.

Can’t say much about the seller because she just registered last July 16 and doesn’t have any historical records at Auction.PH yet. Still, this is a good enough lead to follow up.

Update: Based on feedback by “d00dz” in the comments, the listing seems to be not legit. Please take every precaution possible.

Update 2: The owner of the same number is also selling an 8GB iPhone at Buy&SellPlus (under the name shasha1985) for Php19k.

Update 3: As general advise, use an escrow service or do COD when transacting online.

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23 Responses

  1. LIndt Dale says:

    Just be careful with newly registered seller either at ebay or auction.com :-)

  2. arnold says:

    Doesn’t look legit to me. Anyone brave enough to try it out? Please give us a feedback.

  3. d00dz says:

    Seller is unwilling to avail of Auction.ph’s Escrow service.

    I believe its a scam.

    Compare that posting with this post on eBay:

    The sellers have the same name and the descriptions are similar.

  4. yuga says:

    I think the best way to verify this is for someone in Cebu to meet the seller.

  5. d00dz says:

    I asked to meet the seller and he/she refused.

  6. yuga says:

    @d00dz, she doesn’t want you to hand over the money? now that’s very suspicious. The listings should be taken down.

  7. d00dz says:

    The seller wanted me to deposit the cash via BPI. Thats the only accepted mode of payment daw so I am inclined to believe that its a scam.

  8. remove the link says:

    What this blog post is seem to be doing is promoting the scam auction as legit.

  9. yuga says:

    I’m sorry if that’s how you read it but I assure you it was not my intention to do so.

  10. anonymous says:

    Just take a look at the difference between the two pictures posted at ebay and auction.ph. It seems the pictures at ebay looks more legit than in auction.ph because its obviously pixelated and edited.

  11. d00dz says:


    It might be best to pull down this blog post before more readers get the wrong idea. Worse, if they fall for a potential scam and blame you for it.

  12. yuga says:

    @d00dz, better yet, put a warning on the post NOT to transact with this person. I’ve contacted Auction.PH to take down the listing and investigate.

  13. vance says:

    found an 8Gb iPhone 3G at infomax greenhills.. ask how much it cost!

    6 iPhones! 61K.. no kidding

  14. Thank you, we will look into this. We will give you update later today. Also, you can check our blog later this afternoon for an official statement.

  15. We appreciate the heads-up and we have looked into the matter. Regardless of merchandise, before even considering a purchase, below are two SOPs we are strongly endorsing.

    First, we strongly advise everyone, both buyer and seller, to conduct their transactions using our escrow system. The system is in place for a reason. It guarantees the safety and the security of the transaction and it makes sure that no one gets scammed. Sellers are especially urged to use the system to inspire the confidence and trust of the buyers.

    Second, check seller ratings and the feedback pages before confirming a purchase. You can find your sellers’ ratings and the feedback link on the right hand section of the item detail page. On the other hand, sellers with lower ratings don’t necessarily mean that they have low-quality products. It just means that they are new and have no track record yet.

    Thus, for new sellers, it becomes more important for them to use our escrow service. That way, they can gain the credibility and the reputation they need to further the growth of their online business. It is the same way for buyers. We have a lot of new sellers with amazing new merchandise and buyers should feel more secure if they conduct transactions through our escrow service.

    As for the particular seller and item in question, we tried locating the seller online but we did not find any leads. As for the item, no such posting was found either as of today. If the item reappears in our inventory, we will make sure to contact the seller and acquire more information.

    Again, we thank you for the notification and we hope for your continued patronage.

    More power!

  16. art says:

    I browsed several sites regarding iphone 3g and came across a site which lead me to auction.ph where an iphone 3g is selling for 29th for the 16g. I text the seller and arranged to buy one for my wife. I had all the hesitation to buy where I will send the payment first before they ship the item to me. I asked several questions regarding the safetly of my money from the seller. I was told I can deposit my payment with BPI bank and that they couldn’t be a fly by night operation nor a scam because having a bank account means that legal documents must be presented to open a bank account. With this in mind, I made the payment deposit. I was told I would get my iphone 3g the next day before 11am. I guess you know the conclusion to this story. The next day came and went and no iphone. I called the same cell no and its off but if you text it or call it with a different number it responds to your inquiry to buy….There you go. I hope you wont make the same mistake as I do. Who can help me now? BPI or auction.ph? GEEZ!

    Also be carefull about writing blogs that might be an advertisement for these scams. This is the title of the blog which led me this misfortune, “Where to buy cheap Apple iPhone in the Philippines” http://www.pinoymoneytalk.com/2007/09/30/apple-iphones-in-philippines/

  17. Wurster says:

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  18. May I know more about how to put your site as part of my rss reader? =)

  19. Frank says:

    @art: did you recover anything? did you get help from the bank?
    I really need feedback because I want to buy from auction.ph but this seller doesnt want to use the escrow service and wants bank deposit instead; said “mahirap daw paikutin ang pondo” if they use it.

  20. Paul says:

    I am a victim of this seller. This seller took P8250 from me.

    She is using

    the account:

    BPI Family Saving Bank:
    Belinda Corrales: 7426071627


    BPI Main: Renato Dezon Balberan

  21. That is a very good price for an iPhone. I will visit that auction website and hope that I will get one of those beautiful phones.

  22. Bebezechar says:

    Be careful as well with these recent posts on Auction.ph from international sellers. They are clearly scams, I’m also a reseller of phones myself and there are also buyers who claim to be from abroad and are willing to pay for your item. I was very cautious throughout all these transactions, and gladly, did not fall into their traps.

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